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15.07.2018 - 09:56 [ Reuters ]

South Korea summons Russian officials over air zone incursion

The South Korean foreign ministry summoned a senior Russian diplomat and “expressed regrets and urged the incident not to happen again”, it said in a statement.

South Korea’s defense ministry called in a Russian military official and lodged a protest about the incursion.

14.07.2018 - 17:47 [ ]

Übung russischer Fernbomber alarmiert südkoreanische und japanische Luftwaffe

Kampfjets Südkoreas und Japans mussten abheben, um zwei russische Fernbomber zu begleiten, die planmäßig über dem Japanischen und dem Gelben Meer geübt hatten. Das teilte das Verteidigungsministerium Russlands am Freitag in Moskau mit.

14.07.2018 - 17:40 [ Yonhap ]

S. Korea summons Russian military envoy over violation of air defense zone

Meanwhile, Russia’s defense ministry said two TU-95 bombers conducted a regular flight over the international waters of the East Sea, the Yellow Sea and a part of the Pacific Ocean.

The Russian ministry said the bombers were escorted by South Korean and Japanese fighter jets on some parts of the flight.

14.07.2018 - 17:25 [ BBC ]

The monster atomic bomb that was too big to use

(16.8.2017) On the morning of 30 October 1961, a Soviet Tu-95 bomber took off from Olenya airfield in the Kola Peninsula in the far north of Russia.
The Tu-95 was a specially modified version of a type that had come into service a few years earlier; a huge, swept-wing, four-engined monster tasked with carrying Russia’s arsenal of nuclear bombs.

14.07.2018 - 17:02 [ Yonhap ]

2 Russian military planes enter Korea’s air defense zone 4 times

The Russian planes appear to be TU-95 warplanes, a source said.

Observers presumed that the Russian planes might have violated the KADIZ to practice long-distance operations or to probe neighboring states to check their responses.

14.07.2018 - 16:39 [ KBS ]

Zwei russische Militärflugzeuge verletzten südkoreanischen Luftraum viermal

Wie der Vereinigte Generalstab Reportern mitteilte, hätten die Flugzeuge nach einer Warnung die südkoreanische Luftüberwachungszone KADIZ wieder verlassen. Um die russischen Flugzeuge zu warnen, seien südkoreanische Kampfjets aufgestiegen.

Bei den Eindringlingen soll es sich um Langstreckenbomber vom Typ TU-95 gehandelt haben.