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27.01.2019 - 13:54 [ Spiked / Twitter ]

“Orwell’s thought police is now a reality. Humberside Police are investigating a man for retweeting an offensive limerick — they even contacted him to ‘check his thinking’. It is now normal for police to investigate ‘non-crime hate incidents’.” — @andrewdoyle_com on #SkyPapers

27.01.2019 - 12:48 [ ]

Humberside Police tell man to ‚check his thinking‘ after he likes ‚offensive transgender limerick‘ on Twitter

The former policeman said he faced 34 minutes of phone questions from a police constable after liking the post. The officer, Mr Miller claims, told him he was investigating a report of „hate speech“ after an unnamed complainant contacted the force, reports Grimsby Live.

He spoke out about the probe on his own Twitter page and said: „Cop said he was in possession of 30 tweets by me. I asked if any contained criminal material. He said…No.

„I asked if any came close to being criminal…and he read me a limerick. Honestly. A limerick. A cop read me a limerick over the phone.“