07.04.2018 - 09:18 [ Techdirt ]

DOJ Seizes And Shuts Down (Before SESTA Has Even Been Signed)

So we have a pretty big open question: if SESTA was supposedly necessary to take down Backpage — and yet now both of the key reasons many of us noted that Backpage probably wasn’t protected have been not just proven true, but resulted in Backpage being seized — why do we still need SESTA?

07.04.2018 - 09:18 [ Techdirt ]

Japanese Government Seeks To Circumvent Its Own Constitution To Censor ‚Pirate‘ Sites

The writers of the Japanese constitution clearly were concerned about government censorship and specifically prohibited it.

This has not stopped the government from trying to dip its toes in these waters, chiefly by pretending that copyright infringement is something that it isn’t.