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12.02.2019 - 16:21 [ Stratfor ]

Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood: Unexpected Adversaries

(5. März 2012) At first glance, an Islamist movement taking power in one of the Arab world’s most significant countries would seem to be a development that Saudi Arabia — a country where Islam is central to the state’s cultural and political identity — would welcome enthusiastically. However, Riyadh is increasingly worried about the political movement’s growing popularity throughout the region, and the consequences that the rise of a republican form of Islamism may bring for the Saudi royal family’s absolute monarchy.

11.02.2019 - 11:33 [ Phil Stone / Youtube ]

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Dark Money

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Dark Money ‘We have a system that is fundamentally broken.’

30.01.2019 - 08:03 [ Brendan Chilton, @LabourFutureUK ‏/ Twitter ]

Well done .@gareth_snell @RogerGodsiff @KateHoeyMP @JohnMannMP @CarolineFlintMP @LauraSmithMP @IanAustinMP @KevinBarronMP @FitzMP @jarrowstevemp @rosie4westlancs and Dennis Skinner MP and Ronnie Campbell MP for voting against Yvette Coopers amendment to halt Brexit.#TrueDemocrats

23.01.2019 - 15:46 [ YesNoMaybeDunnoWhynot ]

Kaiser Bill, The Freikorps and why I oppose a 2nd Referendum

I don’t think leaving the EU is the solution to the problems that led us here, but telling people who have finally had, and taken, the opportunity to vote for change that no, they can’t have what they voted for will inevitably lead to a rejection of democracy and the parties that have ‘stabbed them in the back’. And while some people would sink back into the resigned apathy they were in before, many would seek another way to find that change. Farage, Yaxley-Lennon, and Goddard etc are waiting for them.

23.01.2019 - 08:07 [ ]

My new Brexit Party, supported by Nigel Farage, will fight for our democracy

When young children are losing at board games they demand to change the rules. Yet this same juvenile intent drives the cabal of democracy defying MPs.

21.01.2019 - 16:57 [ Joe Pike, ITV Political Correspondent ‏/ Twitter ]

NEW: PM sets out argument against a 2nd #Brexit referendum: -Could strengthen ‚the hand of those campaigning to break up our UK‘ (i.e. SNP). -Would require extension of Article 50 & more MEPs elected in May. -Could ‚damage social cohesion by undermining faith in our democracy‘.

20.01.2019 - 07:02 [ Jacob Wohl ‏/ Twitter ]

Everyone in the pro-Israel lobby (myself included) is already talking about how to make sure that Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign is over before it even gets off the ground — If you’re going to bet on a Dem candidate, look elsewhere


18.01.2019 - 00:48 [ Spiked ]

May is the right PM for these democracy-loathing MPs

Yet perhaps May is entirely the right prime minister for this pathetic collection of politicians. She is a double-speaking technocrat among 650 MPs who appear to have hardly an honest political principle between them. And she is a Remainer in a divided parliament where we now know there is a majority for only one thing – stopping Brexit, and defying the democratic will of 17.4million Leave voters.

15.01.2019 - 16:25 [ Spiked ]

Democracy in the UK is hanging by a thread – Today’s Brexit ‘debate’ in parliament will make a mockery of democracy.

May’s dodgy deal would reduce the UK to a vassal state, a bossed-about colonial outpost of the Brussels oligarchy. The people voted for Leave and yet May offers us Remain-by-another-name: a ‘Brexit deal’ that sells out Brexit. For a prime minister so wilfully to ignore the cry of her people is a sucker-punch to the most basic principles of democracy.

13.01.2019 - 16:51 [ spiked ‏/ Twitter ]

“The most shocking thing about the protests outside parliament is that they aren’t bigger and rowdier. The political class has been insulting Brexit voters and attacking democracy for two years — they deserve huge, angry protest.”

Brendan O’Neill v Anna Soubry on #AllOutPolitics

30.12.2018 - 17:59 [ ]

Bernie Sanders: America is ‚owned and controlled by a small number of multi-billionaires‘

„We live in a nation owned and controlled by a small number of multi-billionaires whose greed, incredible greed, insatiable greed, is having an unbelievably negative impact on the fabric of our entire country,“ Sanders told Paul Jay, CEO and senior editor of The Real News Network, in an interview posted Thursday.

