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09.05.2022 - 09:21 [ El Pais ]

The Ukraine war in maps: Russian and Ukrainian forces fight to control outskirts of Kharkiv

Russia’s withdrawal from northern Ukraine has turned the outskirts of Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, into the conflict’s northernmost front. Kharkiv is not part of the Donbas, a pro-Russian separatist region where the Kremlin is focusing its military efforts. However, there have been relentless strikes and fighting around this city of 1.5 million – most of whom are Russian speakers – since day one of the invasion. Ukrainians said they had pushed the Russians back 40 kilometers (24.9 miles) east of the city, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

21.04.2022 - 19:27 [ @khan_1995hp / Twitter ]

After stabilization of the situation in the liberated territories of the Kharkiv region, a referendum may be held, head of the provisional civil administration Vitaly Ganchev told RIA Novosti

21.04.2022 - 18:37 [ ]

Wo ist Gonzalo Lira????

Der ukrainische Geheimdienst SBU hatte schon vor etwa 4 Wochen versucht, ihn zu kidnappen!

Am Sonntag hätte Gonzalo in George Galloways MOAT auftreten sollen, war aber nicht erreichbar.

Ich werde diese Links nicht teilen, aber der ukrainische NAZI-Abschaum von Azov prahlt seit heute morgen damit, ihn ermordet zu haben. Liefert aber keine Beweise, noch gibt es Hoffnung!

23.03.2022 - 13:28 [ Interfax Ukraine ]

Russian forces shell Kharkiv 32 times

Over the past 24 hours, Kharkiv was shelled 32 times, as a result of which the Northern Saltivka area suffered the most, Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Head Oleh Synehubov has said.

„The invaders lost the war for Kharkiv, so the only thing left for them is to strike from long distances. There were 32 such strikes in one day

15.03.2022 - 19:49 [ UKRAINE NOW / Twitter ]

Russian MLRS strikes in Kharkiv. MASSIVE EXPLOSION!

#UkraineWar #Russia #Russian #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine

12.03.2022 - 21:35 [ Maria Avdeeva / Twitter ]

Usually on such a sunny Saturday afternoon streets of Kharkiv will be crowded with youth and families with children. Now I witness deserted streets with a total sense of deja vu with the WWII. You can’t provoke Putin, he’s already started a total war and will not stop in Ukraine.

02.03.2022 - 09:29 [ BBC Breakfast / Twitter ]

The fighting has intensified in Ukraine overnight with reports Russian paratroopers have landed in the country’s second biggest city of Kharkiv. Our correspondent @JamWaterhouse brings #BBCBreakfast the latest from Kyiv

01.03.2022 - 08:35 [ Nexta / Twitter ]

This is how Akhsarova Street in #Kharkiv looks like after a hard night.

01.03.2022 - 08:17 [ Nexta / Twitter ]

The center of #Kharkiv after the air strike. The occupants hit civilian infrastructure and passing cars.

28.02.2022 - 14:41 [ David Cooper / Twitter ]

Kharkiv is predominately Russian speaking with a massive ethnic Russian population! Putin is committing genocide on the Russian people – his own people – share this with all peace loving Russians you know! #Putinmustfall #putinwarcriminal #kharkiv #ukraine

28.02.2022 - 14:30 [ 10 апреля / Twitter ]

Еще видео из Харькова, много погибших мирных жителей, военных там и близко нет Украина Online

28.02.2022 - 14:20 [ ANTONOV Company / Twitter ]

Mayor of Kharkiv city: There are shelling our city. In residential areas.This is war, real war. We have wounded and killed among the civilian There are shelling Alekseevka, Saltovka, Pavlopol – these are three microdistricts of the city,more than 1 million people. #StopRussian

28.02.2022 - 14:19 [ Nexta / Twitter ]

#Kharkov under continuous shelling of enemy multiple launch rocket systems

28.02.2022 - 14:12 [ ]

Ukraine war: ‘Dozens killed and hundreds wounded’ in ‘massive’ Russian rocket attacks on Kharkiv

“Kharkiv has just been massively fired upon by grads (rockets). Dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded,” Anton Herashchenko, Ukraine’s interior ministry adviser, said in a post on Facebook this morning.

It comes as peace talks between Ukraine and Russia started at the Belarusian border.

27.02.2022 - 09:38 [ ]

Russische Truppen erreichen Charkiw

Vier Tage nach Beginn des russischen Angriffskriegs hat es einen Rückschlag für die ukrainische Armee gegeben. Russischen Soldaten soll es in der Früh gelungen sein, ins Zentrum der Millionenstadt Charkiw im Osten des Landes einzudringen. Die russischen Streitkräfte meldeten einem Medienbericht zufolge zudem die „vollständige Blockade“ der südukrainischen Städte Cherson und Berdjansk.