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Justin Raimondo, RIP (1951-2019)

When Justin was six, he was, in his own words, „a wild child.“ This will surprise no one who knows him. In „Cold War Comfort,“ which he wrote for Chronicles Magazine, he tells how he dashed out of his first-grade class with his teacher chasing him. Because this was a daily occurrence, he writes, he was sent to a prominent New York psychiatrist named Dr. Robert Soblen. Just this decade, Justin got his hands on Soblen’s notes on his case and learned that Soblen had concluded that Justin was schizophrenic. Soblen’s reason? Justin was Catholic, claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary, and believed in miracles.

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A Personal Message From Justin Raimondo

I have been gravely ill with fourth stage lung cancer for two years, fighting to not only survive physically but as a voice for A good way to bring myself down to earth is with an old Italian recipe and chat with the neighbors. They don’t make make ‚em like that any more. And I have brought plenty of that principled nonintervention stuff to you, our readers.

My neighbors are so kind and open hearted. That’s how I think of my readers – like neighbors, old friends, many of whom I haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Well, I’m still, folks, still writing and hanging in there. Life goes on: I must write this fundraising pitch as the site continues to grow and reach more people. I may not be the best fundraiser, but I think you understand the spirit in which I write this note.

With Venezuela, Russia, the conflation of multiple „crises“ breaking out, this letter is not a panic but a way to reconnect in a personal way with my readers, steadfast and loyal supporters.

You are the reason I must continue my personal and ideological fight.

Please help me win this fight.