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19.04.2019 - 15:50 [ Sinn Fein ]

A statement from the party leaders on the murder of Lyra McKee:

„We are united in rejecting those responsible for this heinous crime.

„They have no support in the community, must be brought to justice and should disband immediately.

„We reiterate our support for the PSNI, who while carrying out their duties were also the target of last night’s attack. We call on anyone with any information to bring that forward to the police and assist their inquiries.

„This is a time for calm heads.”

Michelle O’Neill (Sinn Féin)

Arlene Foster (DUP)

Robin Swann (UUP)

Colum Eastwood (SDLP)

Naomi Long (Alliance)

Clare Bailey (Green Party)

28.03.2019 - 04:25 [ Sky News ]

Major blow for Theresa May as DUP won’t back Brexit deal

DUP leader Arlene Foster has told Sky News her party is unable to support Theresa May’s Brexit deal while it „poses a threat to the integrity of the UK“.

25.03.2019 - 15:08 [ Sky News ]

LIVE: Blow for Theresa May as DUP say opposition to Brexit deal ‚remains unchanged‘


A DUP spokesman says the party’s position on Theresa May’s Brexit deal „remains unchanged“.

It comes after the prime minister had a telephone conversation with DUP leader Arlene Foster.

12.12.2018 - 12:37 [ Matt Dathan / Twitter ]

DUP leader Arlene Foster signals she would back Sajid Javid in a Tory leadership contest. She met him yesterday and told @BBCr4today: “I think that he understand where we come from in relation to the backstop.“

12.12.2018 - 12:37 [ Laura Hughes ‏/ Twitter ]

Dominic Raab, David Davis and DUP leader Arlene Foster are launching a campaign for a „Better Deal“ this morning. They are proposing a new 10-year, “extendable backstop to replace the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

25.11.2018 - 12:31 [ ]

Labour MPs in Leave-backing seats should not be tempted into backing May’s deal

Now is a moment of truth for Labour MPs. Theresa May’s decision to go back on her manifesto promises and agree a deal which would tie the UK to EU rules indefinitely but without us having a say in setting those rules has presented them with an open goal. All the signs are that the Labour front bench will oppose the deal. But the stance of the many Labour MPs in Leave-backing constituencies is open to question.

25.11.2018 - 12:18 [ Labour Leave ‏/ Twitter ]

Is there anyway you would vote for May’s current Brexit deal? @DUPleader ‚No.‘ Straightforward, principled response from the DUP. #andrewmarr #Brexit

25.11.2018 - 12:16 [ BrexitCentral ‏/ Twitter ]

DUP Leader Arlene Foster on The Andrew Marr Show: „I don’t see any circumstances at present, where that vote will be able to go ahead in Theresa May’s favour.“

20.11.2018 - 08:20 [ ]

Say hello to minority government: The DUP are on strike

The DUP has gone on strike. Its nine MPs – the 10th, Ian Paisley Jr, returns from suspension tomorrow – are abstaining on all votes on the finance bill, with the exception of one Labour amendment on child poverty, which they will vote for.

20.11.2018 - 08:16 [ ]

DUP versagt May bei Abstimmungen Gefolgschaft

DUP-Chefin Arlene Foster hatte den vorliegenden „Brexit“-Vertrag als schlecht kritisiert, da er Großbritannien an die EU binden würde und die territoriale Integrität des Vereinigten Königreichs untergraben könnte. Die von der EU geforderte Sonderrolle Nordirlands ist weiter ein Hauptstreitpunkt.

Foster forderte May auf, einen besseren Austrittsvertrag aushandeln.

20.11.2018 - 08:13 [ Sky News ]

DUP abstain from crucial vote in ‚warning shot‘ to May as PM vows to deliver Brexit

The party propping up the government accuses it of „acting cavalierly“ and warns not to expect „business as usual“.

16.11.2018 - 06:48 [ ]

FOSTER’S FURY: DUP threatens to bring down Government over ‘humiliating’ Brexit deal

Arlene Foster, leader of DUP, flew to London to warn Theresa May over her current Brexit plans

The DUP leader said there would be „consequences“ for Mrs May if she put forward a deal which threatened to break up the United Kingdom.