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12.11.2018 - 09:27 [ Douglas Unwin #StandUp4Brexit ‏/ Twitter ]

Over 5 million @UKLabour supporters who voted #Leave in #EURef cannot trust @wesstreeting or any Labour MP, except four honourable exceptions Kate Hoey, John Mann, Frank Field and Graham Stringer. All the rest are opportunists willing to dump Brexit for a GE. #BrexitBetrayal


12.11.2018 - 09:17 [ Liverpool Echo ]

We asked a Merseyside Labour MP why he voted to help Theresa May stay in power

„I voted last night knowing that two thirds of Labour constituencies in the country voted to leave.

„One reason for that was that people in Westminster and Whitehall and in elite groups don’t wish to listen to them.

„I wanted to make sure that those two thirds of Labour constituencies had a voice.“

The veteran MP has angered some of his Merseyside Labour colleagues after also voting to help hard-line Tories like Jacob Rees Mogg score a decisive victory preventing the UK from joining the EU’s VAT regime.