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10.02.2019 - 21:45 [ ]

Russia to propose its own draft resolution on Venezuela to UN Security Council — source

Russia plans to submit to the UN Security Council (UNSC) its own draft resolution on resolving the Venezuelan crisis in response to US-proposed draft that envisages new elections. Copies of both documents were obtained by TASS.

10.02.2019 - 21:44 [ ]

U.S. to Press Maduro With New UN Resolution on Venezuela

The U.S. is seeking support for a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Venezuela’s government for blocking humanitarian aid from entering the country and calling on President Nicolas Maduro to hold new elections.

26.01.2019 - 16:18 [ Reuters ]

Russia fails to stop U.N. Security Council meeting on Venezuela

Only four of the 15 council members voted to stop the meeting, while nine voted to hold the meeting and two abstained. A minimum of nine votes was needed to win such a vote and China, Russia, the United States, Britain and France cannot wield their vetoes.

23.12.2018 - 02:49 [ United Nation ]

Security Council Grants Six-Month Mandate Renewal for United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, Adopting Resolution 2450 (2018)

Unanimously adopting resolution 2450 (2018), the 15‑member Council renewed UNDOF’s mandate until 30 June 2019, while stressing the obligation of the parties to scrupulously and fully respect the terms of the 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement. Calling upon them to immediately implement resolution 338 (1973) — which obliges them to cease all firing and terminate all military activity — Council members underlined that there should be no military activity by armed opposition groups in the area of separation, including by the Syrian Arab Armed Forces.

14.12.2018 - 02:57 [ Reuters ]

Russia, China abstain on U.N. Central Africa vote, unhappy with France

Earlier on Thursday the Trump administration unveiled its strategy for Africa, which national security adviser John Bolton said aimed to counter economic and political influence of China and Russia on the continent.

14.12.2018 - 02:49 [ Reuters ]

Russia, China abstain in U.N. vote on Syria cross-border aid

Russia and China on Thursday abstained from an annual United Nations Security Council vote to extend approval for cross-border humanitarian aid deliveries in Syria because Moscow said the four-year-old authorization was “divorced from reality.”

04.11.2018 - 14:01 [ Guardian ]

Israel planned for Lebanon war months in advance, PM says

(9. März 2007) After a final offensive in which Israel lost 33 soldiers, the government agreed a ceasefire without having achieved its objectives. In the fighting 1,200 Lebanese and 158 Israelis were killed. Of the dead almost 1,000 Lebanese and 41 Israelis were civilians.

Mr Olmert told the committee that he had ordered the final offensive to put pressure on the UN security council to improve the wording of the ceasefire in Israel’s favour.

21.10.2018 - 04:48 [ The News ]

Time to end Palestine tragedy: Pakistan tells UNSC

„As international efforts to bring an end to the suffering of the Palestinian people have faltered, the burning cauldron of anger and pervasive sense of injustice have inescapably sowed the seeds of animosity and violence in the entire region, fueling instability and intensifying insecurity across the Middle East,“ Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi told the UN Security Council on Friday.

19.10.2018 - 04:31 [ B'Tselem ]

Hagai El-Ad’s address at the United Nations Security Council, 18 Oct. 2018

The rules-based international order will not defend itself. And the successful fragmentation of Palestine is detrimental to both Palestinians and Israelis, as well as to international law and the values enshrined in it. It is the role of the UN Security Council – your delegations, seated in this chamber – to oversee precisely that. The stakes are high. The Security Council must take action. In fact, it has already decided to do so, even if in a very limited fashion. However, it is a matter of record that the Secretary General has so far had little to report to the Council on the implementation of Article 5 of Resolution 2334.

25.07.2018 - 12:25 [ Farsnews ]

Iran: Israel Root Cause of Crisis in Middle East

Al-e Habib said that the Israeli Knesset’s declaration is against the 1963 Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, according to which, “any doctrine of racial differentiation or superiority is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous.“

15.05.2018 - 09:59 [ Reuters ]

Two-thirds of U.N. Security Council upset by non-implementation of Mideast resolution

“The Security Council must stand behind its resolutions and ensure they have meaning; otherwise, we risk undermining the credibility of the international system,” wrote Bolivia, China, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, France, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Peru and Sweden in the letter seen by Reuters.

15.05.2018 - 02:29 [ Permanent Observer Mission of The State of Palestine to the United Nations New York ]

14 May 2018 – Israeli Killing of Palestinians and Rising Tensions in Palestine

First and foremost, however, we must urgently call on the Security Council to act now and make its voice heard to stop the carnage being perpetrated against our people, particularly now at this moment in the Gaza Strip. The Council must act on its responsibilities under the Charter to ensure respect by Israel, the occupying Power, including of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilians in Time of War in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem. This is an urgent matter and is central to preserving international rules, norms and moral standards in all cases and to saving innocent civilian lives and preventing the collapse of this situation so as to salvage whatever slim chances for a just peace may remain. For this, it is urgent and imperative that the Palestinian people under Israel’s occupation be protected in accordance with the provisions of international humanitarian law.

