14.09.2015 - 17:12 [ AlterNet ]

Michael Moore’s ‚Where to Invade Next‘ Is a Love Letter to the Things Europe Does Better Than US

From free college tuition to humane incarceration, Europe has many of the answers. “I’ve never been a cynic, I’ve always believed that cynicism is just a different form of narcissism,” he told the rapt Toronto audience. “And I do believe in the goodness of people, and I do believe most people have a conscience, they know right from wrong…they’re just afraid, or they’re ignorant, but once those things get fixed, stop living in fear, stop being stupid, things will get better.”

Citing his line in the film that “anything is possible,” Moore continued: “I believe we can start to make the case for all of this could happen in the next 2-3 years, and I actually think that will happen. It’s going to happen because young people are going to make it happen. There are not as many haters in the young generation as there are in the older generation … the young people will come up and they don’t have that level of hate, and they know they got a raw deal, they got a raw fucking deal. And we gave it to them, my generation, which was not right, and we should try to do something about it.”