14.09.2015 - 16:57 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

More Closed-Door Meetings, a New Chief Transparency Officer, and Growing International Opposition to the Deal: What’s Going on with the TPP

The latest reports say that the U.S. is seeking another high-level ministerial meeting in late September, on the margins of a session of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York. Though it seems slim, there is a possibility that they could announce the TPP’s conclusion at that meeting. If the USTR does, President Obama would need to give 90-days notice to Congress before he could officially sign it—a provision stipulated by the Fast Track trade legislation that passed this summer. From there, he would still need to convince Congress to actually ratify the agreement in order for it to become binding on the United States. So even if they’re able to come to full agreement on the TPP the end of this month, it’s legally impossible for them to get the ratification they need to completely finish the deal by the end of this year.