15.09.2018 - 09:36 [ Radio Utopie ]

Wie Bernie Sanders (oder ein „Demokrat“) in 2020 U.S.-Präsident geworden wäre

(13.6.2018) Nachfolgend unserer Prognose, dass Donald Trump bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen in 2020 wiedergewählt wird, hier die Szenarien, wie die Wahl eines Kandidaten der „Demokratischen Partei“ oder eines unabhängigen Kandidaten Bernie Sanders zum U.S.-Präsidenten realistisch gewesen wäre (was aber nicht passieren wird).

05.09.2018 - 02:39 [ ]

South Korea’s Moon, Trump to discuss North Korea at U.N.: Blue House

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump plan to discuss North Korea during the U.N. General Assembly in New York this month, Moon’s office and the White House said on Tuesday, amid lackluster progress on the North’s nuclear issues, Reuters reported.

Moon and Trump spoke for 50 minutes by telephone on Tuesday, a day before Moon’s special envoys were due to visit Pyongyang to discuss a third summit to be held this month between the liberal South Korean leader and his North Korean counterpart.

19.08.2018 - 02:21 [ Press TV ]

Trump says has ‘nothing to lose’ in meeting with foreign leaders: It’s a good thing!

Trump released a nearly minute-long video on Twitter on Saturday, defending his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“I’ve said for a long time, if you’re president, you should meet with foreign leaders. You have nothing to lose and you have a lot to gain,” he said. „Nothing bad can happen, it’s only going to be positive, especially if your president knows what he’s doing.“

09.08.2018 - 23:01 [ KBS ]

Nordkorea wiederholt Aufforderung zu Erklärung von Kriegsende

Die Erklärung des Kriegsendes sei ein „Erfordernis der Zeit“ und „erster Fortschritt“ in Richtung auf Frieden und Sicherheit auf der koreanischen Halbinsel und in der Welt.
Es sei „nicht normal“ weiterhin Misstrauen und Feindseligkeit zwischen Nordkorea und den USA zu sehen.

02.08.2018 - 21:36 [ Justin Raimondo / ]

Trump’s Peace Train: Next Stop, Afghanistan

The Trumpian method inverts this procedure, much to the horror of the “experts”: instead of beginning with niggling little details, the negotiations start when the two leaders meet and establish general guidelines, which underlings are then tasked with implementing. It’s called thinking – and acting – in terms of principles, rather than focusing immediately on supposedly “pragmatic” range-of-the-moment minutiae.

31.07.2018 - 03:23 [ Global Times ]

Trump says ready to meet with Iranian president without preconditions

Hours before Trump’s statement, Iran’s foreign ministry ruled out the possibility of negotiations with the US government over the enduring bilateral problems. „The United States has proved that it is unreliable, so engagement and dialogue with the current US government is impossible,“ Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said earlier on Monday.

28.07.2018 - 04:02 [ KBS ]

US-Präsident Trump bedankt sich bei Kim Jong-un

Trump twitterte „Thank you To Kim Jong Un“. Die Maßnahmen würden vielen Familienangehörigen der US-Streitkräfte einen großartigen Moment bescheren, hieß es.

Zuvor sagte Trump in seiner Rede in Granit City mit dem Hinweis auf die Rückführung, dass Kim Jong-un für erhebliche Fortschritte sorge.

28.07.2018 - 03:58 [ The Hill ]

Trump thanks Kim for ‚fulfilling a promise‘ with return of Korean War remains

“I want to thank Chairman Kim for keeping his word,” the president said. “We have many others coming, but I want to thank Chairman Kim in front of the media for fulfilling a promise he made to me. And I’m sure he will continue to fulfill that promise as they search and search and search.”

24.07.2018 - 07:33 [ Week ]

Google is not an American company

(20.Juli) A rehearsal of the specifics of these arrangements would exhaust the space of a column, but what they mean in practice is that Google has an Irish subsidiary that swallows up billions in revenue, which is then moved to a Dutch company — one which employs exactly zero persons — before being passed on to another outfit based in the Bahamas but also registered in Ireland. This labyrinthine scheme allows it to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes on the advertising revenue it generates when people in countries around the world use its ubiquitous search engine on their smartphones, tablet devices, and computers.(…)
It is actually Google that is taking advantage not only of us but of the European Union and people the whole world round.

17.07.2018 - 02:38 [ RT ]

‚MSM wants us to cast Russia as an enemy & it’s wrong‘ – Ron Paul to RT

When asked by RT why the US media already seems angry about the meeting between the two presidents, he said: „It’s hard to say, but we usually describe that there is a secret government that likes to control things and most people know what we talk about when we talk about the ‚deep state.‘ And they do have a lot of clout, they are very much involved in the media and the leadership of both parties, so both parties and the media are very, very, annoyed with Trump [being so] independent.“

04.07.2018 - 04:07 [ Michael Haas / ]

Lessons From Singapore and the Need for a ‘Road Map’

The summit conference of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump achieved what few expected: Leaders of two former adversaries have built trust that can serve as the basis for a lasting peace and normalization of relations. At least ten lessons have been learned:

Most important of all, Kim and Trump have achieved a diplomatic success by ending fears of imminent nuclear war.

30.06.2018 - 08:46 [ CNN ]

US ambassador to Estonia resigns in frustration over Trump

„Earlier today, the United States‘ Ambassador to Estonia, Jim Melville, announced his intent to retire from the Foreign Service effective July 29 after 33 years of public service,“ the statement read in its entirety.(…)
„Having served under six presidents and 11 secretaries of state, I never really thought it would reach that point for me.“

20.06.2018 - 01:39 [ RT deutsch ]

Präventivmaßnahme: US-Demokraten wollen Trump Abzug des US-Militärs aus Südkorea verbieten

Die US-Senatoren Chris Murphy und Tammy Duckworth legten vor wenigen Tagen den entsprechenden Entwurf einer Gesetzesergänzung vor. Durch diese streben sie an, den US-Präsidenten Donald Trump daran zu hindern, die Präsenz der US-Armee in Südkorea unilateral zu verringern.