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07.06.2020 - 00:15 [ The Colorado Sun ]

Federal judge orders police not to use chemical weapons, projectiles against peaceful Denver protesters

A federal judge issued an extraordinary ruling late Friday ordering police not to use chemical weapons — such as tear gas and pepper spray — and less-lethal projectiles against peaceful protesters in Denver.

05.06.2020 - 05:38 [ Leandro Oliva, @theintercept / Twitter ]

„what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna start beating the fuck out of you“ a little snapshot from #Denver


yesterday (tiktok user yazzdazzz)

17.02.2020 - 11:49 [ Cara Korte, @CBSNews / Twitter ]

WATCH: @BernieSanders closes it out in Denver. This sequence on fighting the establishment has become one of his most popular woth crowds, always punctuated with the loudest jeers when Sanders mentions the “Democratic establishment.”