The Mystery of Ray McGovern’s Arrest

How did the organs of state security learn I was coming? It is more likely to have been guilt by association than the residue from a BOLO. In short, when I travel to New York to teach, I normally email my friend Martha at Maryhouse in the Bowery – the Catholic Worker house founded by her grandmother, Dorothy Day.(…) Here’s the catch. Catholic Workers are involved not only in extending hospitality but also in activism, trying, as Dorothy Day did, to make the world a less violent, more caring place. It is primarily the activism, of course, that brings scrutiny from the organs of security, but you might call it “political activism, primarily anti-war,” as the State Department did.(…) And for that, they often pay a price, including being snooped upon, in violation of the Fourth Amendment, for exercising their rights under the First.(…) You are perhaps thinking that the National Security Agency stores only metadata; and, if so, you would be wrong. Content is saved. So if the government wants to access the content of emails from the past, no problem.(…) So my best guess is that I can blame the “subversive” activities of the Catholic Workers and the monitoring of them by the organs of state security, for my recent arrest and overnight accommodations in The Tombs.

As conditions worsen in Gaza, residents ask: ‘Where have all the activists gone?’

„I have always thought that those who resort to violence or those who go as far as exploding themselves are sick and inhuman. But now I know how it feels to have nothing to lose but your worthless life. I know how it feels to be so desperate that you literally cry from disappointment when you actually wake up in the morning, and to spend the night before asking God for a last favor … to take your life because you’re just too cowardly to take it yourself. #‎Gaza‬ is no longer a city or a territory. It is a disease. It is an unbearable pain, an un-treatable wound. Gaza is the opposite of life, but at the same time far beyond death.“

Former NSA Lawyer Says Reason Blackberry Failed Was ‚Too Much Encryption‘ Warns Google/Apple Not To Make Same Mistake

There are times that I wonder if former NSA General Counsel Stewart Baker is just trolling with his various comments, because they’re so frequently out of touch with reality, even though he’s clearly an intelligent guy. His latest is to join in with the misguided attacks on Apple and Google making mobile encryption the default on iOS and Android devices, with an especially bizarre argument: protecting the privacy of your users is bad for business. Oh really? Specifically, Baker engages in some hysterically wrong historical revisionism concerning the rise and fall of RIM/Blackberry:

A Dystopian Future Of Ads That Won’t Stop Until You Say ‚McDonald’s‘ Could Be Avoided With More Transparency

I’ve discussed in the past how many people mistake privacy as some sort of absolute „thing“ rather than a spectrum of trade-offs. Leaving your home to go to the store involves giving up a small amount of privacy, but it’s a trade-off most people feel is worth it (not so much for some uber-celebrities, and then they choose other options). Sharing information with a website is often seen as a reasonable trade-off for the services/information that website provides. The real problem is often just that the true trade-offs aren’t clear. What you’re giving up and what you’re getting back aren’t always done transparently, and that’s where people feel their privacy is being violated.

Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

Though it’s a bedrock American principle that citizens can steer their own government by electing new officials, Glennon suggests that in practice, much of our government no longer works that way. In a new book, “National Security and Double Government,” he catalogs the ways that the defense and national security apparatus is effectively self-governing, with virtually no accountability, transparency, or checks and balances of any kind. He uses the term “double government”: There’s the one we elect, and then there’s the one behind it, steering huge swaths of policy almost unchecked. Elected officials end up serving as mere cover for the real decisions made by the bureaucracy.

You Can’t Vote Out National Security Bureaucrats: And They, Not Elected Officials, Really Run The Show

The same thing is true of government bureaucrats within the intelligence community. They’re going to advise elected officials in ways that continually push and expand their own capabilities and powers, rather than limit them. And while what happens with lobbyists is often not directly publicly viewable, there can at least be some public recognition of policies and regulations that come out of those discussions. When it comes to the intelligence community, many of the results are kept entirely secret, so there’s basically no pushback and no „other side“ heard. The intelligence community acts as secret lobbyists for the expansion of the surveillance state, and the government basically says „okay.“ And that doesn’t even begin to go down the road of recognizing how much of this „expansion“ of the surveillance state also happens to massively benefit the private corporations that former intelligence officials jump to right after leaving the government.

Obama’s chief of staff personally negotiates redacting of Senate’s CIA torture report

“I was summoned down to a meeting in the Situation Room, where I was told I would have to ‘explain’ this deal to Rahm… It did not take long to get ugly,” Panetta wrote in ‚Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leaders in War and Peace.‘ “’The president wants to know who the f**k authorized this release to the committees,’” Rahm said, slamming his hand down on the table. ‘I have a president with his hair on fire, and I want to know what the f**k you did to f**k this up so bad!’”

(14.10) The Ukraine, As We Know It, Is Gone Forever

The central one is the mistaken belief (put forward by Zbigniew Brzezinski) that without the Ukraine Russia cannot be a superpower, and the equally mistaken belief (put forward by Hillary Clinton) that Putin wants to re-create the Soviet Union. For the AngloZionists, the Ukraine is a zero-sum game in which the US must either control the Ukraine or destroy it, but not allow Russia to have it. The problem with this theory is that Russia doesn’t really want or need the Ukraine.(…) Russia already got what it wanted, Crimea. As for the rest, Moscow’s attitude is, “You broke it, you own it.”(…) There must be regime change in Kiev followed by de-Nazification.(…) Neither Russia nor Novorussia will ever be safe as long as the Nazis are in power in Kiev. That means that these russophobic, nationalist freaks will have to be removed before final status issues can be resolved.

Former NSA Head Says You Can Avoid Government Spying By Using This One Simple Trick

He recently delivered remarks at MIRcon in Washington, explaining exactly how simple it is for Americans to avoid the sort of domestic surveillance they always assumed they’d never have to worry about (you know, because of the Constitution and its various amendments, etc.). And remember, this man is asking $1 million a month to rent his brain. „Our data’s in there (NSA databases), my data’s in there. If I talk to an Al Qaeda operative, the chances of my data being looked at is really good, so I try not to do that. If you don’t want to you shouldn’t either,“ he told MIRcon delegates.

Obama Administration Learns: If You Redefine Every Word In The Dictionary, You Can Get Away With Just About Anything

We’ve written before about how the NSA uses its own definitions of some fairly basic English words, in order to pretend to have the authority to do things it probably… doesn’t really have authority to do. It’s become clear that this powergrab-by-redefinition is not unique to the NSA when it comes to the executive branch of the government. Earlier this year, we also wrote about the stunning steady redefinition of words within the infamous „Authorization to Use Military Force“ (AUMF) that was passed by Congress immediately after September 11, 2001. It officially let the President use „all necessary and appropriate force“ against those who „planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.“ But, over time, the AUMF was being used to justify efforts against folks who had nothing to do with September 11th, leading to this neat sleight of hand in which the military started pretending that the AUMF also applied to „associated forces.“ That phrase appears nowhere in the AUMF, but it’s a phrase that is regularly repeated and claimed by the administration and the military. Is A Security Disaster… And Those Working On It Knew It, And Tried To Stop Independent Security Review To Hide It

We’ve written before about how problematic the technology is behind the federal website, pointing out that the federal government hired political cronies rather than web development experts to build it. There was an effort to open source the code, but after the feds put the code on github, they removed it after people started pointing out just how bad it was. Then, just about a month ago, we noted that the government turned down a FOIA request from the Associated Press concerning the site’s security practices, arguing that it might „give hackers enough information to break into the service.“ As we noted at the time, if revealing the basic security you have in place will give hackers a road map to breaking into the site, the site is not secure at all.

The Fed Has A Big Surprise Waiting For You

The US economy is dead. The Fed has known this for a long time, but pumped it up to where it is now to draw in all the greater fools, the so-called big investors who have made money like honey from QE and ZIRP. They are the greater fools. The American real economy ceased being a consideration long ago.(…) The Fed will raise rates because that will make the biggest banks the most money. There’s nothing else that matters. The Fed can’t revive the US economy, that’s just a foolish notion. But it can suck a lot of wealth out of it.

Speaking from an Israeli settlement, Mike Huckabee says ‘there is not a teenage boy in America who is safe’ from radical Islamists

On Monday former Republican Governor of Arkansas and potential GOP presidential nominee Mike Huckabee visited the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, stating that radical Islamists are coming after American boys. “If those could be your three teenage boys,” he said to Likud’s Danny Danon of Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Sha’er, and Eyal Yifrah—the three Israeli youths abducted on June 12, 2014 from a bus stop near where Huckabee was speaking—“I assure you there is not a teenage boy in America who is safe if these radicals continue their local purge of everything that does not bow to their radicalism.”

Answers to journalists’ questions following a working visit to Mongolia

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, I did speak with President Poroshenko this morning, and it seemed to me at any rate that our views on how to settle the conflict are very close, as the diplomats say. On the way here from Blagoveshchensk to Ulan Bator, I jotted down a few thoughts that could constitute an action plan of sorts. True, I have only these notes that I jotted down, but I can read them to you if you want. In order to stop the bloodshed and stabilise the situation in southeast Ukraine, I believe that the parties to the conflict should immediately agree on and coordinate the following steps:

Pentagon report investigated lasers that put voices in your head

A recently unclassified report from the Pentagon from 1998 has revealed an investigation into using laser beams for a few intriguing potential methods of non-lethal torture. Some of the applications the report investigated include putting voices in people’s heads, using lasers to trigger uncontrolled neuron firing, and slowly heating the human body to a point of feverish confusion – all from hundreds of meters away. A US citizen requested access to the document, entitled „Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons,“ under the Freedom of Information Act a little over a year ago. There is no evidence that any of the technologies mentioned in the 10-year-old report have been developed since the time it was written.

White House Reverses Course: Now Allowing Lobbyists To Serve On Insider Government ‚Advisory‘ Boards

For many years, we’ve talked about the very questionable practice by the USTR to set up „Industry Trade Advisory Committees“ (ITACs), who had full access to the various documents concerning the trade agreements that were being negotiated. Obviously, for big companies, being one of the very small group of people on the inside, helping to shape trade agreements, is enormously powerful — especially since industries long ago learned that you can „launder“ policy changes that Congress doesn’t want to make via the international trade agreement process, thereby putting pressure on Congress to act. It’s why we’ve pointed out that it seems rather unfair that the RIAA has direct access to the TPP agreement, but Senate staffers (including experts on international trade) have been refused access.

Protest against the rise of fascism in Israel in Tel Aviv tonight. We chanted „the incitement and racism start with the government“,

„Netanyahu, quit, fascism is already passing“, „You don’t build democracy by suppressing protesters“, „No, no, no, we won’t let fascism pass“, „Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies“, „all of us together, without fear and hatred“, „democracy for all between the river and the sea“ and „there’s no difference between blood and blood, we are all human“. All the chants rhyme in Hebrew.

