23.05.2018 - 11:31 [ Electronic Frontier Foundation ]

How to: Encrypt Your iPhone

In fact, most modern Apple devices encrypt their contents by default, with various levels of protection. But to protect against someone obtaining your data by physically stealing your device, you need to tie that encryption to a passphrase or code that only you know. See below for instructions on how to do this.

23.05.2018 - 11:28 [ Android Authority ]

How to encrypt your Android device

With Android this is very simple from a user’s viewpoint though, you just enter your passcode whenever you boot up or unlock the device and all of your files will be accessible. This means that if your handset falls into the wrong hands, no-one else will be able to make sense of any of the data on your phone without knowing your password.

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Real Security Begins At Home (On Your Smartphone)

There’s a lot to unpack here, and one key question is whether „capabilities available to national security programs“ — that is, technologies used for FBI’s counterintelligence programs — can and should be used in pursing criminal investigations and prosecutions. (If such technologies are used in criminal cases, the technologies may have to be revealed as part of court proceedings, which would bother the counterintelligence personnel in the FBI who don’t want to publicize the tools they use.) But the case against Apple Inc. was based on a blanket assertion by FBI that neither its technical divisions nor the vendors the agency works with had access to any technical measures to break into Farook’s company-issued iPhone. (Farook had destroyed his personal iPhones, and the FBI’s eventually successful unlocking of his employer-issued phone apparently produced no evidence relating to the terrorist plot.)

Was the problem just bureaucratic miscommunication?

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Die verschwiegene Gefahr: Niemand soll erfahren, wie gefährlich Mobiltelefone sind. Exklusivabdruck aus „Thank You For Calling“.

Sehr zum Leidwesen seiner Auftraggeber hatte er Risiken von äußerster Tragweite für die Gesundheit der Menschen aufgedeckt. Unter seinen breit gestreuten Forscherteams waren die ersten Wissenschaftler zu finden, die die Auswirkung der Mobilfunkstrahlung auf die menschlichen Zellen untersuchte. Was sie entdeckten, war für den Fachmann eindeutig und beunruhigend zugleich: Beschädigung der DNA, Doppelstrangbrüche, Zellteilung, die im schlimmsten Fall bis zum Krebs führen könnte.

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Widerstand gegen das Überwachungspaket

(20.3.2017) Die Plattform Epicenter.Works warnt erneut vor Einschränkungen der Privatsphäre, auf die sich SPÖ und ÖVP im aktualisierten Regierungsprogramm geeinigt haben. Hier sind die wesentlichen Eckpunkte des Überwachungspakets.