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06.04.2019 - 07:43 [ Haaretz ]

If Re-elected, Netanyahu’s First Order of Business Will Be an Obscenity Against Democracy

It’s impossible to overestimate the gravity of the so-called “French law” in its proposed Israeli version. It would mean the total disintegration, the absolute shattering of the rules of the game, a thuggish, Mafioso act, an obscenity against democracy. Personal, retroactive legislation (a decision to try Netanyahu, subject to a hearing, already exists) that would intervene in a legal procedure and turn the government of Israel into a sanctuary city for criminals.

04.03.2019 - 06:38 [ Haaretz ]

The Collaborators

This silence of the lambs cries out to heaven, especially given the assumption that if Netanyahu is reelected, he will try to pass an Israeli version of the so-called French Law, which states that a sitting prime minister cannot be indicted while in office. Such a law, if it passes, could save Netanyahu from standing trial.