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15.08.2018 - 07:26 [ New York Times ]

Israeli Airport Detention of Prominent U.S. Jew Prompts Uproar

Israeli airport security, long extolled for its success in preventing terrorism, seems to have another target recently: critics of Israel.

On Sunday, officers at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport pulled aside Peter Beinart, a liberal American Jewish journalist, after he landed and interrogated him about his political activities. Mr. Beinart, an author and CNN contributor, is known for his love of Israel as well as his vocal opposition to its occupation of Palestinian territory.

His case is not unique.

14.08.2018 - 07:36 [ Peter Beinart / ]

Peter Beinart: I Was Detained At Ben Gurion Airport Because Of My Beliefs

Then he told me that on my last trip to Israel I had participated in a protest, which is true. He asked where it occurred and I answered “Hebron.” He asked its purpose and I answered that we were protesting the fact that Palestinians in Hebron and across the West Bank lack basic rights. (I wrote about the protest at the time). He asked how I had become involved in the protest and I mentioned The Center for Jewish Nonviolence. He asked if the Center had incited violence, and I replied that, as its name suggests, it practices non-violence. My interrogator then replied that names could be misleading. The government of North Korea, he observed, calls itself a democracy but is not. I told him I didn’t think the Center for Jewish Nonviolence and the North Korean government have much in common.