29.12.2018 - 20:42 [ ]

Waning Support for Netanyahu Hits His Party in the Gut

An Israel Television News Company survey found that 52 percent of the public does not wish to see him return to the Prime Minister’s Office, while 34 percent do. Not so long ago, the numbers were reversed, in his favor. Something has apparently dented this support.

29.12.2018 - 20:41 [ ]

Former Israeli General Jumps Into 2019 Race To Challenge Netanyahu

ESTRIN: What Benny Gantz did today was form a new party called Israel Resilience. The word in Hebrew, (speaking Hebrew), indicates a toughness. And he used the word in a speech last month when he offered veiled criticism of the current leadership. There had been a lot of speculation that Gantz might run for office. When pollsters asked Israelis who they’d vote for, Gantz came in second even before he announced his candidacy. Gantz hasn’t spelled out his political platform yet, but Israeli commentators believe he’ll brand himself a centrist.

26.12.2018 - 18:59 [ Spiked ]

Let’s make free speech the great cause of 2019

Those who were active in the civil-rights movements of the ‘New Left’ in the Sixties and Seventies understood that free speech is the linchpin of all other struggles for equality. But today it is mostly well-intentioned activists on the left who are calling on the state to constrict the Overton window. Worse still, in a world in which social media have become the de facto public square, and online platforms are controlled by powerful likeminded CEOs, we are left with the paradoxical phenomenon of self-identified leftists seeking to empower huge corporations to set the parameters of acceptable thought.

26.12.2018 - 18:11 [ ]

Is the era of central bank independence over?

The fortress walls of the Bank of England project an image of solidity, stability and impregnability. It matches the reputation it has tried to build over more than 400 years for sober analysis and, in recent years, steady impartiality.

Yet its defences have been infiltrated.

26.12.2018 - 18:07 [ ]

Trump advisor says Fed Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s jobs are safe

President Donald Trump’s economic advisor Kevin Hassett said Wednesday that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s jobs are not under threat.
Hassett told an NBC News reporter at the White House that Powell’s role as the leader of the U.S. central bank is completely safe.
That assurance followed Hassett’s appearance on Fox Business, where the head of Trump’s Council of Economic Advisors said he is highly confident that the president is happy with Mnuchin.

26.12.2018 - 18:00 [ ]

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin moves to quell firestorm, says Trump never suggested firing Fed Chairman Powell despite ‚absolute terrible‘ policy

(22.12.2018) President Donald Trump is opposed to the Federal Reserve’s rate hike campaign, but has never suggested firing Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Saturday.
„I never suggested firing Chairman Jay Powell, nor do I believe I have the right to do so,” Mnuchin said via Twitter.

26.12.2018 - 12:09 [ Haaretz ]

Israel’s Attorney General Must Decide Now on Netanyahu

This is a very problematic message, to say the least. If Netanyahu is dragging a whole country into an early election in the hope of preceding the attorney general’s decision on the corruption investigations, then Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit’s decision to continue the process as if there were no election is tantamount to burying his head in the sand.

26.12.2018 - 12:02 [ Haaretz ]

Israel Elections – Netanyahu Tells Settler Leaders: The Left Will Try to Take Power With the Media’s Help

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told settler leaders on Wednesday that the left will try to take power in the upcoming elections „using the media and others.“

„They can’t be allowed to succeed,“ Netanyahu said at a meeting in Jerusalem, adding that a left-wing election victory „will be a clear danger to the settlement enterprise.“

26.12.2018 - 11:57 [ ]

Israel’s Extensive Syria Strike Signals: Business as Usual Despite Trump and Putin

The strike in the Damascus area was likely aimed at a specific target such as Iranian weapons depots, but it has a wider geopolitical context

25.12.2018 - 21:47 [ Haaretz ]

Behind the Scenes of Netanyahu’s Decision to Go to Early Election

That morning Netanyahu had taken part in a ceremony swearing in the new Bank of Israel governor, Amir Yaron, and also held a lengthy meeting with the army’s ombudsman, Maj. Gen. (res.) Yitzhak Brik. At 1:30 P.M., half an hour behind schedule, the meeting with the party heads began.

