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21.04.2019 - 14:07 [ ]

‚Our party’s dead. Brexit’s killing us on the doorsteps‘: 40% of Tory councillors back Nigel Farage’s new party as devastating poll shows scale of rebellion and THREE QUARTERS want Theresa May to resign

– A grassroots revolt against Theresa May has been revealed by exclusive survey
– An overwhelming 95 per cent believe Tory Party has been damaged by Brexit
– The party’s 1922 Committee of backbench MPs will convene on Tuesday

21.04.2019 - 13:52 [ ]

BRITS ANTI EU POLL: Voters warn Theresa May she has five weeks to deliver Brexit or suffer the consequences at the Euro elections

Two-thirds of Brits want the PM to get Britain out of the EU by any means to avoid the elections on May 23

16.04.2019 - 00:33 [ Left of Centre Brexit ‏/ Twitter ]

Mr Lammy really went off piste today, didn’t he


16.04.2019 - 00:24 [ Artists for Brexit ]


Artists for Brexit is a group open to artists of differing political persuasions, Leave and Remain voters and those united by a shared belief in the importance of upholding democracy and the implementation of the referendum result to leave the EU.

We want to continue to live and work in a society that, even when the decisions to be made are difficult, respects democracy as our most important value. A country that is tolerant and politically independent, innovative in its art and ideas, reaching out and welcoming to the world

​We are Artists for Brexit.

16.04.2019 - 00:15 [ Students for Brexit ]


We were founded in January 2019 after it became clear that a second EU referendum is now a real possibility.

We aim to build a supportive community for like-minded young people and provide a strong united voice to show the Country that we as young people are not the possession of the People’s Vote.

Pro-Brexit young people are chronically under-represented in the media, we seek to change that.

16.04.2019 - 00:06 [ Leavers of Britain ]

Leavers of Britain! Where social meets the political

Ever had to hide the fact you’re a Leave voter from friends, family and work colleagues?
Left out at work and fallen out with loved ones because you voted for what you believe in?
Lost friends over Brexit? Want to make some new, better ones?

You’re in the right place!

Leavers of Britain (LofB) is an online AND offline community bringing like-minded people together across the UK.

11.04.2019 - 12:31 [ Socialists for Britain ‏/ Twitter ]

It is now clear that the government is unable to carry out the wishes of the British people. We need to hold a general strike in order to #SaveBrexit! #EUCO #Peston

11.04.2019 - 12:29 [ Chris K-B SDP / Twitter ]

First they take your vote. Then they use your anger to oppress you further. If we don’t fight and defeat these bastards now there is nothing they won’t do to us once their victory is complete. Whether we like it or not – and I do not – they have declared total war on us.

10.04.2019 - 18:33 [ Lucy Harris, Director of @Leavers_Britain, Bropera Singer / Twitter ]

The only way to sustain a strong Pro-Brexit voice is to rely on your own initiative and create strong networks. Keep going everyone. I believe in you :)

10.04.2019 - 18:31 [ Left of Centre Brexit / Twitter ]

Been looking through all the local @Leavers_Britain groups on Twitter. Do follow! @LeaversofB (Bristol), @Cheshire4Brexit, @VoteLeaveCroy (Croydon), @leaversofdorset, @BracknellBrexi1 (East Berks), @Leavers_GtrMcr (Manchester), @LeaversOfKent, @KingstonLeave, @lob_kirklees, cont.