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18.01.2020 - 23:06 [ Colin Todhunter / Global Research ]

Challenging the Flawed Premise Behind Pushing GMOs into Indian Agriculture

To evaluate the pro-GMO lobby’s rhetoric that GE is needed to ‘feed the world’, we first need to understand the dynamics of a globalised food system that fuels hunger and malnutrition against a backdrop of (subsidised) food overproduction. We must acknowledge the destructive, predatory dynamics of capitalism and the need for agri-food giants to maintain profits by seeking out new (foreign) markets and displacing existing systems of production with ones that serve their bottom line. And we need to reject a deceptive ‘haughty imperialism’ within the pro-GMO scientific lobby which aggressively pushes for a GMO ‘solution’.

26.06.2019 - 09:25 [ ]

WFP-Beamter: Nordkoreaner leiden unter „Hidden Hunger“

Belgrave hatte im Mai als Mitglied von WFP-Teams Nordkorea besucht, um den Stand der Nahrungsknappheit zu untersuchen. WFP-Teams aus Experten aus Frankreich, Kanada, China, Deutschland, Irland, Italien, Moldau und Spanien hatten mit einer Genehmigung nordkoreanischer Behörden in neun Provinzen die Ernährungslage unter die Lupe genommen.

26.06.2019 - 08:50 [ World Food Programme ]

Inside the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Assessment of food needs reveals hidden hunger in DPRK

In May 2019, World Food Programme (WFP) teams visited nine of the DPRK’s provinces to assess the food security situation after the 2018 harvest was the worst in 10 years. This is an insider’s view of this mission.