“There’s nothing exceptional or heroic about a Jew standing against Zionism’

Hancock wrote me recently to inquire about a gripping video — the arrest by the Israeli military of a young Jewish American man named Lucas Koerner, posted by Mondoweiss in 2011. This video has been resurrected and is circulating around the internet these days. I myself received the link from several sources, including a lawyer friend who, like so many others, apparently didn’t realize Lucas’ act of defiance happened several years ago. Hancock wanted to know what happened after Koerner was arrested. We put Hancock in touch with Koerner and Hancock subsequently posted their email exchange on his Facebook. We learn that Lucas was held in jail for two days, then put under house arrest and flew back to the US the next day. Lucas wrote Hancock:

Which crowded cities can you fire into?

Over a decade ago, Yonatan Shapira, then an Israeli air force pilot, bravely confronted his top commander, Lt. General Dan Halutz, over what were euphemistically called “targeted assassinations.” Israeli warplanes regularly fired missiles at Hamas leaders in Gaza, also killing innocent civilians, some of them children. Shapira asked General Halutz, What if a Hamas leader were located in Tel Aviv? Would you order our pilots to fire there, risking Israeli bystanders? Halutz said no. So you value Israelis over Palestinians, Yonatan responded. Get someone else to fly your aircraft.

Joan Rivers slams CNN and BBC coverage of Gaza — ‘you’re all insane’

Reporter: Where are the civilians supposed to go? You’re all insane. They [Palestinians] started it. What are you all saying? They started it. The Israelis did not throw their– for months this has been going on. What are you supposed to do? How do I know? I have been over there. That’s how I know. And I wish the world would know. BBC should be ashamed of themselves. And CNN should be ashamed of themselves. And everybody, stop it already.

Sharif Abdel Kouddous: Bombed in Their Homes and in the Streets, Where Can Gazans Flee?

SHARIF ABDEL KOUDDOUS: Amy, I’m just coming from the south of Gaza, from Khan Younis, where people are talking of a very brutal assault on southeastern Khan Younis, particularly in the area of Khuzaa. They say this was worse than Shejaiya, the Gaza City eastern town that was attacked on Sunday in the bloodiest day of the conflict. People say the attacks began Tuesday night, the Israeli military moving in, firing very heavily with shelling—shelling, F-16s and drone attacks. I spoke to multiple residents who said they tried to get out beginning yesterday morning. They walked out; they found Israeli tanks blocking the main streets. One group said that the Israeli tanks started firing on them. They fled back to their homes. They had to leave the wounded behind. They spent a harrowing 24 hours trying to go from house to house. They said each house they went to was shelled. And they finally ended up walking out, holding white flags and their hands above their heads, only Wednesday morning.

Government Continues To Pretend People Use Cell Phones Simply To Create A Wealth Of Data For Law Enforcement To Access Without A Warrant

You’d think approved warrants must be like albino unicorns for all the arguing the government does to avoid having to run one by a judge. It continually acts as though there aren’t statistics out there that show obtaining a warrant is about as difficult as obeying the laws of thermodynamics. Wiretap warrants have been approved 99.969% of the time over the last decade. And that’s for something far more intrusive than cell site location data.

Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel

In Goliath, New York Times bestselling author Max Blumenthal takes us on a journey through the badlands and high roads of Israel-Palestine, painting a startling portrait of Israeli society under the siege of increasingly authoritarian politics as the occupation of the Palestinians deepens. (…) As Blumenthal reveals, Israel has become a country where right-wing leaders like Avigdor Lieberman and Bibi Netanyahu are sacrificing democracy on the altar of their power politics; where the loyal opposition largely and passively stands aside and watches the organized assault on civil liberties; where state-funded Orthodox rabbis publish books that provide instructions on how and when to kill Gentiles; where half of Jewish youth declare their refusal to sit in a classroom with an Arab; and where mob violence targets Palestinians and African asylum seekers scapegoated by leading government officials as „demographic threats.“

Obama’s Spiritual Advisor Jim Wallis Goes On Race Rant

“Do you know what stand-your-ground means, that law in Florida?” Wallis asked, who then proceeded to make it perfectly clear that he had no idea what stand-your-ground laws mean. “Here’s what it means … if a white man just feels or thinks or believes or fears he might be in danger from a black man, armed or not, he can shoot him. That’s what the law means, that’s what it says. “ “And you know what? Even if he just says he thinks or feels or fears he’s in danger, he can shoot him. So now the conversation in black households is not what you do when you see a policeman. It’s what you do when you see any white guy who might have a gun.”

Young Israelis moving to Berlin in droves

(19. September 2010) „Berlin has become a real magnet for Israelis – everybody wants to move here,“ said Bialer, 32, whose Friday noon „Kol Berlin,“ Hebrew for „the voice of Berlin,“ started three years ago and is something of an institution for young Israelis in Berlin.

UK Home Secretary: UK Isn’t A Surveillance State… And I’d Give You Proof, But You Might All Die Because Of It

Theresa May, the UK’s Home Secretary has hit back after the UK’s Director General of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Charles Farr, revealed how the UK believes it can spy on all „external“ communications without a warrant and that it’s definition of „external“ was pretty close to „everything“ (and that’s only a slight exaggeration). May’s response might be summarized as denying everything and insisting that if the UK government revealed any details, everyone might die. First up, the denial:

Russia on Iraq: ‘We told you so’

As the situation in Iraq begins to looks more and more like a complete state meltdown, Russia has stepped in with a familiar refrain: „We told you so.“ „We are greatly alarmed by what is happening in Iraq. We warned long ago that the affair that the Americans and the Britons stirred up there wouldn’t end well,“ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday, according to Voice of Russia. He also described the Iraq war as a „total failure“ and said Russia was sorry that its forecasts had come true.

Al Gore: ‚We now have a stalker economy‘

„Now a politician has to spend five hours a day begging rich people for money, so it’s easy for politicians to ignore the public interest,“ he added. (…) „Governments – that’s one threat; businesses are also collecting more information than they should. We now have a stalker economy where businesses are finding out everything about you.“

Special Forces Members Noticed Something in the Bergdahl Release Video That You Probably Missed

When you are in an American helicopter in a war zone, the individual told Beck, and you see “a guy on the ground with a rocket launcher … and a video camera,” you have a shoot-to-kill order because the combatant is almost certainly planning to kill you and your teammates and create a propaganda video. He therefore asked whether the U.S. government agreed to let the Taliban record the exchange, and why, or if we didn’t realize it was being recorded. “Problem number two: anybody notice that we’re landing in a valley?” Beck asked.

How Many Terrorists Are There: Not As Many As You Might Think

It would seem that terrorism runs rampant, as the Feds remind us with each new infringement of our freedom. Which means there must be millions of terrorists out there, right? Nope. The same government that spends trillions of our dollars and sacrifices our few remaining rights fighting terrorists also publishes a census of sorts on them – though apparently the Feds don’t read it. Country Reports on Terrorism appears annually courtesy of the US Department of State. And each year, it explodes the myth that jihadists lurk on every airport’s concourse. In fact, bureaucrats at just one of the agencies supposedly battling them, the Department of Homeland Security, far outnumber them. Naturally, the enemy is too busy plotting America’s destruction to fill out questionnaires, so the Reports relies on educated guesses: statements such as „membership is estimated in the low hundreds“ and „core membership is believed to be fewer than 100“ abound. And of the 51 „Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) … designated by the Secretary of State in accordance with section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)“ that the Reports surveys, the „Strength“ of 15 remains flatly „unknown.“

Google AdSense’s Idiotic And Hypocritical Morality Police Force Us To Remove Ads On News Stories

One of the videos in question was even hosted on YouTube and had Google ads enabled on that video. In fact, we’ve since discovered that both of the videos in question are on YouTube and have Google ads. You can see the original video here and the Bow Wow video here. Both of them are monetized by YouTube with Google ads. And yet, somehow we’re the ones violating Google’s policies? (…) Before this we thought maybe the two could co-exist but, frankly, I’d love to just dump AdSense from the site outright at this point, given this sort of intrusion.

Bild to Erdoğan: You are not Welcome!

It is stated in the open letter that “We are a country that is democratic, favors freedom and in which diversity lives together. Laws go for the politicians here, as well. Women can walk topless in streets here. We let everyone speak their opinions, even if it’s nonsense. Say whatever you want tonight, dear Erdoğan.

Dangerous Ruling: EU Says Google Must Help People Disappear Stuff They Don’t Like From The Internet

For years now we’ve explained why Europe’s concept of a „right to be forgotten“ is a terrible, dangerous and impossible idea. The basic idea is that if you were involved in something that you’re not happy about later, you can demand that the incident be stricken from the record… everywhere. It’s a clear attack on free speech — allowing people to censor others from saying truthful and accurate things about someone.

Meet TISA: Another Major Treaty Negotiated In Secret Alongside TPP And TTIP

This Wednesday evening there is to be a „Public Information Session and Discussion“ (pdf) about TISA: the Trade in Services Agreement. If, like me, you’ve never heard of this, you might think it’s a new initiative. But it turns out that it’s been under way for more than a year: the previous USTR, Ron Kirk, informed Congress about it back in January 2013 (pdf). Aside from the occasional laconic press release from the USTR, a page put together by the Australian government, and a rather poorly-publicized consultation by the European Commission last year, there has been almost no public information about this agreement. A cynic might even think they were trying to keep it quiet.

‘Junta government in Kiev trigger for mine that will explode sooner or later’

RT: As it stands at the moment, America seems to think the more Russia is punished here, the more sorted the situation will be, do you agree with that? Willie Wimmer: I think the situation is totally complicated and everything we know perhaps goes back to the Cuban crisis some decades ago. RT: In that the Cold War continues? WW: I think it’s even more complicated. It’s not only a Cold War it can be outstanding and dangerous and when we go back to the Cuban crisis, we know that big powers usually draw a red line and for the Americans it had been 90 km away from Miami there shouldn’t be a Soviet nuclear arsenal. And here in the Ukraine, it’s again similar. The Russian Federation draws a red line and they are not interested in having a country direct in their neighborhood who might change itself into a living danger, like a land mine, like a nuclear arsenal, which is located next to my own border. And therefore I think we face a critical situation in the next few weeks, perhaps even the next days and we only can hope that somebody might intervene in a sympathetic way and not create war in Europe.

‘Feed your army, motherf***ers!’ Raging locals ‘hijack’ RT report as Ukraine troops raid Slavyansk

This is not the first time reports from Ukraine hint at the poor state of the Ukrainian army, which has been sent to the south-east of the country to quell the anti-government protests. While Slavyansk activists told RT young soldiers were sent to shoot at them with no food supplies, some of the Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered to the locals told RIA Novosti they had to eat “a nettle soup,” which they gathered on the roadside. Other video reports coming from Slavyansk on Thursday told a similar story to the men interrupting Phillips.