25.12.2018 - 21:40 [ Jerusalem Post ]

Day after election called, Netanyahu green lights new settler homes

A day after announcing new elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worked to advance and approve 2010 new settler homes.

Separately he has fast-tracked the retroactive authorization of illegally built settler homes on private Palestinian property.

25.12.2018 - 21:35 [ Haaretz ]

April 9 Election Heralds Final Decisive Battle in Israel’s War of the Worlds

Netanyahu’s personal scorched earth campaign against the rule of law is now the battering ram of the right’s assault on democracy

25.12.2018 - 12:12 [ ]

Can Trump fire Fed Chair Jerome Powell?

Adriene Hill: So there were reports over the weekend that Trump has asked his advisers if he can remove Powell. And I want to start with just that big picture question here: Can he?

Binyamin Appelbaum: It’s a really big and open question at the moment. The law says that he can only remove a member of the Fed’s Board of Governors “for cause.”

25.12.2018 - 11:58 [ ]

The Fed thinks economic growth will slow as Trump’s 2020 re-election bid approaches

The Federal Reserve sees economic growth slowing next year.
Amid concerns about weakening GDP growth, President Donald Trump cannot afford losing that selling point ahead of his 2020 re-election bid.

25.12.2018 - 11:22 [ ]

Cramer: Fed chief Jerome Powell is Trump’s worst re-election nightmare

(20.12.2018) „If I were running Trump’s re-election campaign, Jay Powell would be my worst nightmare,“ CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.
Cramer argues the president is right to worry about a possible recession in 2019 as a result of the Powell’s rate hikes.

25.12.2018 - 11:17 [ ]

How the economy could become Trump’s biggest re-election threat

(18.12.2018) The greatest threat to President Donald Trump’s re-election bid may not be the slew of investigations closing in on his Oval Office but a possible economic slowdown. And the president knows it.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell again Monday, the latest dip in the roller coaster markets amid the strain of Trump’s trade war, rising interest rates and worries about a slowing global economy.

22.12.2018 - 19:21 [ spiked ‏/ Twitter ]

“For two years Brexit voters have been called far right, stupid, dangerous. In truth we are just people who want to stand up for national sovereignty and popular democracy. In 2019 let’s not take any more of the elite’s insults”, says Brendan O’Neill

22.12.2018 - 16:51 [ Jennifer Jacobs, White House reporter for Bloomberg News / Twitter ]

Scoop: Trump has talked about firing Jerome Powell, a move that would represent an unprecedented challenge to Federal Reserve’s independence. Advisers hope latest bout of anger will dissipate over holidays. Story by me, @SalehaMohsin, @margarettalev.

22.12.2018 - 15:35 [ .INFOS ‏/ Twitter ]

ALERTE INFO – Au moins 10 000 personnes à #Paris. Les #GiletsJaunes sont divisés en plusieurs cortèges : à #Madeleine, sur les #ChampsElysees, sur le boulevard Haussmann, rue de #Rivoli… Ils crient „Macron démission“. #22Decembre

22.12.2018 - 15:24 [ ]

VIDÉOS. Acte VI des Gilets jaunes en Seine-Maritime : situation très tendue à Rouen

L’acte VI des Gilets jaunes en Seine-Maritime est très tendu à Rouen, samedi 22 décembre 2018. Environ un millier de personnes se sont rassemblées dans l’hyper-centre.

22.12.2018 - 13:29 [ Radio Utopie / Twitter ]

@JLMelenchon Vive la république de la France! Vive la république de l’Allemagne! Vive l’amitié française-allemande!


22.12.2018 - 12:47 [ Spiked ]

A European Spring – Europeans are in revolt against the political and moral order and it’s wonderful.

In a sense, 2018 is less like 1848 itself and more like the decades that preceded that tumultuous year. These were, in the words of Trygve Tholfsen in his 1977 study of working-class radicalism in the run-up to 1848, ‘hungry decades’ – decades in which disgruntlement and radicalism bristled and grew before exploding in firm demands for change. And though many people were alarmingly poor in these ‘hungry decades’, it wasn’t their ‘immediate deprivation’ that drove them to organise and take action, says Tholfsen; rather, their instinct for revolt was built on ‘solid intellectual foundations’ and it expressed a ‘denial of the legitimacy of the social and political order’.

