09.08.2018 - 09:53 [ Press TV ]

Colombia recognizes Palestine as independent state

Duque’s administration said it would review Santos’ decision on Palestine, but acknowledged that it was legal.

The new Colombian government “will cautiously examine” the “implications” of the decision and “will act according to international law,” Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes said in a statement.

19.07.2018 - 00:02 [ teleSUR ]

Colombia: Ex-Military Chief Submits To Special War Crimes Court

Mario Montoya, a former Colombian military commander and close ally of former President Alvaro Uribe, has agreed to submit himself to the South American country’s war tribunal July 22, accused of having ties to paramilitary groups and the mass execution of civilians.

05.07.2018 - 18:46 [ teleSUR ]

Colombia: Gustavo Petro’s Campaign Coordinator Murdered

Ana Maria Cortes, a social leader and the coordinator of Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign in the city of Caceres, Antioquia was murdered Wednesday.

Luis Barrios, a communal leader in Palmar de Varela, in the department of the Atlantic, was also murdered Wednesday. Barrios was known for organizing protests against corruption in the municipal hospital and revealing local networks for micro-trafficking.

28.06.2018 - 21:55 [ teleSUR ]

Colombia’s President-Elect Ivan Duque Meets Marco Rubio in US

Senator Rubio has close political ties with the Colombian right wing, and has been one of the main voices in the U.S. establishment calling for pressure on Venezuela…. Duque has close personal ties to the United States, where he worked and lived for 10 years as a consultant for the Development Bank of Latin America and the International Development Bank.

26.05.2018 - 19:38 [ teleSUR ]

Santos Announces That Colombia Will Join NATO

Colombia will be part, starting next week, of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as the first Latin American „global partner“, announced on Friday the president of that nation, Juan Manuel Santos.

„We will formalize in Brussels next week -and this is very important- the entry of Colombia into NATO in the category of global partner, we will be the only country in Latin America with this privilege,“ the president said in a televised address from the presidential Narino Palace.

02.04.2018 - 22:49 [ teleSUR ]

Colombia: Rights Groups Decry Killings of Two Social Leaders, Demand Justice

Human rights groups decried the recent killings of Colombian social activists Maria Magdalena Cruz Rojas and Belisario Benavidez Ordoñez in two separate attacks on Good Friday as Colombia’s environmental activists, social leaders and human rights defenders continue to face persecution as the government fails to provide the necessary security measures to protect them from increasing threats from armed group and paramilitaries.