This is the moment Ukrainian thugs beat up a young pro-Russian man and throw him into a RIVER

Footage which appears to show Ukrainian nationalists beating up a young pro-Russian man before throwing him into a river has been posted online. The attack is believed to have taken place in Donetsk, in the largely Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine where anti-government separatists have been staging angry protests. There have apparently been growing reports of masked thugs from the pro-government side trawling the streets, claiming to be acting as agents of the Ukrainian nationalist political party.

That Time A Star Trek Captain And A Physicist Got Tricked Into Doing A Documentary On Geocentrism

What with the democratization of filmmaking technology, we’ve seen a relative explosion in films, as production has been opened to a whole population that would otherwise be unable to produce their wares. This, by and large, is a good thing. The barriers to entry have been lowered, streaming sites like YouTube provide an avenue for distribution, and we all get as many cute puppy videos as we can possibly handle. The flipside is that there are some jackasses out there who put out terrible crap. The whole Innocence Of Muslims fiasco is but one example, with actors reportedly being duped, controversial producers who remained in the shadows, and a finished product that would be most at home in the nearest dumpster. The technology is a great thing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t pitfalls, and those lending their names to films and shows need to be careful about what they’re getting into. Like Kate Mulgrew, for instance. The former Star Trek captain apparently did some voiceover work for a film that pushes the theory of geocentrism (Earth as the center of the universe).

Where Is Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement Now?

(06.04.) The movement’s popularity has dwindled since it was split into two groups nearly three years ago. (..) In December, an Egyptian court sentenced the April 6 co-founder Ahmad Maher and two other colleagues — Mohammad Adel and Ahmad Douma — to three years in prison each on charges of holding unauthorised protests and assaulting policemen.

Social media: Weapon of PsyWar & you’re the target

For centuries the most powerful intelligence gathering service on the planet was the Catholic rite of ‘confession’, where millions of people told vital info to the Pope on guilty acts which could then be used to blackmail them and their co-sinners. But you’d be wrong if you thought that was mostly over with Luther and the reformation. Priest-spooks of the new church at Google and Facebook took over where the confession box left off.

If You Want To Fix U.S. Broadband Competition, Start By Killing State-Level Protectionist Laws Written By Duopolists

For fifteen years now I’ve watched as phone and cable duopolies lobby to pass draft legislation designed to keep broadband uncompetitive. Specifically, in more than a dozen states these protectionist measures either hinder or outright ban a town or city’s ability to wire itself for broadband (either alone or with a private industry partner) — even in cases where nobody else will. If the laws don’t ban such efforts outright, they force anyone looking to build a broadband network to jump through layers upon layers of bureaucratic hoops, during which the regional duopolies with limitless budgets harass the efforts with lawsuits and negative publicity campaigns (I’ve seen ISPs hire push pollsters to tell locals that a government-built network would ban their religious programming).

‚I’ll hang you by the balls and have you f***ed‘ – Ukrainian presidential hopeful abducts pro-Russian MP

Klinchev then goes on to say that at around 12am he called General Guslavsky, who asked to come up to his office to talk. “Once I entered his office and took a seat, Lyashko along with another, about eight people, run into the room. In fact, many of them I personally know. There were also journalists, particularly, from the Ukraine TV channel. Those people were standing aside, while a group of four people started twisting [my arms]. They handcuffed me,” Klinchev said. He says they called him and his supporters “scum” and “scumbags”, who do not understand things. Lyashko and his people said Russian flags were “treason” and that is why “all of us should be butchered.”

Venezuelan president warns of ‘fascist’ coup plot after three killed in violent anti-government protests

(13.02.2014) Mr. Maduro ordered the arrest of an opposition leader and a former military chief as he claimed “fascist” forces financed from the United States were plotting against his government. He claimed the civil unrest was part of a plan by “far Right” opponents “to bring us to a dog fight, set our people at war, one against another” adding: “There will be no coup d’etat in Venezuela, you can rest assured.”

Which VPN Services Take Your Anonymity Seriously?

More than a year ago TorrentFreak took a look at a selection of the web’s VPN services to see which ones really take privacy seriously. During the months that followed we received dozens of emails begging us to carry out an update and today here it is. The first installment in our list of VPN services that due to their setup cannot link user activity to external IP addresses and activities.

New Google patent suggests automatically sending your videos and photos to law enforcement

We come across tons of interesting patents each and every day, but recently none have caused as much concern and curiosity as this one. Google recently filed a patent for a system that identifies when and where a “mob” event takes place and sends multimedia alerts to relevant parties. The patents are actually titled “Mob Source Phone Video Collaboration” and “Inferring Events Based On Mob Sourced Video“.

You run away, we’ll get on with the work

The M5S has the defect of consistency, a very serious defect in a country where the mother of the chatterboxes and the provincial bullies is always pregnant. The M5S has said that it is refusing to accept the reimbursement of election expenses. It has done that. It has left to the State, thus to the citizens, 42 million euro. The M5S has said that its parliamentarians would reduce their own salaries. It has done that.The parliamentarian spokespersons have reduced their own salaries by more than half and they have paid this money (which up until now amounts to two and a half million euro) into a fund that helps the small and medium sized companies. The M5S was against the purchase of the F35 fighter jets. It voted against this, whereas the parties, including the turncoat PDexminusL, voted in favour. The M5S wanted the end of the Porcellum law. In May of last year, it voted for the motion put forward by Giachetti of the PDexminusL, the only ones in Parliament. The M5S proposed the motion of no confidence in Ms Cancellieri. It voted for the ousting of Ms Cancellieri, and the parties voted to keep her seated in her armchair, in particular the PDexminusL. This list could go on for days. We take action, we keep our promises.

The Antarctic ‘research’ fiasco – ‘would you, could you, in a boat’?

As we reported previously on WUWT here and here, the saga of the “climate scientists/tourists trapped in ice” continues to fascinate many. Now a second ship has given up on rescue, after the Chinese ship “Snow Dragon” gave up two days ago. The Aurora Australis has abandoned rescue of the trapped Russian “research”vessel in Antarctica and a helicopter evacuation in now being ordered. This episode has taken on a heightened comedic fiasco-like quality.

Astronauts Are Installing a ‚Nearly Live Google Earth,‘ And You Can Watch Them Now

It won’t be long before you can download video of Earth from hundreds of miles above, thanks to Canadian company UrtheCast, which is providing a camera currently being installed by a pair of Russian astronauts outside of the International Space Station. According to George Tyc, Chief Technology Officer of UrtheCast, the camera will function as a „nearly live Google Earth,“ featuring continuously refreshed video of interesting areas where interesting events are going on, showing you what is changing, what is going on.“

Feds Agree To Release Redacted Interpretation Of PATRIOT Act That A Month Ago It Said Could Not Be Revealed

Let’s repeat the details here: (1) FISA Court issues secret ruling that totally reinterprets Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act in a manner that appears to be quite different than any plain language reading. (2) Snowden leaks a bunch of documents that reveal the existence of certain bulk data collection which has everyone up in arms. (3) FISA Court itself says that more information is a good thing for debate, and that it would like to release the ruling in question, asking the DOJ to do some redactions as necessary. (4) The DOJ says, well, given the choice, we’d just as soon redact the whole damn thing. (5) The FISA Court says, „Come again? You need to explain that some more.“

You’ll Never Guess Where This FBI Agent Left a Secret Interrogation Manual

The 70-plus-page manual ended up in the Library of Congress, thanks to its author, an FBI official who made an unexplainable mistake. This FBI supervisory special agent, who once worked as a unit chief in the FBI’s counterterrorism division, registered a copyright for the manual in 2010 and deposited a copy with the US Copyright Office, where members of the public can inspect it upon request. What’s particularly strange about this episode is that government documents cannot be copyrighted.

The Nine Things You Should Know About the NSA Recommendations From the President’s Review Group

The President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies just issued a report that unequivocally rejected the notion that privacy and civil liberties must be sacrificed in order to achieve a balance with national security. Liberty and Security in a Changing World includes 46 recommendations for how to reform Intelligence Community programs and practices, several of which would go a long way toward protecting Americans‘ rights. Here are the nine most important things you need to know about those recommendations.

Read This If You Want To Understand Just How Far The NSA Has Gone, And The Political Mess Behind It

I cannot say enough good things about Ryan Lizza’s comprehensive article about the NSA’s surveillance programs and the legal mess and political fights they’ve created. There’s nothing particularly new in the article, but it does an astoundingly good job putting everything that we’ve learned into context. Even as someone who’s been following all of this very closely, it was still a bit of a jumbled puzzle in my mind, but Lizza’s piece took all of it and laid out the entire picture. It goes through all of the details of how and why the NSA began the program, its regular and repeated (often egregious) abuses, and the questionable legal defenses to protect the program.

‚There is a War on Journalism‘: Jeremy Scahill on NSA Leaks & New Investigative Reporting Venture

That’s what they did to the Associated Press. They went after the aggressive team there—Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo and Kim Dozier and others—who were investigating the CIA. And they went to try to figure out who was talking to them. And then it resulted in the indictment of a—I believe he was a senior FBI official. They will go after the whistleblowers who are providing independent information to journalists, and then leak their own information that makes them look noble and like they’re winning the day for peace, freedom and democracy. They were a total sieve in the aftermath of the bin Laden raid, and everything they said was total—was a total lie, basically, that bin Laden had grabbed a wife and put her in front of him and, you know, all of these things.

President Obama: ‚Nowhere to Go But Up‘

„I’ve gone up and down pretty much consistently throughout,“ Obama told ABC’s Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview at the White House. „But the good thing about when you’re down is that usually you got nowhere to go but up.“ Barbara Walters‘ exclusive interview with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama airs on a special edition of „20/20,“ „Walters at the White House,“ on Friday, Nov. 29, at 10 p.m. ET

Less Than 20% Of Americans Believe That There’s Adequate Oversight Of The NSA

One of the key responses from the NSA and its defenders to all of these Snowden leaks is that there is „rigorous oversight“ of the NSA by the courts and Congress. Of course, that talking point has been debunked thoroughly, but NSA defenders keep trotting it out. It appears that the public is not buying it. At all. A recent poll from YouGov found that only 17% of people believe that Congress provides „adequate oversight“ on the spying of Americans.

