Archiv: NIS 2 Directive (revised EU Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems)

20.02.2021 - 07:04 [ ]

Cybersecurity-Regulierung 2021: Update

– Schaffung eines einheitlichen EU-Regulierungsrahmens als strategisches Ziel, Deutschland sollte als Vorreiter der europäischen Position agieren.

Cyber-Sicherheitsstrategie 2021

→ Aktuell: Beschlussfassung geplant für Mai 2021

– Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsstrategie 2021
– Zweites Gesetz zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit informationstechnischer
Systeme (IT-SiG 2.0)
– The EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade
– Proposal for a Directive on measures for a high common level of
cybersecurity across the Union, repealing Directive (EU) 2016/1148
(NIS 2)
– EU DID- und WK-Richtlinie inkl. nationaler Umsetzungsrechtsakte

20.02.2021 - 06:54 [ ]

Running your own DNS service? There may be changes ahead.


As a consequence of this directive’s quite broad definition of DNS, every organisation or individual running their own DNS will have to comply by registering their DNS service with ENISA, the EU agency for Cyber Security. This applies not only to top level domain DNS, but also to universities, companies of all sizes and ICT-enthusiasts who run their own DNS service at home.

20.02.2021 - 06:20 [ ]

New EU Cybersecurity Strategy: European Commission Accelerates Push for EU to Lead in Cybersecurity Regulation


Broadening the extra-territorial effect already in place under the current regime, selected providers of digital infrastructure or digital services who do not have a European establishment, but offer services in the EU, will also fall under the scope of the proposed NIS 2 Directive (and, to that end, will have to designate a representative in the EU). This will affect DNS service providers, TLD name registries, cloud computing service providers, data centre service providers and content delivery network providers, as well as providers of online marketplaces, online search engines and social networking services platforms.

20.02.2021 - 06:06 [ ]

Proposal for directive on measures for high common level of cybersecurity across the Union


The Commission proposal establishes a basic framework with responsible key actors on coordinated vulnerability disclosure for newly discovered vulnerabilities across the EU and creating an EU registry on that operated by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA).