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22.09.2018 - 15:13 [ Rudaw ]

„Legend“ Fazil Barwari, commander of Iraq’s elite forces, dies

Gen. Fazil Barwari, Kurdish commander of Iraq’s elite Golden Division that scored major victories over ISIS, has died of a reported heart attack. … He led Iraq’s highly trained and outfitted special forces. Trained by the US, the Golden Division ranks among the most elite forces in the Middle East and were at the forefront of the war against ISIS in Iraq.

08.06.2018 - 10:46 [ Rudaw ]

Canada ends training mission with Peshmerga, turns focus to Mosul

Canada had promised the delivery of arms – that included grenade launches, sniper rifles, anti-tank weapons – over two years ago, but the shipment was held up for months by a Baghdad reluctant to sign off on the transfer. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said in March that the weapons could go to Iraqi forces or to support a NATO training mission.