20.12.2018 - 02:56 [ Capel Lofft ‏/ Twitter ]

I’ve spent years knocking on doors in elections. Working class voters often say ‚Why should I vote, no one listens‘. I’ve always tried to persuade them otherwise. If Brexit doesn’t happen, what are we meant to say ? Basically – yep, correct, they don’t give a shit what you think

18.12.2018 - 06:11 [ ]

Theresa May taunts flip-flopping Jeremy Corbyn and challenges him to call full no-confidence vote instead of ‘stunt’

Mr Corbyn threatened to call the vote if Mrs May refused to name a date for Parliament to debate her Brexit deal – only to change his mind after she did set a timetable.

But hours later Mr Corbyn announced that he was tabling his motion after all in farcical scenes – and Mrs May was seen storming out just seconds after he gave his speech.

Last night the PM called the Labour leader’s bluff saying she’d give time for a Commons debate – on the condition it was for full confidence of her Government and not her leadership.

18.12.2018 - 01:25 [ thebrexiteer / Twitter ]

Chris Green MP – „Gavin Barwell is on record after the referendum decision, calling it a racist, divisive decision in a tweet. „Barwell is the problem in heart of No 10 Downing Street. I don’t know what he is doing behind the scene, but he is driving a 2nd referendum,“ #Brexit

18.12.2018 - 01:22 [ Peter Arnott ‏/ Twitter ]

Corbyn and his senior adviser Seumas Milne have backed away from putting down a “proper” motion of no confidence in the government because they do not yet want the final apocalyptic battle to begin between Keir Starmer and Unite over a referendum


18.12.2018 - 01:05 [ Ars Technica ]

Investigatory Powers Bill passes through Commons after Labour backs Tory spy law

(7.6.2016) The UK government’s bid to massively ramp up surveillance of Brits‘ Internet activity has been supported „in principle“ by the Labour party after it claimed that „significant demands“ were met by home secretary Theresa May.
Labour’s shadow home office minister Keir Starmer told MPs during day one of the report stage of the draft Investigatory Powers Bill that his party had undergone a „constructive engagement“ with the Conservative government, which led to a number of changes within the proposed legislation.

18.12.2018 - 00:47 [ ]

Secret Scottish-based office led infowars attack on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn

On the surface, the cryptically named Institute for Statecraft is a small charity operating from an old Victorian mill in Fife.

But explosive leaked documents passed to the Sunday Mail reveal the organisation’s Integrity Initiative is funded with £2million of Foreign Office cash and run by military intelligence specialists.

The “think tank” is supposed to counter Russian online propaganda by forming “clusters” of friendly journalists and “key influencers” throughout Europe who use social media to hit back against disinformation.

18.12.2018 - 00:41 [ Jennie Formby, General Secretary of the Labour Party / Twitter ]

Shocking story about Goverment-funded ‘charity’ run by military intelligence specialists that has used social media to launch attacks on Corbyn and Labour.


17.12.2018 - 23:42 [ Robert Peston, ITV / Twitter ]

Labour’s no confidence vote in PM now seems dead, at least for tomorrow. Read attached remarks from Downing Street and Labour sources and decide which side chickened out.

17.12.2018 - 23:32 [ ]

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tables motion of no confidence in Theresa May and PM ‘storms out’ of Commons

THERESA May could face a no-confidence vote before Christmas after Jeremy Corbyn launched a chaotic bid to topple her today. The Labour leader tabled a motion of no confidence in the PM – but prompted mockery after performing two U-turns on whether or not to take the drastic step

17.12.2018 - 23:22 [ Robert Peston, ITV / Twitter ]

Labour chief whip Nick Brown just told parliamentary Labour Party that @jeremycorbyn will table no-confidence motion in entire government under Fixed Term Parliament Act if @theresa_may refuses to give time tomorrow for no-confidence vote in her, Labour MP tells me.

17.12.2018 - 23:20 [ Dan Hodges, Commentator for the Mail on Sunday. 'Worst political pundit in the West' / Twitter ]

Remember. Calling a meaningless No Confidence motion in May, an hour after saying you wouldn’t, which itself came an hour after you said you would, to avoid having a real No Confidence motion, all to avoid making a real decision on Brexit, is being done in the national interest.

