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12.01.2019 - 19:22 [ ]

Switch your WordPress site to ClassicPress

Migrating your WordPress website to ClassicPress is easy and only takes a few minutes. Follow the simple steps below to get started:

12.01.2019 - 19:20 [ ]

2018’s Most Surprising WordPress Statistics

Considering that the number of total active websites is estimated at over 172 million according to a survey published by netcraft, that means that around 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now — with around half of those sites (37,500,000) being hosted on the shared hosting installation. This means that around 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress, which is still huge.

12.01.2019 - 19:11 [ Yogesh Khetani Patel ‏/ Twitter ]

Worst ever #WordPress5 update ever! I hate Gutenberg, block system, hard to navigate to HTML editing mode and requires more clicks to draft a post. #WordPress

12.01.2019 - 19:09 [ David Waywell ‏/ Twitter ]

Just discovered that Wordpress have updated their editor. Holy crap, it’s a mess! I consider myself to be fairly computer savvy but this new update makes zero sense.

14.12.2018 - 12:57 [ ]

Update now! WordPress 5.0.1 release fixes seven flaws

The update for that job is this week’s WordPress 5.0.1, which backports security fixes all the way to version 3.7, excepting a small number of documented compatibility issues.