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15.06.2020 - 19:48 [ Air Force Times ]

Pilot dead after F-15 crashed in sea near United Kingdom

The F-15, from the 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom, crashed into the North Sea at about 9:40 a.m. local time Monday, the Air Force said. The wing said the aircraft was on a routine training mission with one pilot on board, but that the cause of the crash remained unknown.

19.04.2020 - 23:58 [ Stars and Stripes ]

Rolling protest of F-35s coming to Madison ‚amplifies voices‘ around State Capitol

It was the latest protest organized by the Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition, a grassroots organization opposed to bedding down the next-generation fighters at Truax Field at the Dane County Regional Airport. But this was the first since the U.S. Air Force announced Wednesday it will send the jets to the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 115th Fighter Wing in 2023, which proponents say will create new jobs and benefit the local economy.

19.04.2020 - 17:25 [ Augen geradeaus! ]

Unklarheit über angebliche Zusage zum Kauf von US-Kampfjets (Update)

Nach einer Meldung des Nachrichtenportals vom (heutigen) Sonntag schickte die Ministerin ihrem Kollegen in Washington bereits am vergangenen Donnerstag eine entsprechende Information:

02.02.2020 - 23:53 [ German Foreign Policy ]

Das europäische Militärdreieck

An der langfristigen strategischen Orientierung hat sich durch das Austrittsreferendum auf beiden Seiten nichts geändert. Schon im Oktober 2016 bekräftigte Fallon auf einer Veranstaltung in der deutschen Botschaft in London ausdrücklich, Großbritanniens „Bekenntnis zur europäischen Sicherheit“ behalte seine Gültigkeit ungeachtet des britischen Austritts aus der Union

25.10.2019 - 01:36 [ UPI ]

Air Force F-15Es arrive in United Arab Emirates

In a statement on Wednesday, U.S. Air Forces Central Command said the deployment is a „in support of ongoing operations to maintain air superiority, defend forces on the ground, enhance regional partnerships and demonstrate a continued commitment to regional security and stability.“

07.07.2019 - 21:21 [ Gulf Times ]

Chief of Staff visits Typhoon and Hawk aircraft production facility in UK

HE the Chief of Staff of Qatar Armed Forces Lieutenant General (Pilot) Ghanem bin Shaheen al-Ghanim, who is currently visiting the United Kingdom, visited the production lines of the Typhoon and Hawk aircraft, BAE Systems. During the tour, the Chief of Staff was briefed by the manufacturers on the latest technology and equipment owned by the facility. The Chief of Staff was accompanied during the tour by the Executive Director of the company, Christopher B, officers of the Qatar Armed Forces, and the company’s senior officials.

04.07.2019 - 12:12 [ Wikipedia ]

February 2015 Egyptian airstrikes in Libya: French jet deal

The beheadings came a day before Egypt signed a $5.9 billion arms deal to purchase 24 Dassault Rafale warplanes from France, making it the first foreign sale for the French jet. Egypt also bought a FREMM multipurpose frigate as well as missiles. The deal is believed by analysts to be an attempt by Sisi to both upgrade Egypt’s military hardware and to diversify its suppliers. Patricia Adam, president of the French parliament’s defense committee, said that Egypt needed planes quickly. „You just need to take a look at what’s happening at its border. They are especially worried by what’s happening in Libya,“ she said. French defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that the Copts‘ execution was one of the reasons why the Egyptian government wanted to boost its security.

02.07.2019 - 17:08 [ Reuters ]

Trump plans tanks and flyovers at Fourth of July celebration in Washington

President Donald Trump said on Monday that he plans to display battle tanks on Washington’s National Mall as part of a pumped-up Fourth of July celebration that will also feature flyovers by fighter jets and other displays of military prowess.

16.06.2019 - 19:03 [ US Air Forces Central Command ]

Bomber Task Force Participates in Joint Exercise with Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group


A U.S. Air Force B-52H Stratofortress, assigned to the 20th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron and part of the U.S. Central Command Bomber Task Force, and the Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7, attached to the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group conducted joint operations in the CENTCOM area of responsibility, June 1.
During the exercises, CVW-7 and the 20th EBS conducted several joint training evolutions designed to improve operational tactics in several warfare areas. Exercises included air-to-air training, flying in formation, and simulated strike operations in defense of a national asset.

31.05.2019 - 02:19 [ RT / Youtube ]

UAE, US join up for mid-air refueling over Persian Gulf amid tensions with Iran

United Arab Emirates Mirage 2000, an Emirati F-16 Desert Falcon & a US F-35A refueling while flying over the Persian Gulf region amid tensions between Iran & US.

08.04.2019 - 02:42 [ Jersey Evening Post ]

Stealth fighter jets set for first overseas deployment later this year

The home base of the F-35s is RAF Marham in Norfolk and they will be deployed to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus…

The UK currently owns 17 of the multimillion-pound aircraft, and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson pledged that a total of 138 will be bought.

01.04.2019 - 01:15 [ Business Today ]

IAF’s MiG-27 fighter jet crashed in Rajasthan’s Sirohi; no casualties reported

In a similar incident, another fighter aircraft, MiG-21, had crashed near Bikaner, Rajasthan on March 8. The aircraft was on a routine mission from Nal near Bikaner.

In July last year, a pilot of a MiG-21 aircraft died when the plane crashed in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district.

05.02.2019 - 02:15 [ Military Times ]

Trump reaffirms leaving Syria, but wants troops in Iraq to ‘watch Iran’

After the final remnants of ISIS‘ physical caliphate falls, the troops will go to al-Asad Air Base in western Iraq’s Anbar province, he said. The base, which Trump visited in December, is jointly operated by U.S. and Iraqi armed forces.

“We spent a fortune on building this incredible base,” Trump said. “We might as well keep it. And one of the reasons I want to keep it is because I want to be looking a little bit at Iran, because Iran is a real problem.”

30.01.2019 - 16:43 [ WSWS ]

French President Macron visits the hangman of Cairo

In Cairo, Macron made clear France would continue arming Sisi to the teeth against the Egyptian workers. French sales of Rafale fighters and other military hardware to Sisi are to continue despite Macron’s mealymouthed comments on human rights. “I would differentiate between the two subjects,” he said. “They are not linked for us and they never were.”

02.10.2018 - 03:39 [ ]

3 countries want to sell jet fighters to Bulgaria

The United States, Sweden and Italy have offered to sell jet fighters to Bulgaria at its request, the Bulgarian defense ministry said Monday in a statement on its website, … The ministry has also sent requests to France for new and used Rafales, Germany for new and used Eurofighters, Portugal for used F-16s and Israel for used F-16s, the statement said.