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08.07.2018 - 12:41 [ ]

Italian election 2018: Renzi says vote for him is a vote for ‘United States of EUROPE’

(1.3.2018) MATTEO Renzi has urged Italian supporters of anti-establishment 5 Star Movement’s (M5S) to remember they are “voting for government not fantasy football” when they head to the polls in the Italian elections 2018.

30.05.2018 - 10:45 [ Yahoo ]

Democratic Party rallies in Turin in support of President Sergio Mattarella

Video filmed last night (May 28) in Turin’s Piazza Castello shows supporters of the pro-European Union, left-wing Democratic Party singing the partisan chant „Bella Ciao.“

28.05.2018 - 17:19 [ Seattle Times ]

Ex-IMF official tapped to head Italy firmly backs euro

The man tapped to head a neutral government in Italy after two populists failed in their bid is a former official at the International Monetary Fund who is a firm believer in the euro and in the necessity of Italy cutting its stubbornly high-debt load.

28.05.2018 - 16:43 [ ]

No one contemplated euro exit-Salvini

„No one ever thought about quitting the euro,“ Salvini told Radio Capital.
„It wasn’t in our programmes, it wasn’t in Savona’s programme.
„There was just the revision of the banking system and the taxes“.

28.05.2018 - 16:38 [ ]

Salvini gives no comment on impeachment

„I’m not speaking about that,“ Salvini said when asked about a possible impeachment.

28.05.2018 - 16:36 [ Ansa.iit ]

Impeachment talk irresponsible-Berluscon

„At a time like this, everyone’s first duty is to defend the savings of the Italian people, safeguarding our country’s families and companies“ Berlusconi said.

28.05.2018 - 16:31 [ ]

PD backs Mattarella

The centre-left Democratic Party (PD) on Sunday backed President Sergio Matterella after his controversial rejection the nomination of Paolo Savona as economy minister.
„The League and the 5-Star Movement are using unheard of words and unprecedented threats,“ caretaker PD leader Maurizio Martina said via Twitter.