05.05.2018 - 14:05 [ ]

Germany Rejects Criticism of Bid for U.N. Seat Against Israel

(28.3.2018) Maas told reporters before his first United Nations visit as foreign minister that Germany’s candidacy had been announced long ago, and did not diminish its strong support for Israel.

“We are not running against anyone; we are running for a seat,” he said, following the criticism from Washington’s nominee as U.S. ambassador to Berlin and others. “That is a topic that one can deal with very normally.”

05.05.2018 - 14:02 [ ]

Germany’s Bid to Keep Israel off the UN Security Council

(18.3.2018) Why? Diplomats have been telling me Israel violates too many Security Council resolutions to be a member—as in the one passed during the last weeks of Barack Obama’s presidency, which marked Jewish holy sites as occupied Palestinian territory. But is building a porch in [the West Bank town of] Ma’ale Adumim really such a huge threat to world peace?

How about, then, a report released last week by UN experts on the Security Council’s North Korea sanctions? It found Germany violated a council ban on sparkling wines, exporting $151,840 worth of bubbly and other luxury goods to Kim Jong Un’s cronies.

28.04.2018 - 20:37 [ Daily Mail ]

Austria probes UN peacekeepers over Golan deaths

The Austria Press Agency quoted a spokesman for the United Nations as calling the video „disturbing“.

The world body would follow up actively on this issue in cooperation with the Austrian authorities, the spokesman says.

The spokesman added that the incident, which left nine members of the Syrian security forces killed by 13 members of the armed opposition, was reported to the UN Security Council and included in a UN report.

25.04.2018 - 09:01 [ Patrick Wintour / ]

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN

Called “uniting for peace”, it would enable nine members of the 15-strong security council to bypass a Russian veto and refer the matter to a full vote at the general assembly. It would then require a two-thirds majority by the general assembly for an attribution mechanism to be agreed.

The 1950 “uniting for peace” route was explicitly designed to be used when the security council could not meet its responsibilities over maintenance of peace.

13.04.2018 - 07:32 [ RT / Youtube ]

‚US believes & acts as if it’s above any law‘ – Bolivian envoy to UN

Sacha Llorenti, the Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations – and the man who called Security Council meeting on Thursday tells RT that possible escalation in Syria without the authorization of UN Security Council would be a violation of international law.

13.04.2018 - 07:15 [ RT / Youtube ]

UN Security Council discusses Syria crisis

Streamed live 15 hours ago
The United Nations Security Council is meeting in New York to discuss the current situation in Syria and security threats faced by the international community. The meeting comes in the wake of allegations of a “chemical attack” in the city of Douma on Saturday.

12.04.2018 - 05:23 [ ]

Bolivia requests UN Security Council meeting on Thursday over threat of military action on Syria

Bolivia has asked for the United Nations Security Council to meet on Thursday „on the escalation of rhetoric regarding Syria and these threats of unilateral military action,“ hours after US President Donald Trump warned of missile attacks.

„There’s a consistency in these threats, so we are concerned because any unilateral action would be a violation of the principles and purposes of the (UN) charter,“ Bolivia’s UN Ambassador Sacha Sergio Llorentty Soliz told reporters.

11.04.2018 - 19:15 [ Syrian Arab News Agency ]

Al-Jaafari: Western threats to attack Syria will not dissuade it from confronting any aggression regardless of its source

New York, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the threats by Western states to launch an aggression on Syria and their maneuvers, misdirection, lies, and terrorism will not dissuade Syria from preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity and from confronting any aggression regardless of its source, adding that Syria will not allow any of the permanent or non-permanent member states to do in Syria what they have done in Iraq or Libya.

Speaking during a session of the Security Council on the situation in Syria on Tuesday, al-Jaafari said “The US representative said that there is a single monster today which stands in the face of the whole world, and it is a monster which has armed and financed terrorists for more than seven years in Syria, and I say that this monster is the US, Britain, and France who sponsored terrorism in Syria and before it in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.”

09.04.2018 - 04:03 [ Reuters ]

U.N. Security Council to meet twice on Monday after Syria attack

Russia called for a meeting of the 15-member council on “international threats to peace and security,” though the precise topic of discussion was not immediately clear, diplomats said on Sunday.

A minute later the United States, France, Britain, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Kuwait, Peru and Ivory Coast called for a meeting to discuss the chemical weapons attack in Syria.

08.04.2018 - 02:51 [ RT ]

US only Security Council member to block UN inquiry into Gaza violence

Fourteen of the 15 Security Council members agreed to the statement, but the United States, Israel’s closest ally, voted against, Palestinian UN envoy Riyad Mansour told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York on Friday evening. He said the UN rejection was “very irresponsible,” and that it gives Israel “the green light to continue with their onslaught against the civilian population” in Gaza.

06.04.2018 - 16:04 [ UN News ]

UN condemns attack that kills two ‘Blue Helmets’ in Mali

Two Chadian peacekeepers were killed and at least ten others injured when a camp of UN mission in Mali (known by its French acronym, MINUSMA) in Aguelhok, Kidal region, came under mortar attack at about 18:45 (local time) on 5 April.(…)
The UN mission in Mali is one of the most dangerous, with over 160 peacekeepers having lost their lives in the country. In late February, four peacekeepers were killed when their convoy came under attack in Mopti, central Mali.