05.04.2015 - 09:18 [ Naomi Wolf / Facebook ]

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. I mean by now I can…but I can’t. You HAVE to watch this video.

As a Hebrew speaker I am appalled…these otherwise pleasant young soldiers are being compelled TRULY — the translation is LITERALLY ACCURATE – to say „Are you Arab? Then you cant pass here“…and „This is just for Jews.“ I understand and speak Hebrew and there is ZERO DISTORTION in the translation of what is happening here. In fact the actual conversation in Hebrew is even worse, more shameful, more conscious on both sides of the shame. Then the tense, inevitable challenge to two young men who are just trying to WALK ON THEIR STREET…“what, are you trying to show you are a man?“ These awful directions — these young people having to say, ‚it is decided…the commander decided…“ when reasonable citizens ask, why can’t I walk here? As a Jew I am appalled, ashamed, horrified, outraged…they are asking them THEIR RELIGION as armed guards keep them from walking on their own town’s streets…one guy says, pointing at a woman in a long dress, ’she is walking‘ and the soldiers have to reply, ’she is a Jew…“ This is flat out Berlin 1933. Hasbara I say, bring it on. Watch this and come talk to me, I am here, I want to know EXACTLY HOW YOU JUSTIFY A STATE THAT ENFORCES SUCH CONVERSATIONS , I am standing by for your comments or any further justification anyone needs to understand that things categorically need to change. Naomi here.