Al Gore And Tim Berners-Lee Condemn NSA Surveillance: Appalling And Unconstitutional

There’s the famous (incorrect) meme out there that Al Gore once took credit for inventing the internet (he didn’t), but it does appear that he has one thing very much in common with the guy who actually invented the web (which, of course, is not the internet), Tim Berners-Lee: they’re both absolutely disgusted by the NSA’s surveillance activities. Al Gore slammed the NSA in a speech in Montreal, saying that the NSA’s activities were „outrageous“ and „completely unacceptable.“ He even went so far as to say that Snowden „revealed evidence of what appears to be crimes against the Constitution of the United States.“ Furthermore, he took on the oft-repeated claim from the NSA and its defenders that they need to collect all the haystacks by quoting a scholar on the CIA: „when you are looking for a needle in a haystack, it’s not always wise to pile more hay on the haystack.“

The Real Lesson of NSA: If Your Power Depends on Insiders vs. Outsiders, Time for Plan B

The key buried point, however, is that — more than their content — these leaks are changing a fundamental shift in who “we” are. First, this shift is not about whether governments spy on each other. It’s about shattering the rigid insider/outsider boundaries that statecraft has relied on for centuries. As I argued before, Wikileaks was certainly a big shot across this bow, but not the only one. This trend is everywhere. Second, the most shocking revelation of all is that the NSA did not expect this leak to happen, either sooner or later. That’s a huge, telling blind spot about the current realities of governance.

Was Level 3 The Weak Link That Gave The Feds A Way To Hack Into Google’s Network?

That’s not a definite confirmation, but you can see how it would raise eyebrows. As the NYT report notes, in an earlier story, concerning claims that Level 3 had helped the intelligence community spy on Germans, the company had denied the report. The fact that it’s not denying it here, but rather pointing out that if it had helped there would be a gag order, certainly suggests the potential way in for the NSA. If so, Google might want to look rather closely at its agreement with Level 3.

Microchips Everywhere: a Future Vision

(26.01.2008) Here’s a vision of the not-so-distant future: _Microchips with antennas will be embedded in virtually everything you buy, wear, drive and read, allowing retailers and law enforcement to track consumer items _ and, by extension, consumers _ wherever they go, from a distance. _A seamless, global network of electronic „sniffers“ will scan radio tags in myriad public settings, identifying people and their tastes instantly so that customized ads, „live spam,“ may be beamed at them.

How to Stop the Government From Putting Another Lavabit Out of Business

Late last night, the ACLU and ACLU of Virginia filed an amicus brief urging a federal appeals court to overturn a contempt-of-court finding against Lavabit, the now-defunct secure email service provider. The company had been resisting a court order to hand over the private encryption keys relied on by the company’s 400,000 users to keep their information secure. (You can read our brief here, filed with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va.).

Contractors Who Built Website Blame Each Other For All The Problems

With all the problems associated with the rollout, a bunch of fingers (including ours) pointed at the usual list of government contracting cronies who built the thing. The deal was done under an existing contract (so no open bidding) and involved the same „usual suspects“ who have been connected to a number of other large government computer systems debacles. Not included anywhere in the list were companies with experience building large-scale web services — which you’d think would be helpful here.

You May Think You Have Nothing to Hide … But You Are Still Breaking Laws Which Government Spying Could Discover and Use Against You

Wired notes: James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and former defense attorney, notes in his excellent lecture on why it is never a good idea to talk to the police: Estimates of the current size of the body of federal criminal law vary. It has been reported that the Congressional Research Service cannot even count the current number of federal crimes. These laws are scattered in over 50 titles of the United States Code, encompassing roughly 27,000 pages. Worse yet, the statutory code sections often incorporate, by reference, the provisions and sanctions of administrative regulations promulgated by various regulatory agencies under congressional authorization. Estimates of how many such regulations exist are even less well settled, but the ABA thinks there are ”nearly 10,000.”

Syria’s refugees: ‚It’s when you see them out there in the dark, the situation becomes a reality‘

The Syrian refugee assignment has been running since GuardianWitness was launched, just over six months ago. We have received many moving pictures, videos and stories about the lives of refugees and their families in the camps and host countries, they’re now living in. Recently we have received contributions about Syrians trying to find a new life – and a place of safety – in Europe. Sometimes as part of an organised programme, like this group on their way to Germany.

COTTO: The Tea Party should split from the GOP

Really now, if you are a movement conservative with solid work ethics, then why would you choose to demonize wealth? What’s so scary about a country club, golf club, polo club or — heaven forbid — a yacht club? Is there any evidence that the GOPers who are members of these clubs hold anti-Christian views?

Obama to G.O.P.: Do You Want Another Beating?

My main point here, though, is a political one. Obama no longer sounds like a President who is seeking a “grand bargain” on the budget, and who, to that end, would be willing to enrage seniors and face down members of his own party. He sounds more like a President burned by his previous encounters with the Republicans, who has accepted that, for the foreseeable future, he’s going to be engaged in trench warfare, and so he had better make sure that the sandbags are in place and that the gun turrets are manned.

Dear Google, Commit Your Broad Patents to a Defensive License

There has been quite a bit of news lately that you have applied for a patent on bill splitting. It’s a helpful tool—we’ve all been to restaurants or lived with housemates and have needed a convenient way of calculating and tracking who owes what. But this technology already exists—and it has existed for a while. The fact that you feel compelled to file for this patent only further proves how broken the system is.

Americans Are Being Treated to Political Theater: Forget the Government Shutdown – It’s About Shutting YOU Down

The government is red, the middle class is dead & they want us all dead Americans are being treated to political theater at its finest. It’s not a theater of entertainment, however, but a coliseum of enslavement where in the world of deception, perception becomes reality. This theater requires audience participation, where we, the theater-goers, become part of the play. We are a truly captive audience, entranced into mindlessly choosing sides at the frenzied urging of the corporate media and partisan cheerleaders firmly seated behind the microphones and television cameras of the nationally syndicated media.

You are nothing #SieteNiente

„Honourable“ colleagues, What has been happening in the last few days is not just the umpteenth slap in the face for constitutional order, it’s not just been the desperate subversive manoeuvres by the leader of a political party at risk of going under. Here we have a whole country that is going under. It’s not about the eligibility of a single individual to be a politician: here, what’s at stake is the survival of the whole nation. It would almost be taken for granted to run through the „dazzling“ political career of Senator Berlusconi: member n° 1816 in the P2, the well known illegal and subversive Masonic Lodge, a few dozen “ad personam” and “ad aziendam” laws {specific to particular individuals or companies} passed in the last twenty years to avoid criminal convictions at the last minute, and now a conviction for tax fraud and a sentence of 4 years in prison, and as luck has it, thanks to a law that his own party voted for. But, with respect, Senator Berlusconi is the past. Have a good gallop home Cavaliere.

Pope attacks global economics for worshipping ‚god of money‘

Francis, at the start of a day-long trip to the island’s capital, put aside his prepared text at a meeting with unemployed workers, including miners in hard hats who told him of their situation, and improvised for nearly 20 minutes. „I find suffering here … It weakens you and robs you of hope,“ he said, „Excuse me if I use strong words, but where there is no work there is no dignity.“

The NSA: ‚The Abyss From Which There Is No Return‘

By John W Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute The big deal is simply this: once you allow the government to start breaking the law, no matter how seemingly justifiable the reason, you relinquish the contract between you and the government which establishes that the government works for and obeys you, the citizen—the employer—the master. And once the government starts operating outside the law, answerable to no one but itself, there’s no way to rein it back in, short of revolution.

Thirteen Things the Government is Trying to Keep Secret from You

“We believe most Americans would be stunned to learn the details of how these secret court opinions have interpreted…the Patriot Act. As we see it, there is now a significant gap between what most Americans think the law allows and what the government secretly claims the law allows. This is a problem, because it is impossible to have an informed public debate about what the law should say when the public doesn’t know what its government thinks the law says.” – US Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall The President, the Head of the National Security Agency, the Department of Justice, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, and the Judiciary, are intentionally keeping massive amounts of information about surveillance of US and other people secret from voters.

Canadian Government: Help Free Tarek and John

Tarek Loubani, a Canadian emergency physician and John Greyson, a Canadian filmmaker and professor have been arrested by Egyptian authorities. Their families had heard nothing since their arrest. We must pressure our government to demand their freedom. Here’s how you can help:

More democratic freedoms in Saudi Arabia? Not going to happen

Saudi Arabia policies are enormously hypocritical. They discriminate against 10 percent of their own population, the Shiites, while saying they are intervening in Syria for more democracy, journalist Pepe Escobar told RT. RT: There have been protests since 2011 in Saudi Arabia. There have been many arrests since then too, but there hasn’t been much global media coverage of this. Why do you think that is the case? Pepe Escobar: We should break down the strategy of the House of Saud. Basically it’s carrots and stick. Carrots in the form of a $60 billion handout program by King Abdullah at the beginning of the Arab Spring in 2011. The Saudis were horrified by the beginning of the Arab Spring in neighboring Bahrain. So they bribed their own subjects.

Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry

(28.02.2013) It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this amounts to a “nothing-to-see-here” assessment of what is happening. Consider what William Binney and Mark Klein have said and written, and what NSA is building, and then tell me if you believe that only three dozen people have access to the domestic intercepts. Come on. Get real.

Know Drones: What you can do…now

We have entered an era in which the United State is trying to expand its global political and economic control through the use of drones and massive electronic surveillance of email, text-messaging and the internet. We are dealing here with profound issues of control of populations and resources, including labor. The focal points of the US government attack are some of the most fundamental human rights, rights outlined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and rights, such as the right to privacy, essential to the formation of healthy, creative, trustworthy individuals, communities and nations.

Rep. Mike Pompeo Says NSA’s Metadata Program Is A Result Of The Way ‚Government Is Supposed To Operate‘

„It’s of course our duty to ensure that the NSA stays within its legal bounds here in Congress and this amendment makes it perfectly clear for everyone to know and understand“ If it’s your duty, you damn suck at it. „Staying within the legal bounds“ means following existing, normal interpretations of the law, not a constant redrawing of boundaries and redefinitions of words like „relevant.“

The cops are tracking my car—and yours

I have no criminal record, have committed no crime, and am not (as far as I know) under investigation by the OPD or any law enforcement agency. Since I first moved to Oakland in 2005, I’ve been pulled over by the OPD exactly once—for accidentally not making a complete stop while making a right-hand turn at a red light—four years ago. Nevertheless, the OPD’s LPR system captured my car 13 times between April 29, 2012 and May 6, 2013 at various points around the city, and it retained that data. My car is neither wanted nor stolen. The OPD has no warrant on me, no probable cause, and no reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, yet it watches where I go.

Are there really two PRISMs, or just one PRISM with NATO involvement?

So there we have it. If Bild got it right, Merkel is up for an electoral hammering and the rest of the world needs to wrap its head around the idea of PRISM being a collaborative scheme at the NATO level. However, if the German spy agencies are being truthful then there are two PRISMs that, by crazy coincidence, both deal in the interception of emails and phone calls. You choose.

