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05.05.2018 - 16:51 [ Newsweek ]

What is ‘The Expanse’ Saying About the Future?

How can we create a fairer society where nobody is treated as lower-class citizens, where good agendas aren’t manipulated into evil and where one person’s survival doesn’t depend on the death of another? It will be interesting to see if The Expanse concedes to the idea that it takes a villain to defeat a villain. In that case, then who’s the hero?

05.05.2018 - 16:26 [ Gizmodo ]

Forget Aliens—on The Expanse, Humans Are Now the Scariest Thing in the Universe

(3.5.2018) Remember when the scariest thing on The Expanse was the alien protomolecule? Last night’s episode, “Reload,” reminded us that the real threat to all of humankind is… well, humankind itself, with a few men in particular trying very hard to ruin life as we know it for everyone.