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04.10.2019 - 13:59 [ Haaretz ]

Uncompromising Investigation Into Shin Bet Torture Allegations Is Needed

This explanation was meant to provide grounds for a claim of necessity, which is a fundamental condition for permitting the use of “special means” – that is, torture – while still staying within the limits imposed by the High Court of Justice on interrogations of this type.

It’s still impossible to know whether this essential condition, necessity, actually existed. But even if it did, serious questions arise from this case regarding the interpretation that has been given to the possibility of using torture.

14.08.2018 - 07:03 [ Indivisible East Bay ‏/ Twitter ]

The 2001 AUMF has been the legal authority used by 3 presidents to conduct war in the Middle East for 17 years. Today it brought us the atrocity of a US-supported Saudi bombing mission on a school bus. This was done in our name