Majority Of Americans Okay With NSA Dragnet… Or, Wait, Not Okay With It; Depending On How You Ask

Here’s the question asked by Pew Research: „As you may know, it has been reported that the National Security Agency has been getting secret court orders to track telephone call records of MILLIONS of Americans in an effort to investigate terrorism. Would you consider this access to telephone call records an acceptable or unacceptable way for the federal government to investigate terrorism?“ Here’s Rasmussen’s version: „The federal government has been secretly collecting the phone records of millions of Americans for national security purposes regardless of whether there is any suspicion of wrongdoing. Do you favor or oppose the government’s secret collecting of these phone records?“

Once Again, Courts Struggle With Whether Or Not Forcing You To Decrypt Your Computer Is Unconstitutional

For years, courts have gone back and forth over whether or not it’s a 5th Amendment violation to force someone to decrypt their computer hard drives. Some have noted that it is a form of self-incrimination, and thus cannot be required, but others have ruled the other way. Not surprisingly, the Justice Department thinks there’s no Constitutional issue and that judges should regularly require decryption.

Where were you?

When Falcone left us, I was in my car and I heard about his death on the radio. I even remember which twist on the hillside I was going round. When Borsellino died, I was in France and while I was queueing to buy a baguette, a lady said to me in French „They’ve killed another judge in Italy“.

Kiwis Want To Spy On All Communications, VPNs, And Be Able To Use Secret Evidence Against You

Although New Zealand’s decision not to allow patents for programs „as such“ was welcome, other moves there have been more problematic. For example, after it became clear that the New Zealand intelligence service, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), illegally wiretapped and spied on Kim Dotcom, the New Zealand government announced that it would change the law so as to make it legal in the future to snoop on New Zealanders as well as on foreigners.

False Flag-O-Meter reaches the red zone: Why a government-orchestrated distraction event is highly likely to occur in the next 7 days

Just so you understand real history here, false flags are the primary way governments affect sweeping policy changes. They are acts of political theater played out for the purpose of causing enough real mayhem and carnage — and blaming the right culprits — so that the public will demand government action. This plays right into the hands of government which incessantly wants to concentrate power and destroy civil liberties. Every crisis that unfolds allows it to move one step closer to its goal of dictatorial police state control.

Hackers, Makers, and Tinkerers: Here’s How TPP Would Hurt You

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a sprawling international agreement currently being negotiated in secret meetings between government and industry representatives around the world — claims to be focused on the kind of trade regulations that affect countries and huge corporations. But in fact, many of its provisions would have profound chilling effects on hackers, makers, and tinkerers.

CISPA Explainer #4: Is There Anything Besides Information-Sharing Hidden in CISPA?

We’ve written extensively about CISPA over the last year, but since the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is set to mark the bill up next week, and the full House to vote on it the week after that, we’re dissecting its shortcomings. Information sharing isn’t offensive per se; it’s really a question of what can be shared, with whom, and what can they do with it. Previously, we’ve discussed what information can be shared, with whom it can be shared with, and what corporations and government agencies can do with it after it’s shared. Today we discuss if there’s anything else in CISPA that you have to worry about.

#Goldman Sachs has 73 offices worldwide

Hey all you wild spirits out there, Here is how the Global Spring begins: A few lone wolves among us start pasting posters in and around Goldman Sachs HQ at 200 West Street, Manhattan, New York. Groups of two or three turn up and hand out leaflets at their branch office at Maria de Molina 6-5a, Madrid, Spain. People start gathering and having fun outside Goldman’s offices in 50 cities…

Melanie Warner: Where Do Vitamins Added To Processed Foods Come From? The Answer May Surprise You

Vitamin D, for instance, was probably the most shocking. It comes from sheep grease, so actually the grease that comes from sheep wool. You have giant barges and container ships that go from Australia and New Zealand over to China, where most of—a lot of our vitamins are produced. About 50 percent of global vitamin production comes from China inside these huge factories, very industrial processes.

Dear Bill Kristol: More People Than You Thought Are Vulgar, Disgusting and Far-Left

(05.01.) I just sent this to Bill Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard magazine and one of the most influential advocates of our invasion of Iraq. He posted something this morning about my post where I found an old quote from Chuck Hagel about how the Iraq War is all about the oil. I’ll let you know when Bill gets back to me. (If you don’t know much about Bill, you can find a good introduction here about his pre-war debate with Daniel Ellsberg.)

Six Years Ago, Chuck Hagel Told the Truth About Iraq

Here’s what he said: „People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are. They talk about America’s national interest. What the hell do you think they’re talking about? We’re not there for figs.“ Whew! Wouldn’t it put a spring in your step to read the news each morning and see Hagel’s name?

Five Things You Should Know Before Smoking Pot In Washington State

Washington state’s law to legalize and regulate marijuana goes into effect today. While dispensaries won’t be licensed to sell for at least another year, today marks the first day when possession of an ounce or less of marijuana becomes legal for those 21 and older – under state law, that is. Here are five things you should know as the state begins implementation of the law.

Here We Go Again: Latest Draft Of White House Cybersecurity ‚Executive Order‘ Is Leaked

Back in September, we posted a leaked version of a draft for a cybersecurity executive order that the White House had been passing around, mainly to try to force Congress into passing a cybersecurity law. With the last ditch attempt by Senator Harry Reid to move that process forward failing, it took exactly a week for the White House to revise its draft exec order, and start passing it around on November 21st. And, today, that new draft leaked as well. You can see the full draft here or embedded below.

Yes, the FBI and CIA can read your email. Here’s how

Petraeus set up a private account under a pseudonym and composed email messages but never sent them. Instead, they were saved in draft. His lover, Paula Broadwell, would log in under the same account, read the email and reply, all without sending anything. The traffic would not be sent across the networks through Google’s data centers, making it nigh on impossible for the National Security Agency or any other electronic signals eavesdropping agency (such as Britain’s elusive GCHQ) to ‚read‘ the traffic while it is in transit.

Let’s face facts: Ottawa’s new mask ban goes too far

Critics of the bill say it might hinder people’s right to protest anonymously. If you’re at a politically sensitive demonstration, there is good reason you might not want your spouse, your mom or your employer (let’s say it’s a major newspaper that sounds like Groan and Wail) to know you’re there. Not everyone who wants to protect their identity is a rock-throwing anarchist.

NYPD Cops Brutally Attack Jewish Homeless Man In Synagogue

The ALIYA Center is a synagogue and outreach center for troubled youth, according to The man, who has been identified as Ehud Halevi, had reportedly been staying there for roughly a month without any problems. Though it was later confirmed that he had full permission to be there, a security guard was apparently shocked to find a shirtless man– who he suspected was drunk– sleeping in the center.

Why You Should Be Worried About The ITU’s Bizarre Claim To Have A Mandate Over Internet Security

We just recently wrote about how the UN’s ITU (International Telecommunications Union) has been seeking to massively expand its mandate to take over international governance issues related to the internet, based on no real mandate other than one of its own making. Because of this, there are reasonable fears that it will end up creating dangerous rules that favor the incumbent telcos (often closely associated with certain governments) over what’s actually best for the internet.

Where Are The Post-WikiLeaks Digital Whistleblowers?

WikiLeaks was just the beginning. Whatever you might think of Assange, it was the game-changer and it spawned a multitude of clones. Expectations about the potential of digital whistleblowing were sky high. A bevy of decentralised organisations, many of them stateless and thus hard to act against in a technical or legal capacity, would spring up. These organisations were of the Internet and thus able to bypass and route around the efforts of censoring governments and corporations. And sure enough, a slew of WikiLeaks clones followed, many of them in more specialised markets: BalkanLeaks, Enviroleaks, MagyarLeaks. Mainstream media outlets — who had sometimes turned their noses up at Assange’s methods — tried their hands at building their own dropboxes for anonymous leakers.

Are your politicians for sale?

The U.S. government has given itself unchallenged power to shut down or block access to websites, and search engines with virtually no oversight. The failed SOPA bill attempted to limit the online freedoms of individuals and small business ventures while protecting the interests of the Motion Picture Association of America, U.S. politicians and major advertisers. Even without SOPA, the U.S. Government is making a major push to enforce its laws abroad with complete disregard for sovereignty of other nations in order to extradite so-called „criminals“ to the US where they will be tried for their „crimes“ in American court.

.@Youtube & @GoogleDE : Allow third party recording tools for YouTube #FreedomOnYoutube

I hereby ask Google to break their silence and participate in an open and fair discussion with the intention to find a solution that suits the needs of the users. I am also asking Ilse Aigner – the German minister of consumer protection – to arrange a meeting with Google where she will represent all Germans and their right to take a private copy. This petition is also directed towards Neelie Kroes who is responsible for the Digital Agenda at the European Comission: I am asking her to make sure that european consumers continue to have the same rights in Online-Broadcasting they have in Offline-Broadcasting.

US Gov’t Thinks Censorship Is Bad, Unless It’s Paid For

Person: Hey, there are child porn sites everywhere! Government: We are working on it. Person: Hey, there’s these pro-anorexia sites telling young girls to starve themselves! Government: W/e. (editor’s note for the old people: this means „whatever“) Person: Hey, registered hate groups like the KKK have websites! Government: Well we can’t stop them. Person: I downloaded a movie from ThePirateBay. Government: PIRATED MOVIES HARMING NOBODY? Time to censor the Internet!

Give the Government your opinion!

The parties have failed. In the face of the abyss they have called in the technicians. The technicians in turn have failed. In the face of the possibility of being pursued, together with the politicians, by citizens armed with pitch forks, they called in the super-technicians. The super-technicians tested the situation, even because there’s no one left to call in.

Free Your (Eco)Mind

The view that our species is basically brutal defies the evidence: „There is a very tiny handful of incidences of conflict and possible warfare before 10,000 years ago,“ says archaeologist Jonathan Haas of the Field Museum in Chicago, „and those are very much the exception.“ Our species has a vastly longer experience evolving in close-knit communities, knowing our lives depended on one another. The result is at least six inherent traits we can foster, once we learn to navigate the world with the map of eco-mind. 1. Cooperation

Big brother may be watching you

The Otago University cyber warfare expert says that hypothetically speaking it would be easy for Chinese technology company Huawei – banned last year as a security risk from Australia’s national broadband project but still heavily involved here – to replace a piece of hardware with an embedded chip, giving it ground floor access to the nation’s new IT system. (…) He said the United States pulled a similar trick with the so-called Hagelin encryption machine, invented by Boris Hagelin in 1946 and sold to 130 duped countries through Swiss company Crypto AG. US, Swiss and German media reports in the 1990s said the US National Security Agency and German intelligence used a decryption device hidden in the code to read secret Libyan and Iranian messages in the 1980s.

What happens when naive American youth try to `save` Africa

So now there’s a real possibility that American drones will extend their reach from the Horn of Africa to Central Africa, thanks to a bunch of ill-informed American do-gooders who wanted to save Africans. As Russell nurses himself back to mental health, he must ponder the consequences of his irresponsible and self-centred response to a complex African conflict.

