16.05.2015 - 06:22 [ Techdirt ]

No, Just Because Seymour Hersh Had The Same Story As You, It’s Not ‚Plagiarism‘

We already wrote a bit about Seymour Hersh’s big story, arguing that pretty much everything the public has been told about the Osama bin Laden raid is false. There are plenty of questions that have been raised about some of the specifics in the story, but some people noticed that nearly four years ago, there was a tweet and a blog post, both by RJ Hillhouse, that both made the same basic argument. Hillhouse is well connected with the intelligence community and has told The Intercept that she thinks Hersh’s sources are different than her own:

“I would be shocked if … my sources would talk to [Hersh], given their politics and given the sensitivity that the administration had toward this story.”

She notes that after her original post, she was strongly pressured to shut up about the issue, and did so (though she didn’t delete her post or tweet).

Either way, in a new post, she seems pissed off that Hersh is getting credit for the story, saying that it’s „plagiarism.“