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17.02.2019 - 18:50 [ ]

The Tories have lost a seven-point poll lead — and are now level with Labour

Forty-two per cent said the UK should delay Article 50 and hold a public vote on the next step. However, the same amount say we should leave with ‘no deal’.

03.02.2019 - 12:01 [ Non-Inscrits ‏/ Twitter ]

#Knesset21 seats according to poll


Likud 28
Israel Resilience 19
Yesh Atid 9
Joint List 9
New Right 7
United Torah Judaism 7
Labour 5
Gesher National Social Movement 4
Meretz 4
Zehut 4
[Under 3,25% Threshold]
Jewish Home 3
Ta’al 3
Hatnuah 1
Yahad 1

03.02.2019 - 11:57 [ Dylan Tepper ‏/ Twitter ]

The collapse of Labor is the most remarkable part of the recent polling, with current leader Avi Gabbay, leading the party into a perpetual freefall that has yet to stop. Former Labor partner Hatnuah is below the electoral threshold too

31.01.2019 - 11:46 [ ]

Voters back May’s new talks with EU… but only one in three think she will win a compromise, with a No Deal the most likely outcome

– Many voters believe it will be a mission impossible, even if the Prime Minister digs in her heels until March 29 – the day the UK is due to cut ties with Brussels
– And most – including a large number of Tories – believe the reason she toughened up her stance on Brexit was to appease the hard-line Tory Brexiteers
– The Survation poll was carried out after the Commons voted to back a new attempt by the Prime Minister to re-open Brexit negotiations

31.01.2019 - 08:20 [ Haaretz ]

Gantz Closes Gap on Netanyahu: Dramatic Rise in Polls After Debut Speech

When asked who should be prime minister, 36% of those polled by Channel 12 said Netanyahu while 35% said Gantz.

A poll held last week showed that Netanyahu would lose four Knesset seats if Attorney General Avichai Medelblit announces his intention to indict him for accepting bribes ahead of the election.

18.01.2019 - 04:35 [ ]

Clear Majority Want to Respect the Referendum Result

The latest ComRes poll asked voters whether they wanted to see the referendum result respected and found a clear majority in favour. Excluding ‘don’t knows’ (18%), 65% of people agreed that the result should be respected, while only 35% disagreed.

18.01.2019 - 04:35 [ Matthew Goodwin / Twitter ]

British voters: 75% say current generation of politicians not up to it 74% say politicians not in touch with mood of country 72% say #Brexit shows politics needs a complete overhaul 67% say their voice is not heard in politics today

18.01.2019 - 04:30 [ ]

You’ve LOST respect! Support for politicians PLUMMETS as chaos reigns – SHOCK EXPRESS POLL

Three-quarters of voters say the crisis-hit EU departure process has shown that the current generation of MPs are “not up to the job”, according to the data from polling firm ComRes. A root-and-branch overhaul of the country’s entire political system is wanted by a massive 72% of people quizzed in the survey. But despite the chaos embroiling Brexit, a majority of voters (53%) still want the result of the 2016 EU Leave vote to be honoured by ensuring the UK’s withdrawal from the bloc and do not want a second referendum to be triggered.

17.01.2019 - 06:20 [ Owen Jones / ]

Labour must pursue a better Brexit deal, not a second referendum

But Labour started the last election campaign 24 percentage points behind the Tories in the polls, and ended two points behind six weeks later. Today, the polling average has Labour slightly ahead. Conservatives fear that a Corbyn-led administration would not be like a “normal” Labour government, and would upend an economic consensus established by Margaret Thatcher. And they would be right.

The media will now attempt to shift the narrative, claiming that it is Labour under pressure. This is absurd.

04.01.2019 - 20:01 [ Haaretz ]

Benny Gantz, Seen as Top Netanyahu Challenger, to Deliver First Campaign Speech

Gantz, the leader of the newly founded party Hosen L’Yisrael who is currently seen as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s main rival, has kept silent about his plans and platform. In his speech he is expected to detail why he decided to run for Knesset as well as his agenda.

According to two polls released on Wednesday, Gantz’s party would receive 12 to 14 seats.

27.12.2018 - 16:26 [ ]

Europe’s centre-left parties poll below 20% for the first time ahead of EU elections

The pounding is expected to be particularly hard because the the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats will have lost one of Europe’s highest polling centre-left parties – the British Labour Party – because of Brexit.

The Istituto Cattaneo study gathers data from polling across the continent and finds that the socialists will likely win 19.7 per cent, down from 24.9 per cent in the last elections in 2014.

02.12.2018 - 17:57 [ Brendan Chilton ‏/ Twitter ]

Labour friends. Especially those calling for a second referendum. You will notice we’ve gone around five points back in the polls behind the worst PM ever! That is since the leadership have been openly flirting with a second referendum. Put two and two together. Think about it.

16.11.2018 - 06:35 [ BBC ]

Minister apologises for inventing Brexit stat on air

ustice Minister Rory Stewart has apologised after making up a Brexit statistic whilst on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Speaking with Emma Barnett, he claimed 80 per cent of the British public supported the prime minister’s Brexit deal.

Pressed by Emma as to where he had got the information, he said: “I’m producing a number to illustrate what I believe”.

02.11.2018 - 16:17 [ cnbc ]

Young Americans signal record turnout for midterm elections, reject Trump and the GOP: Poll

A survey from Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics shows a more politically mobilized crop of young Americans leaning away from Trump and the GOP in the midterms in near-equal proportions.
At the same time, the 18-to-29-year-old respondents appear to exhibit more support for some progressive policies.
Forty percent of them said they will definitely vote in the upcoming elections, according to the study.

19.08.2018 - 09:40 [ ]


Q13: Please imagine for a moment that a new political party has been created with one single aim – to put pressure on the main political parties to conclude Brexit as quickly and as fully as possible. To what extent, if at all, might you consider voting for such a party?
Base: all respondents

Would consider: 52 %
Would not consider: 29 %
Don’t know: 19 %

05.08.2018 - 14:16 [ Brent Welder, running for Congress in #KS03 / Twitter ]

HUGE NEWS. A new, independent poll has us WINNING the primary! We’re @ 35%, Davids @ 21%, Niermann @ 15%, Sidie-McCamon-Willaims @ 12% total, 17% undecided. And, an earlier indep poll has us up 7% over Yoder in the general! #ksleg #ksed #ksleg #kansas #overyoder #yeswekansas

15.06.2018 - 14:03 [ CNN ]

Poll: North Korea summit was a good idea and helped Trump

Most American adults say that the meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un was a good idea, according to a Monmouth poll released Thursday.
The seven-in-10 who say it’s a good idea is up from 63% in late April, including 93% of Republicans, 74% of independents, and 49% of Democrats. Only 20% say it was a bad idea.

13.06.2018 - 14:41 [ Newsweek ]

Most Americans Desperate for Third Major Political Party in Trump Era

(27.9.2017) More Americans than ever—61 percent—say the Democratic and Republican parties are inadequate and the U.S. should have a third major political party, a new poll from Gallup shows. The desire among Americans for a competitive third party has been above 57 percent over the last five years, but Gallup’s latest poll marks a record high level of support.

02.05.2018 - 11:37 [ Xinhua ]

Support for German SPD declines after leadership reshuffle: poll

(1.5.2018) According to the poll conducted by the Forsa Institute, voter support for the SPD declined by one percentage point to 17 percent compared to last week. Furthermore, only 13 percent of respondents indicated that they would vote for Nahles directly as chancellor while 49 percent expressed a preference for veteran Chancellor and Christian Democratic Union leader Angela Merkel to hold the most senior legislative post in Germany.