24.09.2018 - 18:24 [ Reuters ]

Trump lawyer Giuliani says Iran’s government will be overthrown

(23.9.2018) “It could be in a few days, months, a couple of years. But it’s going to happen,” Giuliani told a crowd at a hotel in Times Square.
Giuliani’s comments were in contrast with the Trump administration’s policy of not seeking a change of government even though it is reimposing sanctions that are crippling Iran’s economy.

04.09.2018 - 21:58 [ Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity ]

Can’t We Just Leave Syria Alone?

Americans should be outraged that Pompeo and Bolton are defending al-Qaeda in Idlib. It’s time for the neocons to admit they lost. It is time to give Syria back to the Syrians. It is time to pull the US troops from Syria. It is time to just leave Syria alone!

20.08.2018 - 08:05 [ ]

Who is the Iranian group targeted by bombers and beloved of Trump allies?

(2.7.2018) Cult-like MeK was listed as terrorist group in US until 2012 – but its opposition to Tehran has attracted backing of John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and others bent on regime change in Iran

06.08.2018 - 21:00 [ CNN ]

Trump snaps back Iran sanctions aiming to change, not topple Tehran, officials say

A senior administration official said that, „our stated policy has not been regime change, it’s been to modify the Iranian regime’s behavior.“
The official, speaking to reporters on a conference call with others from the administration, said that Trump remains open to meeting Iran’s leaders without preconditions.

30.07.2018 - 11:56 [ TYT Network ]

Giuliani, Bolton Repeatedly Met With Group Formerly Designated a Cult-Like Terror Organization

That group, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK for short, was designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department until 2012, at which point it was removed from the State Department’s terror list after an intense lobbying effort. The group was on the terror list for good reason: MEK has killed several American servicemembers and contractors; attempted to assassinate a top U.S. general; and attempted to kidnap the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Douglas MacArthur II.

In 1992, the MEK conducted a terror attack on the Iranian mission to the United Nations in New York, making it one of the few terror groups to have operated on U.S. soil, according to Daniel Benjamin, the former coordinator for counterterrorism at the State Department.

The group has been widely characterized as a cult.

30.07.2018 - 11:01 [ ]

Trump Luminaries At Iranian Jihadi Cult Conference In Paris

(2.7.2018) Many Trump stalwarts have a peculiar, paid position as lobbyists for the People’s Jihadi Organization (Mojahedin-e Khalq), the Iranian expatriate group aiming to overthrow the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hence we find Rudy Giuliani addressing their annual convention and pledging regime change in Iran.

Giuliani only has experience of two kinds of regime change. Disastrous and more catastrophic.

30.07.2018 - 10:31 [ - Our Pledge: Regime Change ]

Nancy Pelosi: America stands in solidarity’ with a free Iran

Hello, it is my pleasure to send my warm regards to advocates and friends to a free Iran. This year, the world has watched men and women bravely stand up for their rights in peaceful protests across the country.

23.07.2018 - 10:41 [ Tulsi Gabbard, Abgeordnete des U.S. Repräsentantenhauses ]

Join the Campaign for Peace

Our country’s destructive policy of pursuing interventionist regime change wars, no matter the deathly cost or consequence, has left our veterans and communities here at home neglected and facing extreme hardship. Now more than ever we must speak out for peace.

Reject the neocon, interventionist foreign policy establishment and join our campaign for peace.

02.07.2018 - 10:15 [ Haaretz ]

‚One Little Kick and It’s Done‘ Senior Trump Advisers Believe It’s Possible to Hasten Collapse of Iranian Regime

Senior U.S. and Israeli sources tell Haaretz that White House is divided over Iran strategy, with John Bolton pushing for regime change and James Mattis striving for new agreement with Islamic Republic

07.06.2018 - 10:09 [ ]

Mattis pressed on Bolton’s, Giuliani’s support for regime change in Iran

(10.5.2018) Mattis sidestepped questions from lawmakers Wednesday about whether Bolton’s and Giuliani’s vocal support for regime change in Iran has directly influenced the current US strategy, but offered little indication that Trump and his top advisers have reached a consensus on the administration’s long-term vision.

„Our problem with Iran is not with the Iranian people. It is with the regime. But I would let Mr. Bolton and Mr. Giuliani speak for themselves,“ Mattis said, adding that he would prefer not to comment on the specific instances in which both men have pushed for regime change in the media.

07.06.2018 - 08:35 [ ]

Giuliani: Trump is ‚committed to‘ regime change in Iran

(5.5.2018) Rudy Giuliani pushed for regime change in Iran on Saturday, saying President Donald Trump is „as committed to regime change as we are.“

It’s „the only way to peace in the Middle East“ and „more important than an Israeli-Palestinian deal,“ Trump’s newest attorney in the ongoing Russia probe and former mayor of New York City told reporters after giving a speech to the Iran Freedom Convention for Democracy and Human Rights in Washington.