17.12.2018 - 23:11 [ Patricia Gibson, Member of Parliament / Twitter ]

#Corbyn’s vote of No Confidence in the @10DowningStreet is a meaningless stunt. If it is passed, nothing happens. He failed to table a motion of No Confidence in the @TheUKGovernment. Is he feart?

17.12.2018 - 23:01 [ ]

Jeremy Corbyn calls no confidence vote in Theresa May over Brexit

And the no confidence vote looks set to fail after both Tory Brexiteers and the Democratic Unionist Party signalled they would not support it.

The backing of hard-Brexit Tories comes just days after they voted to try and oust her last week.

A European Research Group spokesman said: „ERG members will of course be voting with the Government on this meaningless Labour motion.“

17.12.2018 - 16:04 [ Paul Embery, firefighter. Trade union official. Socialist. Pro-Brexit. Blue Labour. ‏/ Twitter ]

Democracy was extended to the working-class in Britain only 100 years ago. For centuries, the establishment denied us the vote because it thought we were too thick to be trusted with it. Current events prove that today’s establishment is as contemptuous of us as was yesterday’s.

17.12.2018 - 05:16 [ ]

Labour says it will not table vote of no confidence in Government until after Christmas

Andrew Gwynne, the shadow communities secretary, suggested Labour will not try to topple Mrs May until mid-January which is when the Prime Minister is due to bring her deal back to the House of Commons for a meaningful vote.

Mr Gwynnes said Mrs May would “limp on” until MPs had rejected her deal and it would be at that point that Labour would strike.

17.12.2018 - 05:14 [ Boris Johnson / ]

This babble about a ‚People’s Vote‘ undermines our credibility and treats people with contempt

Like you, I remember the 2016 referendum campaign. In debate after debate it was made clear that leaving the European Union had certain iron logical consequences. It meant coming out of the customs union. It meant leaving the Single Market. There would be no half-way house, no limbo of the kind proposed by the Prime Minister’s “deal” – under which we will actually abandon control of our own laws and trade policy to Brussels. No one suggested that we should become a laughable political eunuch, a non-voting EU member. No one campaigned for that.

17.12.2018 - 05:10 [ ]

Theresa May slaps down ‘treacherous’ ministers ‘plotting a second Brexit referendum’ and BETRAYING Leave voters

It came after her Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell and de-facto deputy PM David Lidington were accused of betrayal — amid claims both have been exploring the possibility of a “People’s Vote” to break the Brexit deadlock.

Throwing the Government into chaos, sources claimed Mr Lidington had met Labour MPs twice in the past two weeks to build a cross-party coalition for a new vote.

17.12.2018 - 05:08 [ ]

Brexit news latest: Theresa May to warn that second referendum would damage democracy

Mrs May is set to address MPs in the wake of a bruising EU summit in Brussels last week during which European leaders largely rebuffed the PM’s calls for reassurances on her Withdrawal Agreement.

The statement to Parliament will follow days of speculation that some Cabinet Ministers and key aides to the PM are manoeuvring for a fresh Brexit poll.

17.12.2018 - 05:03 [ ]

Theresa May must hold a vote on Brexit deal this week, critics blast from all sides

(16.12.2018) Tory rebels, Labour and the SNP all called for the vote to take place this week instead of being delayed until January 14 as she currently plans.

Jeremy Corbyn’s ally Andrew Gwynne told the BBC: „The main thing that we want next week is to have that meaningful vote on the withdrawal agreement.

16.12.2018 - 09:16 [ Daniel Hannan / ]

I’m beginning to think Brexit won’t happen. This will destroy democracy as we know it

It’s over. If Brexit happens at all – and for the first time I’m beginning to think it won’t – it will be on terms that keep the worst aspects of EU membership. Britain will be humbled in the eyes of the world, having tried to recover its independence and been faced down. The largest popular vote in our history will be disregarded, and the nation that exported representative government exposed as an oligarchy. Plus – and I know this sounds almost trivial next to those calamities, but it matters to me – the Conservative Party might never recover.

