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05.08.2019 - 18:57 [ Daily Times Pakistan ]

Pakistan strongly condemns India’s decision to abolish Article 370

“No unilateral step by the Government of India can change this disputed status, as enshrined in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. Nor will this ever be acceptable to the people of Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan,” said the press release.

“As the party to this international dispute, Pakistan will exercise all possible options to counter the illegal steps,” it added.

05.08.2019 - 18:38 [ Quartz India ]

The Narendra Modi government scraps Kashmir’s special status under Indian constitution

Addressing parliament today (Aug. 5) following two days of heightened security in the state, home minister Amit Shah announced that Article 370 would no longer exist. President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, has signed this notification. Shah’s announcement was met with loud protests from opposition parties.

05.08.2019 - 18:33 [ ZDF ]

Verfassungsänderung – Indien befeuert Kaschmir-Konflikt

Die indische Regierung hat dem von ihr kontrollierten Teil Kaschmirs den Sonderstatus entzogen. Die Anordnung verkündete Indiens Innenminister Amit Shah in beiden Parlamentskammern: Mit einem Eildekret des Präsidenten werde Artikel 370 der indischen Verfassung, der dem Bundesstaat Jammu und Kaschmir Autonomierechte garantiert hatte, sofort gestrichen.