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22.09.2019 - 11:31 [ Guido Fawkes ]

Watson Purge Fails


If you had a lie-in this morning you may have missed that Momentum’s attempt to purge Watson has failed. You may have missed it had even started last night. Jon Lansman, the multi-millionaire founder of Momentum proposed to the party’s governing NEC that the position of Deputy Leader be abolished. The headbanging outriders of Corbyn on Twitter were ecstatic, most Labour MPs were alarmed, it was reported that Gordon Brown had phoned Corbyn and McDonnell to lobby against the move, Tony Blair publicly backed the man who initiated the “curry plot” that led to his demise. Corbyn blinked.

22.09.2019 - 11:00 [ Newsweek ]

Who Could Replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader?


Labour’s deputy leader and once known as an arch-plotter (he was one of Gordon Brown’s closest allies in his attempts to force his frenemy Tony Blair out of office), Watson is now Labour’s Deputy Leader.

He has the rare asset of a „mandate“ (a word never used so often in British public life as it was following Corbyn’s shock victory) almost as large as Corbyn’s. In the same September 2015 election that installed Corbyn, Watson became his deputy with just over 50 percent support in the third round of voting.