15.12.2018 - 15:54 [ ]

Tony Benn and the Five Essential Questions of Democracy

(14.3.2014) Tony Benn met Mahatma Gandhi when he was 12, knew and defended Nelson Mandela when the embrace of the anti-apartheid struggle was seen as a radical act, began his fifty years of service in the British Parliament when Winston Churchill was the leader of the conservative opposition and left after Tony Blair became prime minister, renounced his inherited title as the 2nd Viscount Stansgate so that he could continue to serve in the people’s parliament (declaring “I am not a reluctant peer but a persistent commoner”), ushered in a new age of popular communications and connectivity as Britain’s pioneering Minister of Technology in the 1960s and 1970s, championed cooperatives and worker ownership as Britain’s Minister of Industry in the 1970s, battled not just Margaret Thatcher but the compromising leaders of his own Labour Party on behalf of the working class in the 1980s and finished his almost 60 years of public life as an international leader of the opposition to the wars of whim and folly that have stolen so much of the promise of our time.

14.12.2018 - 10:52 [ Socialist News Time ‏/ Twitter ]

The Gilet Jaunes are planning a fifth wave of protests Saturday, despite calls from the government to stop after the Strasbourg shooting.

13.12.2018 - 12:52 [ Spiked ]

‘It’s time for the people to take power’

Huge stop-and-search operations were undertaken to prevent so-called casseurs (violent hooligans) from joining the protests. I was searched six times before I could get anywhere close to the Champs Élysees.

The gilets jaunes who made it through the gauntlet of gendarmes were largely in good spirits when I arrived, at various points chanting ‘Macron resign!’ and singing La Marseillaise.

13.12.2018 - 12:27 [ Matthew Karnitschnig / ]

The rise and fall of Macron’s European revolution

For years, Berlin watched with growing frustration (bordering on panic) as both Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande failed to enact serious reforms in the face of the country’s increasingly difficult economic situation.
Macron knew that to succeed in Europe, he would have to win over Germany and the only way to do that is to fix France. The precipitous decline in his standing at home over the past year, culminating in the “uprising” by the Yellow Jackets, has robbed Macron of the legitimacy he needs on the European stage.

12.12.2018 - 12:58 [ ]

Theresa May Told Top EU Officials She Intended To Pull The Brexit Vote 24 Hours Before She Told Senior Cabinet Ministers

The prime minister spoke to EU officials about her thinking on Sunday, a senior source told BuzzFeed News, but the cabinet was not told until 11:30am on Monday.

11.12.2018 - 23:08 [ ]

‚STOP BREXIT‘ PLOT: Remainers launch bid to force a second Brexit referendum by twisting Jeremy Corbyn’s arm to back it

Politicians from the Lib Dems, Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru have written to the Labour boss begging him to move a motion of no confidence in Theresa May

11.12.2018 - 12:15 [ ]

Letters: Theresa May has lost credibility with Parliament, the Conservative party and the electorate

SIR – I do not know where the backstop starts, but I do know where the buck stops. Mrs May must resign.

Christopher L Cruden
London SW3

11.12.2018 - 11:54 [ ]

We cannot continue to be led through Brexit by a mule flogging a dead horse

You know that it’s a momentous day in our history when the best sense is spoken by the Right Honourable Member for Bolsover. Dennis Skinner may be eighty-six years old, but he spoke with the raging fire of youth as he jabbed a finger at the Prime Minister in the Commons and told her that the EU would use the chaos she had just unleashed against any other country that dared to leave. “Margaret Thatcher had a word for it. F.R.I.T,” he spat out the letters one by one. “She’s frit.”

10.12.2018 - 14:15 [ thebrexiteer / Twitter ]

Richard Tice – „A second referendum would be brutal, it will be ugly, it will be the most divisive thing this country has ever seen. „But, I regret to say, we are preparing for it because the Parliamentarians are not carrying out the will of the people.“ #Brexit

10.12.2018 - 14:10 [ Spectator ]

The ‘People’s Vote’ campaign’s latest struggle with the truth

Oh dear. People’s Vote has always suffered from a slight problem with its name, which implies somehow that it wasn’t human beings who voted in the 2016 referendum – maybe they think it was cloven-hoofed beasts or potted plants who condemned us to Brexit. Its latest struggle with truth is not going to help it in its campaign to try to reverse the result of that referendum. Indeed, one of its arguments – that voters were somehow misguided by fibs by the Leave campaign – would seem to be somewhat undermined.

