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15.12.2019 - 13:08 [ ]

Turkey renews military pledge to Libya as threat of Mediterranean war grows

Ankara ready to defend government in Tripoli in latest policy to inflame tensions with US, EU, Greece and Middle East countries

20.11.2018 - 10:10 [ ]

Libyan fund: 5 EU countries released Gaddafi’s frozen money

(16.11.2018) Questions about mystery payments from the Libyan dictator’s supposedly frozen billions in Europe have already become a hot political issue in Belgium, because significant sums flowed out of accounts in Brussels.

But the Libyan Investment Authority’s announcement is the first time an official state body has said that countries other than Belgium may also have wrongly implemented the U.N.’s 2011 sanctions regime against Libya, and raises more questions about how much of Libya’s wealth has been transferred to unknown recipients since 2011.

20.11.2018 - 09:40 [ ]

The war in Libya and the crisis of the European Union

(30.5.2011) The war in Libya marks a turning point in world politics.

The decision to bomb the country was taken virtually overnight—just weeks after the outbreak of revolution in Tunisia and Egypt, and just days after the start of the so-called rebellion against Muammar Gaddafi. In contrast to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the initiative for the attack was taken, not by the US, but the former European colonial powers of France and Great Britain (and now also Italy), whom the US then joined. France and Britain have once again launched a war in the Arab region for the first time since they were forced to abort the Suez War in 1956.

Officially, the war is being characterised as a “humanitarian” intervention—a move supported by the pseudo-left, from the Pabloites to the social democrats to the Greens. But it is quite obviously an imperialist enterprise.

20.11.2018 - 09:31 [ ]

Union of the Mediterranean: ‘We are not a project of union, but a union of projects‘

(11.11.2018) With regard to the Arab Spring – just a year before the Union was being renamed and rebranded and against all the odds – the Union was able to create and maintain a structure that focused on trying to achieve results for those regions that were facing a challenging period. Despite the instability which member states of the Union faced during this period, it managed to create the infrastructure for a better future.

22.09.2018 - 11:31 [ ]

EU-Arab League summit proposed for February in Egypt

The announcement follows a joint visit with Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz to Cairo where they held discussions with Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.