30.06.2018 - 07:51 [ sherpa ]

Lafarge sued for Financing ISIS

Sherpa and the ECCHR (European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights), as well as 11 complainants who are former Syrian employees, represented by maître Marie Dosé and maître Jean-Christophe Ménard, are filing suit against cement-manufacturer Lafarge and its subsidiary Lafarge Cement Syria (LCS) for its actions in Syria. By having business relations with the terrorist group ISIS in Syria, this company may have taken part in the financing of the group, being therefore complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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Op-Ed: An Assessment of the Islamic State in 2018

(11.6.2018) Joseph V. Micallef is a best-selling military history and world affairs author, and keynote speaker. Follow him on Twitter @JosephVMicallef.

By all accounts, the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is virtually over — save for a few mopping-up operations.

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What are the small East-most Syrian pockets of ISIS control on the Institute for the Study of War maps? And why are they still there?

(März 2016) Brian Collins, PhD candidate in linguistics at U of Queensland:

They exist for multiple reasons. One is that ISIS fighters can look like civilians and slip into those regions, take over, but not take over the land between those areas and Raqqa.

ISIS fighters could also drive in large numbers, so large that no one contests them on the roads and opposition forces just hide (…….)

03.04.2018 - 10:13 [ Daily Mail ]

SAS sniper killed by roadside bomb while embedded with Seal Team Six may have been lured into trap in manhunt for ISIS commander

(2.4.2018) – Sgt Matt Tonroe died on Thursday evening after a roadside bomb in Manjib
– The 33-year-old is the first British soldier to be killed fighting jihadis in Syria
– He was described as selfless, mischievous, a family man and a natural leader