Calley Vs Manning: Which Army `Criminal` Would You Convict?

…As a final note, we released a few hours ago, the fact that Bradley Manning trails by only 400 votes for Global Exchange’s „People’s Choice“ 2012 Human Rights Award. Voting continues until Monday, 5:00 p.m. Pacific / 8:00 p.m. Eastern. You can log in with Facebook or register on the site to vote. Please vote here

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

The spring air in the small, sand-dusted town has a soft haze to it, and clumps of green-gray sagebrush rustle in the breeze. Bluffdale sits in a bowl-shaped valley in the shadow of Utah’s Wasatch Range to the east and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west. It’s the heart of Mormon country, where religious pioneers first arrived more than 160 years ago. They came to escape the rest of the world, to understand the mysterious words sent down from their god as revealed on buried golden plates, and to practice what has become known as “the principle,” marriage to multiple wives.

Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs – By Greg Smith

I hope this can be a wake-up call to the board of directors. Make the client the focal point of your business again. Without clients you will not make money. In fact, you will not exist. Weed out the morally bankrupt people, no matter how much money they make for the firm. And get the culture right again, so people want to work here for the right reasons. People who care only about making money will not sustain this firm — or the trust of its clients — for very much longer.

Goodbye, First Amendment: `Trespass Bill` will make protest illegal

Just when you thought the government couldn’t ruin the First Amendment any further: The House of Representatives approved a bill on Monday that outlaws protests in instances where some government officials are nearby, whether or not you even know it. The US House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of H.R. 347 late Monday, a bill which is being dubbed the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011

Ynet special: Yair Lapid explains why he decided to quit lucrative job, go into politics

Hence, I had to ask myself whether I can come up with two or three words that can define my political direction. Surprisingly, the answer is „yes.“ I have three words, but I’m uttering them here only on condition that you promise to keep in mind that the discussion does not end with them, but rather, this is where it starts. As opposed to the demands voiced by my fellow politicians, this is not the bottom line of my political doctrine, but rather, the top line. These are the words that in my view should open the debate on the direction the State of Israel is going in. These three words are: Where’s the money?

Call To Tell Your Representative To Oppose Censorship Bill!

The Stop Online Piracy Act would ruin so much of what’s best about the Internet: It will give the government and corporations new powers to block Americans‘ access to sites that are accused of copyright infringement, force sites like YouTube to go to new lengths to police users‘ contributions, and put people in prison for streaming certain content online. To learn more about SOPA, please click here. Just fill out the form below to call your representative and urge him or her to oppose Internet censorship.

Lest you forget

There is a general feel of malaise and melancholy affecting jan25 protesters, for they feel as if they have accomplished nothing: that the SCAF has halted the revolution and ended it, and it was all for naught. Now this kind of talk infuriates me, not because of its self-pitying whiney nature from otherwise strong people, but because it’s categorically not true.

Gingrich: ‚Super committee‘ must go

„We’ve gotten into this cycle where small groups of elites get together, argue with each other in secret, tell us occasional press reports of their version of the arguments, and at the last minute come up with a proposal that says ‚We’re either going to cut off your right leg, or shoot you in the head. Which would you prefer?’“ Gingrich said. „And we call that government.“

Attorney General Eric Holder Announces Results of International Child Pornography Investigation at Operation Delego Press Conference

We are here to announce the results, to date, of Operation Delego – a critical, and ongoing, investigation that was launched in December of 2009. This operation targeted hundreds of individuals, in countries around the world, for their alleged participation in “Dreamboard” – a private, members-only online bulletin board that was created and operated to promote pedophilia, and to encourage the sexual abuse of very young children. Utilizing sophisticated techniques in an attempt to avoid law enforcement detection, Dreamboard’s members allegedly traded graphic images and videos of adults molesting young children – often violently; and created a massive private library of images of child sexual abuse.

10+ sieverts per hour means there is direct exposure to fuel rods: Australia’s former top radiation official

Peter Burns, former chief executive officer of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency * “The levels reported of 10 sieverts per hour are very high levels and it’s going to be very difficult to manage workers going into those areas and doing operations.” * “10 sieverts is actually a lethal dose of radiation. So you can’t afford to be exposed for more than a few minutes at those levels.” * “It means you’re directly exposed to fuel rods in the reactors or the spent fuel ponds very closely and while it’s possible to get to those levels it means there is very little shielding going on there.”

Show Your Support For Aaron

James Jacobs, the Government Documents Librarian at Stanford University — where Aaron did undergraduate work — denounced the arrest: „Aaron’s prosecution undermines academic inquiry and democratic principles,“ Jacobs said. „It’s incredible that the government would try to lock someone up for allegedly looking up articles at a library.“ Please demonstrate your support for Aaron by signing onto this statement: PETiTION OF SUPPORT FOR AARON SWARTZ: We stand with Aaron Swartz and his lifetime of work on ethics in government and academics.

America for Sale: Is Goldman Sachs Buying Your City?

In Chicago, it’s the sale of parking meters to the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi. In Indiana, it’s the sale of the northern toll road to a Spanish and Australian joint venture. In Wisconsin it’s public health and food programs, in California it’s libraries. It’s water treatment plants, schools, toll roads, airports, and power plants. It’s Amtrak. There are revolving doors of corrupt politicians, big banks, and rating agencies. There are conflicts of interest. It’s bipartisan.

Going Rogue: NATO War Crimes in Libya

It’s a story CNN won’t report. Late at night there’s a pounding on the door in Misurata. Armed soldiers force young Libyan women out of their beds at gun-point. Hustling the women and teenagers into trucks, the soldiers rush the women to gang bang parties for NATO rebels or else rape them in front of their husbands or fathers. When NATO rebels finish their rape sport, the soldiers cut the women’s throats.

“The Devaluation Against Gold Is The Inflation“

Here is an exclusive interview with James G. Rickards, a leading practitioner in the realm of capital markets, national security and geopolitics, on inter alia “quantative easing as a success,“ the currency wars of the past and the present, and the question why you are fighting every central bank in the world in case you own gold.

Spain youth protests grow ahead of elections

PROTESTERS WILL STAY „We are not going to budge from here,“ said a 44-year-old unemployed man who declined to give his name. He was among hundreds who have camped out all week at Puerta del Sol. „Our next move is to spread this to the rest of Europe.“

Multi LIVE Protests USA 6/8/2020

Multiple first person LIVE streams at ground level of the USA protests DISCLAIMER: These streams are gathered and compiled purely for historic documentation and educational purposes only! The world should see what is going on here in America. Here you go! Houston, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, Santa Monica,

The NSA´s Technotyranny: One Nation Under Surveillance

You might know this branch of government as Surveillance, but I prefer “technotyranny,” a term coined by investigative journalist James Bamford to refer to an age of technological tyranny made possible by government secrets, government lies, government spies and their corporate ties. Beware of what you say, what you read, what you write, where you go, and with whom you communicate, because it will all be recorded, stored and used against you eventually, at a time and place of the government’s choosing. Privacy, as we have known it, is dead.

Drug Raid at 4 AM Songtext

(police scanner) „I’ve got him at gun point.“ (man) „This is your brain on drugs.“ (man #2) „Get back! Get up, you!“ (man #3) „Welcome to the glamorous world of drugs.“ (man #4) „Dr-drugs make me cool! Drugs make me cool! Drugs make me cool!“ (man #4) „Police!“ (Biafra yelling) Stay right where you are! Get out of that bed and get down on the floor! I don’t care if you’re nude, get down on the cement! I don’t care if it’s freezing! Where’s the drugs?! We know you’ve got some drugs! Shut up, man! Make him shut up, man! Stay right where you are! Where’s the drugs?! We know you got some drugs! Where you got ‚em?! Where you got ‚em?! Just say you did it, man! We know you did it! (sung) Sheets off Flashlight in your eyes FREEZE! Guns in your gut Strip down Body search Cough up Or stomach pump To fight the war on drugs You must give up your rights You blink, you die I hate you more than my job CHORUS Drug raid at 4 a.m. Random neighborhood sweeps Copters break up house parties Zero tolerance for pot Easier to get hard stuff Costs over 3 times more To keep an addict in jail Than to treat those trying to quit But no drug war funds for clinics NO! Stop! Please! NO! CHORUS (Biafria yelling) Hey, your name isn’t on the lease! Where are you supposed to live?! What is this, NWA?! Turn that off! Smash that stereo! Drugs could be inside the speaker! Smash the speakers! Smash that TV! Start cutting open their furniture! (sung) Random neighborhood sweeps Copters break up house parties Zero tolerance for pot Easier to get hard stuff Costs over 3 times more To keep an addict in jail Than to treat those trying to quit But no drug war funds for clinics NO! Stop! Please! NO! CHORUS (Biafra yelling) Hey, what’s this wad of bills doing here?! Why are you keeping so much cash around?! Huh, huh, huh, huh?! Well, your kids use drugs, same difference! We’ll have you all out of here! You’re all going to wind up out on the street! Say one word and we’re gonna get you! Do you fuckin‘ know that?! Do you know that?! I’ll bet you (?) Whoops! Sorry! Wrong house.

Driverless Cars Are Giant Data Collection Devices, Say Privacy Experts

There’s a lot of questions when it comes to how to regulate driverless cars—Can you “operate” one if you’re drunk? What if you’re blind? When should a person have to take over? Who is at fault if one crashes? But then there’s one that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, especially because the technology itself is still developing—what happens when a company knows everything about where you go?

The World at 78 RPM

Quotes from Podcast «Let’s face it, there is a narcissistic element to blogging, maybe not narcissistic but egotistic. You are posting things online where you are saying ‘hey I have this, it’s really rare and you don’t’ (…) I have the collector bug too. But I also try to counter that by actually doing some real research on this material and not just saying ‘hey it is a rare record, here you go.’» (Jonathan Ward, 2013)

Free Assange Human Chain Oct 8 – Surround UK Parliament on October 8th.

We need your help to be part of this huge protest in support of Julian Assange and a free press. Please do sign up to pledge that you’ll be at Parliament to be part of the chain of support that will go from the front of parliament over Westminster bridge, along the south bank of the Thames and back over Lambeth bridge. Please be a link in the solidarity chain. Sign up here:

Railroad workers are being ground to dust. Who will help them?

(May 5, 2022) Jeff Kurtz: Okay, thank you, Max. I’d like the viewers to imagine that their life is a scorecard, because that’s exactly what these workers are facing. They start off with a score of 30 points that they can never exceed that 30 points. They will get four points allocated back to their score. Say they get down to 20 points. If they work 14 days in a row, they will get four points allocated back to their score. But the points that you can lose are really dramatic. So, I mean, you could lose points for an incident. You could lose 15 points for an incident. There are specific incidents. If you don’t show up for work for whatever reason. We had a gentleman that was in a car wreck, and it wasn’t his fault. He was about a mile from his terminal and his car was totaled. And the supervisor that came out there told him, she said, you’re not going to work. She said, you could be hurt, and we don’t know it. So they, what we call marked this guy off. They marked him off the job. Well, he initially was saddled with a 15 point deduction for not showing up to work. And eventually, I think that the local supervisor protested this, so they only docked him three points. But this is exactly what’s going on. I heard of a case where a worker, his mother died while he was en route, and the railroad pulled him off the train, and then they tried to dock him points for it. And the stories just go on and on and on. And Max, what you alluded to as far as things getting worse when people aren’t watching, that’s exactly what’s happening.