16.05.2018 - 08:56 [ ]

John Bolton won’t say whether he’s pushing for regime change and pre-emptive strike on Iran

White House national security adviser John Bolton made headlines upon his appointment for his history of controversial opinions on foreign policy — but Bolton declined to say Sunday whether he’s brought those opinions with him to the White House.

06.05.2018 - 10:42 [ ]

Giuliani: Trump is ‚committed to‘ regime change in Iran

Rudy Giuliani pushed for regime change in Iran on Saturday, saying President Donald Trump is „as committed to regime change as we are.“

It’s „the only way to peace in the Middle East“ and „more important than an Israeli-Palestinian deal,“ Trump’s newest attorney in the ongoing Russia probe and former mayor of New York City told reporters after giving a speech to the Iran Freedom Convention for Democracy and Human Rights in Washington.

04.05.2018 - 09:33 [ Amos Harel / Haaretz ]

Israel Hopes Trump Scrapping Nuclear Deal Could Ultimately Lead to Iran Regime Change

In recent weeks, these two campaigns are merging, and are expected to combine even more closely in the weeks ahead, as can be seen in the Mossad’s operation to steal the Iranian nuclear archive; Netanyahu’s pressure on the U.S. to abandon the nuclear accord; the series of air strikes attributed to Israel against Iranian targets in Syria; and concerns that an Iranian retaliation would ensure another round of fighting that will bring the two sides closer to war.

30.04.2018 - 17:37 [ François Heisbourg, Chairman of International Institute for Strategic Studies / Twitter ]

A reminder that Russia and Iran are cobelligerents in Syria but not allies: each has its own reasons to prevent regime change in Syria. But Russia is not interested in destroying its relationship with Israel (and Egypt and other Sunni Arab states) just to please Iran+Hezbollah

17.04.2018 - 08:46 [ ]

Macron lobt „perfekt durchgeführten“ Angriff auf Syrien

Frankreich ist ein bedeutender Akteur in Syrien, die Angriffe in der Nacht vom 13. auf den 14 April waren legitim und „perfekt durchgeführt“. – der französische Präsident Emmanuel Macron zeigte sich in einem Interview am Sonntagabend (YouTube, ab 1:46:41) über jeden Zweifel an der Militäraktion erhaben.
Wie häufig zuvor zog er ehrgeizige Pläne aus der Tasche, von denen nicht klar ist, wie sie angesichts der herrschenden Kräfteverhältnisse umgesetzt werden sollen.

15.04.2018 - 04:32 [ Max Blumenthal / Gray Zone / Truthdig ]

How the Syrian American Medical Society Is Selling Regime Change and Driving the U.S. to War

The organization is a USAID-funded lobbying powerhouse that functions with a single-minded determination to stimulate a US-led war of regime change that will place Syrian Islamists in power in Damascus.

SAMS was founded in 1998 by members of the Syrian American exile community, which is concentrated in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Prior to the 2011 armed rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad, the group led several medical delegations to Syria, presumably cooperating with the government to gain access.

12.04.2018 - 18:32 [ Heike Hänsel, Mitglied des Bundestages ]

Stimmen der Vernunft müssen Eskalation in Syrien Einhalt gebieten

„Die NATO-Staaten und ihre Verbündeten, Israel und Saudi-Arabien, scheinen geradezu wahnhaft entschlossen, den Krieg in Syrien nach über sieben Jahren noch einmal weiter zu eskalieren, um die Lage zu ihren Gunsten zu verändern. Statt den Krieg zu beenden steht militärischer Regime-Change an erster Stelle. Damit wird ein neuer internationaler Konflikt provoziert“, sagte Heike Hänsel, stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Fraktion DIE LINKE. Die Außenpolitikerin weiter:

„Die Bundesregierung stellt sich bei diesem drohenden neuen Krieg in die erste Frontlinie. Bundeskanzlerin Merkel sieht trotz ausstehender Untersuchungen und öffentliche Beweise eine ‚klare Evidenz‘ für einen Chemiewaffeneinsatz und ist sich dabei mit Trump und Erdogan einig. Die deutsche Fregatte ‚Hessen‘ ist praktischerweise schon in einem Übungseinsatz mit einem Kampfverband um den US-Flugzeugträger USS Harry S. Truman Richtung Syrien unterwegs.

08.04.2018 - 10:08 [ Bassem ‏ / Twitter ]

Let me explain

March 30, 2017: US says no regime change in Syria
April 4, 2017: suspect chemical attack in Khay Shaykhun
April 6, 2017: US says yes to regime change in Syria
April 7, 2017: US launches 59 missiles at Syria