Archiv: Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE)

07.01.2020 - 16:06 [ The International News ]

Iran pedals Hormuz Peace Endeavour for regional trade, economic cooperation

Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran

With full understanding of the existing threats and challenges, and in order to reduce tensions and insecurities and control the soaring chain of crisis which may result into an indescribable tragedy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has proposed three initiatives: Hormuz Peace Endeavor, regional negotiation forum and non-aggression pact, for providing ground for the beginning of establishment of coalitions for trade, economic and cultural approaches among the regional countries in place of coalitions for military and security approaches, because we believe that the fate of the public and nations of the region are intertwined together and regional security is not divisible, so security or insecurity affects the whole region.

07.01.2020 - 16:03 [ MEHR News Agency ]

US has no right to be part of HOPE initiative: Deputy FM

Tehran Dialogue Forum, which will run through Wednesday, Jan. 8, aims at reviewing the latest developments in the Persian Gulf region and evaluating regional cooperation plans, including the Iranian-proposed peace initiative dubbed ‘Hormuz Peace Endeavor’ (HOPE).

31.12.2019 - 03:50 [ The Island Sri Lanka ]

Iranian Navy Chief calls for security in Indian Ocean

December 29, 2019

„Iran has long stated its readiness to work w/our neighbors to secure the Persian Gulf. #HOPE-Hormuz Peace Endeavour-is on the table right now.“

31.12.2019 - 03:32 [ Atlantic Council. ]

Making sense of HOPE: Can Iran’s Hormuz Peace Endeavor succeed?

Thu, Oct 3, 2019

History has shown that it is not possible to advance prosperity, security, and stability in the region in a non-inclusive manner that excludes Iran’s participation. The fate of HOPE is contingent on Iran’s ability to transform the proposal into concrete steps to generate confidence with its Arab neighbors, in addition to garnering the support of the international community, including the United States. Clearly, the majority of GCC states are not prepared to forego their military partnerships with the United States absent a real local capacity to guarantee their security and political interests. While it is unlikely that all GCC states will genuinely embrace the proposal under current circumstances, it is high time for all countries surrounding the Persian Gulf to seek a common path away from current tensions and hostilities.