The Magic Number Aaron Judge, Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid Are All Chasing

A few days removed from the hysteria of an impending nuclear deal with Iran, the political-media ecosystem is now obsessing about splits and mergers. 
On the right, there was a split in the minuscule, spare-parts junkyard party Zionist Spirit (formerly Naftali Bennett’s political home when it was named Yamina). If you read the verbose stories with their endless gossipy details about who exactly instigated the dissolution, you’d think this was on the scale of the Southern secession in 1861 or the divisions of Germany and Korea in 1945. Of the 9.5 million Israelis, it is hard to imagine anyone – other than the immediate families of those involved, plus maybe another 500 politicians and journalists – caring about this split.

Empowering Sage scientists over Covid lockdown left us ‘screwed’, claims Sunak

The meetings were “literally me around that table, just fighting”, which “was incredibly uncomfortable every single time”. At one meeting he raised the impact on children’s education: “I was very emotional about it. I was like, ‘Forget about the economy. Surely we can all agree that kids not being in school is a major nightmare’, or something like that. “There was a big silence afterwards. It was the first time someone had said it. I was so furious.” Setting out the problems he found with Government policy being influenced by outside academics, he said: “If you empower all these independent people, you’re screwed.”

Pegasus Spyware Maker NSO Has 22 Clients in the European Union. And It’s Not Alone

European lawmaker Sophie in ‘t Veld, who is a member of the Pegasus inquiry committee, told Haaretz: “If just one company has 14 member states for customers, you can imagine how big the sector is overall. There seems to be a huge market for commercial spyware, and EU governments are very eager buyers. But they are very quiet about it, keeping it from the public eye.” (…) “We know spyware is being developed in several EU countries. Not least Italy, Germany and France,” in ‘t Veld said. “Even if they use it for legitimate purposes, they have no appetite for more transparency, oversight and safeguards. Secret services have got their own universe, where normal laws don’t apply. To an extent, that has always been the case, but in the digital era they have become all-powerful, and practically invisible and totally elusive.”

Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals

The biggest fear was that Iran would provoke Trump, and, using an array of diplomatic and military channels, American officials warned the Iranians not to exploit the volatile domestic situation in the U.S. “There was a distinct concern that Iran would take advantage of this to strike at us in some way,” Adam Smith, the House Armed Services chairman, recalled. Among those pushing the President to hit Iran before Biden’s Inauguration, Milley believed, was the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. On December 18th, the same day that Trump met with Flynn to discuss instituting martial law, Milley met with Netanyahu at his home in Jerusalem to personally urge him to back off with Trump. “If you do this, you’re gonna have a fucking war,” Milley told him.

Do The Orders Still Stand?

(Monday, September 12, 2011) Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta was in the Presidential Emergency Operation Center with Vice President Cheney as Flight 77 approaced Washington, D.C. This plane was unidentified and flying in restricted airspace for over 45 mintues since the second tower was attacked and it was not intercepted by the Airforce. In fact, two fighters were launched but were sent out over the Atlantic searching for Russians. On May 23, 2003 in front of the 9/11 Commission, Secretary Mineta testified: „During the time that the airplane was coming in to the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, „The plane is 50 miles out.“ „The plane is 30 miles out.“ And when it got down to „the plane is 10 miles out,“ the young man also said to the Vice President, „Do the orders still stand?“ And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, „Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?“ Watch Mineta’s Testimony To The 9/11 Commmission on CSPAN:

Jerusalem Day: Israelis let their hair down about coexistence

Motti, in his mid-40s, wearing shorts and bare-headed, puts down his phone and looks up. “Yes, you have that right. You know, I think that the police would come after me if they knew what I was thinking. They are a virus and they need to be rounded up and put in extermination camps. There’s no way that we’re going to be able to live together. It’s us or them.”

Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO

(May 4, 2022) Please take seriously the severity of this existential threat to everything free people hold dear. Do everything in your power to pass this report on to others and to find ways to communicate with and to influence people to stop empowering WHO to take over our national sovereignty and freedom. On May 22-28, 2022, ultimate control over America’s healthcare system, and hence its national sovereignty, will be delivered for a vote to the World Health Organization’s governing legislative body, the World Health Assembly (WHA). This threat is contained in new amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations, proposed by the Biden administration, that are scheduled as “Provisional agenda item 16.2” at the upcoming conference on May 22-28, 2022.1 These amendments will empower WHO’s Director-General to declare health emergencies or crises in any nation and to do so unilaterally and against the opposition of the target nation. The Director-General will be able to declare these health crises based merely on his personal opinion or consideration that there is a potential or possible threat to other nations.

People’s Party Blocks Liberal Takeover Attempt

(23.02.2022) Other members of the board and I were told that any attempt to intervene in the hijacking of the party’s message and purpose, including holding a party-wide vote on vaccine mandates, would be construed as “retaliation” against the accuser, in further acts of collusion between her and those on the board. When the hostile members of the board and contractors realized that the investigation was not going their way, they encouraged the accuser to escalate her claims. The accuser’s original complaint had not even used the words “sexual harassment,” but they told her to allege rape. This shocked the investigative committee, and one of the members later told me, “Every time I spoke with her, I got a different story. Every time I spoke with you, I heard the same thing.” Another member of the investigative committee put together a list of dozens of inconsistencies between her own accounts. The original investigation was supposed to last about a week, but because it had not arrived at the predetermined conclusion sought by the hostile board members, they prolonged it week after week for two months, pressuring committee members to alter their conclusions, attempting to censor and expel committee members who objected to the political motives behind the allegations, fabricating new charges of “retaliation” for supporting a party-wide vote on vaccine mandates, and most seriously, engaging in a sustained campaign to replace the legal board of the organization with a partial one that subtracted Rodrigo and me, an attempt that our General Council affirmed was illegal. Had there been any actual evidence, the investigation would have concluded quickly. Because there was none, they resorted to manufacturing the new charges, further revealing their political motives. But the more her allegations fell apart, the more brazen the hostile faction on the board became. They abandoned their responsibilities in other areas of the party, including organizing, tech, and finance, and focused obsessively on attempting to remove me. Meanwhile, they were also trying to enact their liberal agenda on the National Organizing Committee. They inserted a provision into the draft charter of the People’s National Committee which would have allowed registered Democrats to control every seat on about forty People’s Party state committees and a supermajority on our national committee, effectively inviting Democratic Party infiltrators. When populist delegates overwhelmingly struck down their provision, they were furious.

Whatever outcome about Ukraine’s EU membership, Ukraine has very long path to recovery – von der Leyen

„This is an unusual path that Ukraine is going. Ukraine has whatever the outcome is a long period, an intensive period of reconstruction ahead of it because Russia brutally destroys infrastructure, livelihoods and cities. And therefore in this process we want to reach out to really work with you to reform, to build up, to reconstruct, and this will determine in a positive way the path towards the European Union,“ von der Leyen said at a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Friday.

One thing Microsoft didn’t discuss: Windows 11 privacy

(25 Jun 2021 ) In Microsoft’s Windows 11 blog post, the word „privacy“ doesn’t appear once in the copy, which doesn’t exactly bode well for its messaging. Windows 11 will force users to use a Microsoft Account in its free Home Edition, which already speaks of a business model where your data is the monetization engine. Even if you’re using the world’s best VPN, it’s not exactly going to protect your data from going directly to Microsoft if you’re signed in.

Seymour Hersh: “We’ve Been Taken Over by a Cult”

(26.01.2005) „There’s a lot of anxiety inside the — you know, our professional military and our intelligence people. Many of them respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as much as anybody here, and individual freedom. So, they do — there’s a tremendous sense of fear. These are punitive people. One of the ways — one of the things that you could say is, the amazing thing is we are been taken over basically by a cult, eight or nine neo-conservatives have somehow grabbed the government. Just how and why and how they did it so efficiently, will have to wait for much later historians and better documentation than we have now, but they managed to overcome the bureaucracy and the Congress, and the press, with the greatest of ease. It does say something about how fragile our Democracy is. „

PM statement at Ukraine press conference: 1 February 2022

But we have to face a grim reality which is that as we stand here today Volodmyr, more than 100,000 Russian troops are gathering on your border in perhaps the biggest demonstration of hostility towards Ukraine in our lifetimes. And the potential deployment dwarves the 30,000 troops Russia sent to invade Crimea in 2014. Since that time of course, as everybody knows, more than 13,000 Ukrainians have been killed and Ukraine has been plunged into nearly a decade of war. It goes without saying that a further Russian invasion of Ukraine would be a political disaster, a humanitarian disaster, in my view would also be, for Russia, for the world, a military disaster as well. And the potential invasion completely flies in the face of President Putin’s claims to be acting in the interest of the Ukrainian people.

It has long been believed that IP addresses and Cookies are the only reliable digital fingerprints used to track people online. But after a while, things got out of hand when modern web technologies allowed interested organizations to use new ways to identify and track users without their knowledge and with no way to avoid it. BrowserLeaks is all about browsing privacy and web browser fingerprinting. Here you will find a gallery of web technologies security testing tools that will show you what kind of personal identity data can be leaked, and how to protect yourself from this.

It has long been believed that IP addresses and Cookies are the only reliable digital fingerprints used to track people online. But after a while, things got out of hand when modern web technologies allowed interested organizations to use new ways to identify and track users without their knowledge and with no way to avoid it. BrowserLeaks is all about browsing privacy and web browser fingerprinting. Here you will find a gallery of web technologies security testing tools that will show you what kind of personal identity data can be leaked, and how to protect yourself from this.

