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08.10.2020 - 22:45 [ Xinhuanet ]

Nigeria joins military exercise in Gulf of Guinea

He added that the Exercise Grand Africa Nemo 2020 is a yearly ritual that is organized by the French government in collaboration with the United States and European Union, among others.

08.10.2020 - 22:20 [ Stars and Stripes ]

US and Japanese forces will practice island amphibious landings together this month

U.S. Marines and Japan’s new amphibious brigade will practice amphibious landings on islands off the coast of Japan as part of drills this month involving 46,000 troops from both nations. The landings will take place during the Keen Sword exercise beginning Oct. 26, Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement Wednesday.

19.08.2020 - 09:55 [ Yonhap ]

U.S. bombers fly simultaneously near Korean Peninsula on eve of joint exercises with S. Korea

Meanwhile, the U.S. navy’s EP-3E spy plane was spotted in the skies over South Korea’s capital areas Wednesday, No Callsign, a civilian aviation tracker, tweeted.

14.06.2018 - 11:22 [ Arirang News / Youtube ]

Trump admin. expected to cancel August military drills with S. Korea: U.S. media

Citing officials from the administration,… multiple U.S. media reports say that the Pentagon will formally announce the cancellation in a press release on Thursday local time. South Korea’s defense ministry says the two sides are in close coordination on the issue.