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12.10.2020 - 21:15 [ The Hill ]

Guatemalan communities defend forest from narcotraffickers: Why that matters to the US

The answer lies on the eastern side of the reserve, where nine community concessions (so called because the Guatemalan government “conceded” the right to use the forest sustainably) have maintained a near-zero deforestation rate for more than 20 years, while creating bustling, local, legal economies built on sustainable forestry — while keeping organized crime at bay.

27.12.2019 - 00:16 [ The Yucatan Times ]

New Mayan palace discovered in Yucatán

“This work has confirmed the existence of a palace to the east of the main square of Group C, through the liberation and recognition of the base, the stairways and a crossing with pilasters, at the top, which would have been used by the elite of the place,” the INAH explained in a statement.

16.02.2019 - 19:39 [ teleSUR ]

Director of Mayan Languages Academy in Guatemala Killed

Ramírez Interiano worked for over a decade at the Academy of Mayan Languages of Guatemala, as the director. According to Prensa Libre, he often visited schools in the Chortí region to offer classes on the native language and social studies of the area, intending to prevent the knowledge from disappearing among the indigenous population.

22.12.2018 - 18:56 [ Portal ]

Mexiko: Indigene und Umweltschützer gegen Zugprojekt „Tren Maya“

Bisherige Infrastrukturprojekte seien stets über ihren Kopf hinweg entschieden worden und hätten ausschließlich den Kapitalinteressen gedient. Die den Zapatisten nahestehenden Regionalen Indigenen Räte sehen diesbezüglich unter der neuen Regierung keinen Unterschied. Romel González Díaz, Sprecher der Indigenen Räte, kritisierte schon die Zeremonie am Sonntag als „Folklore-Show“. Amlo berufe sich auf eine breite Zustimmung der Bevölkerung für das Megaprojekt, doch die direkt betroffenen indigenen Gemeinden sind bislang weder informiert noch bezüglich ihrer Zustimmung befragt worden.

23.11.2018 - 20:14 [ teleSUR ]

Maya Ch’orti‘ Environmental Leader Found Dead in Guatemala

Perez, 36, was head of the Indigenous Maya Ch’orti’ Council, a member of the New Day Central Indigenous Campesino Ch’orti’ organization, and one of the most visible faces of the legal battle against Cantera Los Manantiales, an antimony mine just 400 meters away from his house in Olopa, Chiquimula, eastern Guatemala.