10.12.2018 - 13:24 [ Matthew Goodwin / Twitter ]

„Has the way that Parliament has responded to #Brexit increased your trust in politics, damaged your trust, or made no difference?“ – Increased 2% – Damaged 44% – No difference, had trust & still do 8% – No difference, never had trust & still don’t 37% – YouGov Dec 7

10.12.2018 - 13:16 [ ]

Brexit: What happens next? Here’s how this incredible week could unfold

The Prime Minister is facing a vote that could topple her government. Here is your day-by-day guide to what could lie ahead – though of course, it could all change dramatically

10.12.2018 - 12:59 [ Sky News ]

Sky Views: Election call, Mars attacks? Possible outcomes of Brexit vote

Even more than with the other upsets in world politics in recent years, nobody knows what is going to happen as a result of the meaningful vote in the Commons next week on the deal the prime minister has agreed to take Britain out of the EU.

10.12.2018 - 12:49 [ Joe Doyle ‏/ Twitter ]

Not UKIP, but a new party will evolve from the ineffectual dithering of this government, Labour will also feel the brunt of this.

10.12.2018 - 12:42 [ ]

‘I will not LIE DOWN!’ Farage lines up SENSATIONAL return to politics with NEW party

Nigel Farage told the Sunday Telegraph: „I sense within me I have not fought my biggest battle yet – that is how it feels. Whether it is happenstance, serendipity, destiny.

„I am not going to lie down and watch it go down the plug hole. I couldn’t do that, and I won’t do that.

10.12.2018 - 12:31 [ Spiked ]

If Tommy Robinson is a monster, the left is his Dr Frankenstein

I don’t know if Robinson has an agent, but if he does he should sack him, because he has an army of agents on the left who are cultivating and inflaming the Tommy Robinson phenomenon literally for free.

10.12.2018 - 12:17 [ thebrexiteer / Twitter ]

Michael Portillo – “The EU has made a strategic error, short of marching PM May into a railway carriage in Compiègne Forest, they could not have produced a more humiliating surrender. “History tells us when you humiliate countries with a surrender, it doesn’t go well.“ #Brexit

10.12.2018 - 12:07 [ thebrexiteer / Twitter ]

Michael Portillo – „We have learnt that the EU is quite thuggish. It is almost mafia-like. It has held a gun to our head. How exactly that commends this organisation to us. „It is a kind of protectionist racket. If we try to be outside they are going to bully us again.“ #Brexit


10.12.2018 - 12:03 [ BBC Newsnight / Twitter ]

“You’re talking nonsense.” – Alastair Campbell to journalist Jenni Russell. “That is exactly the kind of attitude, that kind of arrogance that is going to destroy the Remain campaign.” – Jenni to Alastair @campbellclaret | @jennirsl | #newsnight |


10.12.2018 - 11:08 [ Roger Williams / Twitter ]

Many Labour Party supporters voted Leave as well . That’s Corbyn’s dilemma. Brexit has split all parties.

10.12.2018 - 11:00 [ Brendan Chilton, @AshfordLabour Group Leader / Twitter ]

No surprise here. All that is needed now is a binding motion from a remain dominated Parliament and Brexit is finished. This is crunch time. If Parliament defies the people it will lose the confidence of the nation permanently and the U.K. will cease to be a democracy.

10.12.2018 - 10:46 [ ]

Channel 4 Brexit Debate audience member accuses Theresa May of ‘TREASON’ and betraying Leave voters

Kicking off Sunday night’s debate, the woman said: “Leavers reject Theresa May’s deal and her treasonous behaviour. She is ceding control, not taking back control.

“And how dare she abandon the rights of the citizens of Northern Ireland?”

Responding to that host Krishnan Guru-Murthy said: “Well treasonous is very strong language”.

10.12.2018 - 10:43 [ Beau Jack Dalaigh ‏/ Twitter ]

Labour’s back sliding and betrayal of its working class .. Labour no longer a party supporting democracy… a leader in betrayal of people who voted to rid ourselves of authoritarian regimes like the EU.. Labour working firmly for the elites the mob.. Jeremy Corbyn the traitor