Archiv: Beirut explosions 04-08-2020

18.08.2020 - 05:22 [ ORF ]

Erster Haftbefehl nach Explosionskatastrophe in Beirut

Die verheerende Explosion am 4. August mit mindestens 180 Toten und rund 6.000 Verletzten soll durch große Mengen Ammoniumnitrat, einer Chemikalie, die zur Herstellung von Kunstdünger, aber auch Sprengmitteln verwendet wird, verursacht worden sein. Diese waren nach Regierungsangaben über Jahre ohne Sicherheitsvorkehrungen im Hafen gelagert worden.

11.08.2020 - 08:32 [ ]

Watching that ‘mushroom cloud’ over Beirut on Hiroshima’s anniversary…Is someone sending us a message?

A total of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate was kept at the harbor for six years. Who kept it there, why, whose was the secret hand that kept it there, what was the purpose for keeping it there? The resulting blast, the explosion that was felt 250 kilometers away, even from the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC).

Hiroshima’s anniversary, similar mushroom cloud: Does this mean ‘Watch your step’?

11.08.2020 - 08:25 [ New York Times ]

U.S. Contractor Knew of Explosive Material in Beirut Since at Least 2016

It is not clear when he conveyed the information; however, several current and former American officials who have worked in the Middle East say that the consultant would normally have conveyed his findings immediately to the American officials who oversaw the contract, in this case the embassy, State Department or Pentagon.

09.08.2020 - 06:44 [ ]

The strange history of the chemical cargo that caused the Beirut blast

The Lebanese authorities have not yet released the conclusions of the official investigation into the tragedy. However, several publications – including The New York Times, CNN and Der Spiegel – were able to piece together a chronology of the facts.

04.08.2020 - 19:58 [ Patrick Aouad / Twitter ]

Not a hollywood movie, not a science fiction scene, that’s Lebanon few minutes ago.

Beirut totally crashed amid 1. Economic inflation and 2. Covid19 outbreak. God bless the people and keep them safe. I am shocked #Lebanon #لبنان_ينهار

04.08.2020 - 19:46 [ Times of Israel ]

Israel not behind Beirut blast, sources on both sides say; at least 10 killed

Hundreds said injured, hospitals overwhelmed amid massive damage to Lebanon’s capital; explosion said caused by highly explosive materials seized from ship, stored at port