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24.09.2019 - 05:49 [ junge Welt ]

Gangster am Ruder

(21.9.2019) Bolsonaro konnte aus allen Schichten Menschen mobilisieren, die eine Rückkehr der Arbeiterpartei an die Regierung um jeden Preis verhindern wollten. Das Feld für den Erfolg seines Marketings hatte die Angstmache vor der Linken bereitet, wie sie der viertgrößte Medienkonzern der Welt Globo betrieb.

24.08.2018 - 01:54 [ Craig Murray / Information Clearing House ]

A Gangster State

Rory Stewart appeared on Sky News this morning and the very first point he saw fit to make was a piece of impassioned shilling on behalf of G4S. That this was the first reaction of the Prisons Minister to a question on the collapse of order at Birmingham Prison due to G4S’ abject performance, shows both the Tories’ ideological commitment to privatisation in all circumstances, especially where it has demonstrably failed, and shows also the extent to which they are in the pockets of financial interests – and not in the least concerned about the public interest.