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28.03.2020 - 15:18 [ CNN ]

Scientists found a secret in old Voyager 2 data. This is why we need to revisit Uranus and Neptune

„The way in which the sun’s solar wind interacts with Uranus is unlike any planet we’ve ever explored,“ DiBraccio said. „We are left with questions regarding to what degree the solar wind affects dynamics at Uranus such as transporting atmospheric particles, transferring energy and even changing the planet’s climate over time.“

26.08.2019 - 22:46 [ CNN ]

When Neptune got its stunning close-up: The Voyager 2 flyby, 30 years later

They discovered that Neptune’s magnetic field was tipped on its side. They found a giant spot called the Great Dark Spot on the planet, similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. But the event was passing, because it was no longer there when the Hubble Space Telescope looked four years later.