07.07.2018 - 03:06 [ Newsmax ]

EU Steps In to Help Iran Foil US Sanctions

Meeting in Strasbourg on Thursday, the European parliament voted to give the European Investment Bank (EIB) permission to conduct financial services with Iran for the first time.

Financial experts say this will easily open the door to the EIB — conducting full-scale operations in Iran and making significant loans to Iranian businesses from its estimated balance of $500 billion.

09.05.2018 - 16:34 [ CNBC ]

Here are the sanctions that will snap back into place now that Trump has pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal

After passing a 90-day mark on Aug. 6, the following sanctions will snap back on Iran, according to the Treasury Department:

– Sanctions on Iran buying or acquiring U.S. dollars
– Sanctions on Iran trading gold and other precious metals
– Sanctions on Iran’s sale, supply or trade of metals such as aluminum and steel, as well as graphite, coal and certain software for „integrating industrial processes“
– Sanctions on „significant“ sales or purchases of Iranian rials, or the maintenance of significant funds or accounts outside the country using Iranian rials
– Sanctions on issuing Iranian debt
– Iranian auto sanctions