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21.01.2019 - 17:16 [ ]

Statement on the impartial relationship between clerks and Members of Parliament

Copy of the letter of complaint sent to Sunday Times from Sir David Natzler, Clerk of the House of Commons:

I write as Head of the House of Commons service to complain formally about the article published on the front page of The Sunday Times on 20th January.

Your claim that a named official was “drawing up plans to overturn the normal rules of parliament” in support of “rebel MPs” are insinuations of improper behaviour and support for a particular political position, and a gross misrepresentation of the nature of the relationship between Clerks and Members of Parliament. Providing advice to MPs is a key part of the job of Clerks. MPs from all parties and with a range of views will regularly approach the Clerks to get advice on how to get their view into a motion or amendment, or how to draft a Private Member’s Bill on a particular topic. They will offer such advice regardless of any personal views on the subject.

21.01.2019 - 16:49 [ ]

PLOT FURY: Remainer ringleader Dominic Grieve blasted for ‘bitter, twisted and dangerous’ plot to block Brexit

The pro-EU Tory will this week table an amendment which would give a minority of MPs the power to keep Britain in the EU.

He wants to hijack the Commons statement being made today by Theresa May on the way forward for Brexit.

If successful, his amendment would allow Article 50 to be suspended indefinitely on the say-so of 300 MPs.

21.01.2019 - 16:27 [ ]

Theresa May in Brexit meltdown

Leaked emails obtained by this newspaper show that Dominic Grieve, the former attorney-general, has been in secret communications with Colin Lee, the clerk of bills, with the explicit intention of suspending Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Lee drew up three versions of the plan for Grieve — each of which would overturn centuries of parliamentary precedent — and then swore him to secrecy.