20.09.2020 - 11:07 [ Sarajevo Times ]

NATO Military Exercise to be held on Manjaca near Banja Luka

Also, General Cavoli expressed readiness to continue the successful cooperation so far, and the US assistance and support to Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration and full membership in NATO. In this regard, the possibility of General Cavoli’s visit to the Joint Staff of the AF BiH was announced in order to discuss the possibilities of new types of cooperation.

06.04.2019 - 04:48 [ US Army ]

Strong Europe: A continental-scale combat sustainment laboratory

In the future, USAREUR will use Exercise Defender 2020 to gather further lessons. Defender 2020 is a Department of the Army-directed, USAREUR-led exercise designed to demonstrate the United States‘ ability to rapidly deploy a division to the European theater. This exercise, the largest in 25 years, will test echelons-above-brigade units in operational-level warfighting and its associated sustainment.