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15.06.2019 - 10:45 [ Buzzfeed ]

60 Words And A War Without End: The Untold Story Of The Most Dangerous Sentence In U.S. History


Written in the frenzied, emotional days after 9/11, the Authorization for the Use of Military Force was intended to give President Bush the ability to retaliate against whoever orchestrated the attacks. But more than 12 years later, this sentence remains the primary legal justification for nearly every covert operation around the world. Here’s how it came to be, and what it’s since come to mean.

15.06.2019 - 10:38 [ ]

How the Trump administration is using 9/11 to build a case for war with Iran

In 2001, Congress passed an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), allowing the president “to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons.”

Which means that if the Trump administration truly believes Iran and al-Qaeda have been in cahoots before or after 9/11, then it could claim war with Tehran already is authorized by law.

15.06.2019 - 10:29 [ ]

WATCH: Dem and GOP Reps Say Pompeo Told Them War with Iran Could Be Authorized Without Congress

Early Thursday morning, the House Armed Services Committee debated the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act …

15.06.2019 - 10:21 [ Benjamin Armbruster ‏/ Twitter ]

Early this morning [2:42AM ET], GOP Rep. @mattgaetz and Dem. Rep. @ElissaSlotkin said that in private presentation, the Trump admin, specifically Sec. Pompeo, argued how, in Ms. Slotkin’s words, „the 2001 AUMF might authorize war on #Iran.“ Chilling.


15.06.2019 - 10:05 [ ]

Mike Pompeo Said Congress Doesn’t Need to Approve War With Iran. 2020 Democrats Aren’t Having It.

As the Trump administration ratchets up tensions with Iran, escalating fears that the United States is looking for a possible path to another war in the Middle East, several Democratic presidential contenders are standing firm in their rejection of the White House’s attempts to create a legal rationale for war. They were responding to comments Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made in a private meeting that suggested that the Authorization for Use of Military Force, or AUMF, passed by Congress three days after 9/11 could provide a legal basis for a war with Iran.