09.10.2016 - 18:40 [ Itar-Tass ]

West’s expectations of Russia’s ’shrinking‘ after 1992 ended in hangover — Lavrov

Lavrov noted that some of Russia’s Western partners seem to be guided by children’s resentments or whims in their relations with Russia. „After all, it is vitally important for a politician not to shut the door close,“ he said. „It is not good and it means that a person is on the verge of a breakdown, which is inadmissible in politics. It is necessary to do everything in a well-balanced manner and have several possible scenarios meeting your interests but not to rely on only one scenario base on your and only your interests where all the rest are allocated the role with the only words, ‘Yes, Sir.’“

„It doesn’t work that way and will never do,“ Lavrov stressed.