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26.08.2018 - 10:50 [ SuperTheseus / Youtube ]

„Arirang“ (Symphony Orchestra Music) – Korean Folk Music

Arirang (Symphony Orchestra Music) – Korean Folk Music 아리랑 교향곡 – KBS 교향악단 일본공연 2007 Conductor : 장윤성 Jang Yun-Sung KBS Symphony Orchestra S.Korea Tour Overseas (Tokyo & Osaka) 03rd,OCT,2007 Osaka Symphony Hall in Osaka Japan.

26.08.2018 - 10:34 [ Korea Herald ]

Unified Korean canoeing team wins gold in women’s 500m dragon boat racing

This was the second medal won by a joint Korean team at an international multi-sport competition. The women’s team on Saturday earned bronze in the 200m dragon boat racing.

The medal doesn’t count to either South Korea nor North Korea in the Asian Games medal standings. Instead, it will be awarded to „Korea.“

It will be the first time that „Arirang,“ Korea’s most popular folk song, will be played at a medal ceremony.