Glenn Releases Statement on Northam-McAuliffe Mask Mandate for Kids

August 12, 2021 FALLS CHURCH, VA- Today, political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin issued the following statement on the Virginia Department of Health’s statewide mask mandate for K-12 schools: „With today’s student mask mandate announcement, Ralph Northam, Terry McAuliffe and Richmond liberals have made clear that they will stop at nothing to impose their will and take away parents‘ ability to decide what’s best for our kids. Make no mistake about it, this mask mandate is the first step towards returning to a full shutdown of our economy. „We must respect parents’ right to decide what is best for their own children. If parents, teachers, and children want to wear a mask, they absolutely should do that, but there should not be a statewide school mask mandate.“ In addition to his opposition to statewide school mask mandates, Youngkin has repeatedly expressed his objection to vaccine passports and vaccine mandates

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11 Commission _ Trans. Sec Norman Mineta

(02.05.2010) Mineta’s Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) testimony was also edited out of the 9/11 Commission video archive. When questioned about this, representatives at the National Archive stated that the video may have been lost because of a ’snafu‘. Following is a brief summary of the scrubbed video along with links to recently obtained C-SPAN video. Mineta responds to an opening question by Commissioner Hamilton about the events in the PEOC and an alleged shoot down order. He describes a conversation between Cheney and a young man: Mineta: „During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out….and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president „do the orders still stand?“ And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said „Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??“

The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics

If you were surprised to see the ACLU heralding the civil liberties imperatives of „vaccine mandates” and „vaccine requirements” — whereby the government coerces adults to inject medicine into their own bodies that they do not want — the New York Times op-ed which the group promoted, written by two of its senior lawyers, was even more extreme. The article begins with this rhetorical question: “Do vaccine mandates violate civil liberties?” Noting that „some who have refused vaccination claim as much,” the ACLU lawyers say: “we disagree.” The op-ed then examines various civil liberties objections to mandates and state coercion — little things like, you know, bodily autonomy and freedom to choose — and the ACLU officials then invoke one authoritarian cliche after the next (“these rights are not absolute“) to sweep aside such civil liberties concerns:

Bob Dylan – Masters of War (Audio)

Come you masters of war You that build the big guns You that build the death planes You that build all the bombs You that hide behind walls You that hide behind desks I just want you to know I can see through your masks You that never done nothin‘ But build to destroy You play with my world Like it’s your little toy You put a gun in my hand And you hide from my eyes And you turn and run farther When the fast bullets fly Like Judas of old You lie and deceive A world war can be won You want me to believe But I see through your eyes And I see through your brain Like I see through the water That runs down my drain You fasten all the triggers For the others to fire Then you sit back and watch When the death count gets higher You hide in your mansion While the young people’s blood Flows out of their bodies And is buried in the mud You’ve thrown the worst fear That can ever be hurled Fear to bring children Into the world For threatening my baby Unborn and unnamed You ain’t worth the blood That runs in your veins How much do I know To talk out of turn You might say that I’m young You might say I’m unlearned But there’s one thing I know Though I’m younger than you That even Jesus would never Forgive what you do Let me ask you one question Is your money that good? Will it buy you forgiveness Do you think that it could? I think you will find When your death takes its toll All the money you made Will never buy back your soul And I hope that you die And your death will come soon I’ll follow your casket By the pale afternoon And I’ll watch while you’re lowered Down to your deathbed And I’ll stand over your grave ‚Til I’m sure that you’re dead

Remarks by President Biden on the Terror Attack at Hamid Karzai International Airport

Q And you said that you still — a few days ago, you said you squarely stand by your decision to pull out. THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I do. Because look at it this way, folks — and I’m going to — I have another meeting, for real. But imagine where we’d be if I had indicated, on May the 1st, I was not going to renegotiate an evacuation date; we were going to stay there. I’d have only one alternative: Pour thousands of more troops back into Afghanistan to fight a war that we had already won, relative — is why the reason we went in the first place. I have never been of the view that we should be sacrificing American lives to try to establish a democratic government in Afghanistan — a country that has never once in its entire history been a united country, and is made up — and I don’t mean this in a derogatory — made up of different tribes who have never, ever, ever gotten along with one another. And so, as I said before — and this is the last comment I’ll make, but we’ll have more chance to talk about this, unfortunately, beyond, because we’re not out yet — if Osama bin Laden, as well as al Qaeda, had chosen to launch an attack — when they left Saudi Arabia — out of Yemen, would we have ever gone to Afghanistan? Even though the Taliban completely controlled Afghanistan at the time, would we have ever gone? I know it’s not fair to ask you questions. It’s rhetorical. But raise your hand if you think we should have gone and given up thousands of lives and tens of thousands of wounded. Our interest in going was to prevent al Qaeda from reemerging — first to get bin Laden, wipe out al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and prevent that from happening again. As I’ve said 100 times: Terrorism has metastasized around the world; we have greater threats coming out of other countries a heck of a lot closer to the United States. We don’t have military encampments there; we don’t keep people there. We have over-the-horizon capability to keep them from going after us. Ladies and gentlemen, it was time to end a 20-year war.

Remarks by President Biden on Evacuations in Afghanistan

Now, Justin Sink of Bloomberg. Q Thank you, Mr. President. You just said that you would keep a laser-focus on counterterrorism efforts and that you don’t see as great of a threat of terrorism from Afghanistan as other parts of the world. But if you and your administration so badly misassessed how quickly the Taliban would sweep through Afghanistan and we no longer have an embassy there from which to run intelligence operations, how can you at all be confident of your assessment of the risk of terrorism and the ability of the U.S. to conduct over-the-horizon missions to keep it in check? Can you tell Americans that they’re safe and will remain safe from terror attacks in Afghanistan? THE PRESIDENT: I think you’re comparing apples and oranges. One question was whether or not the Afghan forces we trained up would stay and fight in their own civil war they had going on. No one — I shouldn’t say “no one” — the consensus was that it was highly unlikely that in 11 days they’d collapse and fall, and the leader of Afghanistan would flee the country.

Pegasus project turns spotlight on spyware firm NSO’s ties to Israeli state

NSO Group had been given explicit permission by the Israeli government to try to sell the homegrown hacking tools to the Saudis. It was a classified arrangement and resulted in the sale later being sealed in Riyadh in a deal reportedly worth at least $55m. “In Israel there is a strong political movement to make diplomacy through business,” said the person, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Business first, diplomacy later. When you make a deal together, it opens a lot of doors to diplomacy.”

No10 refuses to rule out making people prove they are double-jabbed to get into PUBS as Tories vow to fight PM’s ‚disgusting‘ restriction on entry to nightclubs – but warn any Commons revolt will be ‚pointless‘ unless Labour opposes the move

Another senior lockdown-sceptic told MailOnline there are ‚likely‘ to be enough Tory rebels. But they stressed a revolt would be ‚pointless‘ unless Labour lines up against the measures. ‚It’s all about Keir Starmer… unless Labour go through the division lobbies in opposition it will happen,‘ the MP said. The MP said the PM’s was using a ‚disgusting‘ tactic to pressure young people to get jabs. ‚I am profoundly disgusted that a Conservative government is manipulating the public like this… it is awful,‘ they said.

Covid passports ‚WILL be compulsory in pubs‘: Ministers ‚plan to force bars, clubs and restaurants to demand proof of two jabs or negative test from autumn‘ to help tackle fourth wave of the virus

The government had decided not to enforce Covid passports now because it would discriminate against younger people who have not been able to receive their second vaccination yet, The Times reported. There are also fears it could damage the economy with people being turned away from the struggling hospitality industry. But ministers believe that all over 18s will have been offered both doses by September and therefore vaccine passports can be enforced in venues where social distancing is not possible.

Reaction after U.S. House votes to terminate 2002 Authorization For Use Of Military Force

(21.06.2021) Now, Sen. Todd Young of Indiana is one of 11 GOP senators on Capitol Hill who support ending the 2002 AUMF. “We let our warfighters in the future know that the American people are with them every time there is a military engagement,” Young told MSNBC. “As opposed to leaving, as one of my colleagues characterized as, a zombie authorization on the book that may be used to engage in a war that was never authorized or intended by Congress.”

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Confused? No wonder… First: If you even just use the CIA-invented terms „conspiracy theorie / conspiracy theorists“ (document 1035-960) and therefore believe that Marinus Van Der Lubbe set the Reichstag Fire without acting for the Nazis and the then-acting minister of interior of Prussia, head of Gestapo and president of Reichstag Hermann Göring, but „on his own initiative“ as the then-usual lone not-lone wolf bolshvist, you are unfit for politics and democracy. Moreover, you are a danger to democracy, everyone else, including yourself, and to everything that´s good and beautiful in this world, including the world itself. Second: If you think of Auschwitz, Hiroshima, the Cold War, Mao Tse Tung´s marching into Beijing, the Vietnam War, the split of India into two hostile nuclear armed powers, and all the other sweet stuff noble men gave to humanity in the 20th century, think of then-unfit dangerous supersuckers who didn´t went on general strike in Germany in and before 1933, namely the then-german socialdemocrats, socialists, unionists, communists and their cadres in SPD, KPD and ADGB. Third: So, if you are an socialdemocrat, socialist, unionist, communist („left“ behind, somehow the „rest“), you are a danger to democracy, everyone else, including yourself, and to everything that´s good and beautiful in this world, including the world itself – until proven otherwise. That is what history tells us. Quad erat demonstrandum. Fourth: We are not progressives-(„leftists“-)hating. Neither we are self-hating progressives. We are progressives-hating progressives. Because we can´t stand you suckers, and your utter, utter gibberish and brainless moronism. Advice: Politics may not be the oldest business in the world, but the most dirty. And it´s made by humans, not by God, two Gods, more Gods, the universe, the orbit of one or more planets, nature, nation, some DNA, genes or whatever is on your mind anything else than your mind. Think of that. Think at all, homo. You are just a sapiens. Ok, you are human. Let´s be nice here. Equal rights. Not more, not less. It´s not called „Cogito ergo summa summarum“. Stay way from game theorists. As many years as you think back, think ahead. If you don´t, someone else will. Democracy is not about one team winning against the other. It´s not about being more / having the majority. Democracy is about making sure that there can be teams fighting each other, that there is always the next fight (election) without bloodshed and that the More cannot slander, slaughter or wipe out the Less and then say, come on man, why fighting, let´s unite! Democracy is about rules to be more than the More. And remember: the idiots will always be more. That is what they like about being More. This is what being More is all about. The world is effectively run by a few hundred individuals. The rest / left follows. And they don´t follow conspiracies, they follow hierarchies and their orders. And there is no such thing as order theory. Right, rightists? Knowledge is power, they say. We say,

Vaccine passports show the state is reaching too far into our lives

There are, though, some people who can’t take the vaccine or, like pregnant women, are advised against it. Banning these people from concerts and football matches would be divisive and discriminatory. As we plan for the peace, we should be vigilant in defence of liberty, where the state has reached too far into our lives, we should kick it out. No government in future should have the power to tell you whether you can see your children or grandchildren, nor should it be able to force you to publish your medical records as a condition for living a normal life.

5 Encrypted DNS Services to Use on iOS and macOS

Short for Domain Name System, DNS is commonly referred to as the “phone book” of the internet. It helps connect web browsers with web servers by translating addresses like into Here are five encrypted DNS services that I recommend. There are several different ways to use a DNS server. One is to manually go into network settings on each and configure the Wi-Fi. The second way is to download an app, and the third way is to go into your router settings and configure it there.