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01.07.2018 - 08:44 [ Arirang News / Youtube ]

Team Korea arrive home after rollercoaster World Cup campaign

The Taeguk Warriors returned home after wrapping up their World Cup run in Russia. It was a bittersweet experience as they failed to make it to the knockout stage, even after taking the defending champs to school with a 2-nothing win. Regardless, many devoted fans were at the airport to show the national squad, their appreciation. Among them was our Kan Hyeong-woo.

10.05.2018 - 21:47 [ New York Magazine ]

Cheney Endorses Haspel and a Return to Torture

But it was probably an unwelcome development for the embattled CIA director nominee that Cheney chose to combine warm words for her with a call for a return to the “enhanced interrogation” techniques that have marred her record and which she is promising to eschew.