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20.07.2018 - 20:26 [ Resident Advisor ]

RA.633 Julianna – Slamming club sounds from Medellin.

„Even in times of struggle, with a right-wing government and completely crazy fee requests from international DJs and so on, Colombia has built a very interesting scene.“ This is Julianna, the DJ behind this week’s RA podcast, talking about the great health of her country’s dance music scene. She’s well-placed to comment: Julianna has been an active member of the electronic music community in Medellín for the past ten years.

05.04.2018 - 15:07 [ Resident Advisor ]

RA.617 Wata Igarashi – Rich, psychedelic techno.

(26.März) 2018 has started well. I have just released a pair of EPs, Niskala and Sekala, with Midgar, which were inspired by time I spent in Indonesia. I also contributed an acid track for The Bunker New York’s 15th anniversary compilation. With gigs I have been playing in Tokyo and some other places in Japan, and recently went to Taipei for a Smoke Machine night. And of course, continuing to spend time in the studio producing new music…