29.10.2014 - 12:58 [ Techdirt ]

You Can’t Vote Out National Security Bureaucrats: And They, Not Elected Officials, Really Run The Show

The same thing is true of government bureaucrats within the intelligence community. They’re going to advise elected officials in ways that continually push and expand their own capabilities and powers, rather than limit them. And while what happens with lobbyists is often not directly publicly viewable, there can at least be some public recognition of policies and regulations that come out of those discussions. When it comes to the intelligence community, many of the results are kept entirely secret, so there’s basically no pushback and no „other side“ heard. The intelligence community acts as secret lobbyists for the expansion of the surveillance state, and the government basically says „okay.“ And that doesn’t even begin to go down the road of recognizing how much of this „expansion“ of the surveillance state also happens to massively benefit the private corporations that former intelligence officials jump to right after leaving the government.